March Festivals, Spring, Pisces to Aries, Death to Resurrection

March Festivals, Spring, Pisces to Aries, Death to Resurrection

It’s leap year this year (Thursday) meaning February has an extra day (the 29th). Aquarius and Pisces (the two February signs) are always a bit different, always presenting things beyond the norm. So a leap year for February is understandable. In terms of these two signs.

What actually IS a leap year and why is it? February 29 is referred to as Leap Day. We “leap” into March, with its cold blustery last of winter’s winds. Speaking of March, Easter is early this year and so we are still in the time of preparation called Lent, which prepares our minds and bodies for the Spring Festival called the Resurrection Festival. It occurs this year on the last day, March 31st. Here is an overview of the celebrations and festivals in March. It’s always good to know this information, especially for those of us who take a lot of time to prepare for the future. Here is the overview:

March 10 (Sunday)– Pisces (20 degrees) New Moon Festival, Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00am, Sunday morning. Ramadan begins at sundown.

March 17 (Sunday) – St. Patrick’s Day.

March 19 (Tuesday) – Sun enters Aries, Spring Equinox, Ostara, International Astrology Day.

March 23 (Saturday) – Purim begins at sundown – Jewish Festival of Truth and Deliverance.

March 24 (Sunday) – Palm Sunday (one week ‘til Easter, beginning of Holy or Passion Week).

March 25 (Monday) – Aries solar Festival, the Great Easter Festival. The First of the Three (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) Spring Festivals – at the time of the full moons. Lunar Eclipse, The Spirit of Restoration streams into the Earth.

March 28, 29, 30 (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday) -the Last Supper, Installation of the priesthood, betrayal, torture, crucifixion, death and burial of the Christ Jesus, the World Teacher.

March 31 (Sunday) – Easter, Resurrection Festival. The door to the Evolutionary Arc opens.

Note: This is only an overview of the March festivals. I will write about each of these in my daily postings on FB (Risa D’Angeles FB page) and on my website,

ARIES: The message is clear. Groups are calling to you from inner and outer realms. Or you’re being pulled, pushed, attracted, magnetized or simply swept into the group that needs you. Initiating new ideas that meet the needs of humanity is your gift and talent. This information leads to revelations of how and why and when to step forward into action. Then you extend your endeavors in new directions. Aries needs Taurus to stabilize their ideas and Gemini to share them. You learn to share and become a humanitarian. The key word is decentralization.

TAURUS: Your focus and objectifying Soul purpose is to illuminate humanity and relate energy to form which means practically in growing gardens which then teaches humanity how to take care of itself. You are to anchor ideas into the minds of humanity in terms of practical resources needed for the times to come. Earth’s resources are to be used differently now. No longer tossed away but tended to, saved, and cherished. Like sacred seeds. You are to create all the structures for this saving of resources. Call forth and then accept help.

GEMINI: There is so much to know when one becomes a seeker of truth. Here is the difference between the fledgling disciple (aspirant) and the Disciple. The aspirant is the “experiencer” – experiencing form and matter, unreflective and unaware of others, only focused upon the self. The Disciple is the Observer, having come to the end of simply experiencing life with no reflection. At this point in your life which are you? Are you the jungle, the clearing or the Path? What would you like to be?

CANCER: A great time of testing, transformation and regeneration has begun for Cancers. At times there is an urge to leave this earth but this is really just the seed of regeneration showing itself. And hidden within regeneration is Resurrection. You may not know this yet for much of the time you hide under your shell with intermittent looking about then soaring in the air. Do you dream of birds? What hurts and wounds you eventually heals you and then you become the healer itself. Maintain as best you can. Abide in the Light.

LEO: From inequality and imbalance comes the urge for equilibrium and balance. From not knowing about love and leading with selfish desire comes “love that underlies the happenings of the times”. From needing to dominate comes the offering of self to humanity. From centralization (self only) emerges decentralization (self-merged within the Group). From seeing only the light of self emerges a light that shines over the earth and penetrates the dark. You eventually become this Light.

VIRGO: The inner and outer parts of yourself are integrating, absorbing each other and merging. The long process of learning discernment and discrimination has become the virtue of inclusivity. As you searched for order within the disorder, you noticed order emerged out of chaos. At first you were fearful and now you’re resourceful. You see yourself no longer imprisoned by form but that you (humanity and all the Kingdoms and the Earth itself) are actually the divine form the Creator made. You are free.

LIBRA: You are like a Leo (creative) at times, and other times like a Capricorn (leader). Stand in the Sun and with a deeply focused intention, absorb the rays coming from the heart of the Sun into your heart. From the Sun’s heart to yours Love then flows and you soften, reflect, transform and change. Instead of reflecting others’ light you become a Light source, your intelligence becomes loving, and your little will merges with the greater Will. You can now invite Humanity to follow you.

SCORPIO: You’ve become the mother, the nurturer. The chaos and conflict you feel are actually states of creativity needed for new harmony to emerge. As you awaken more to the environment there will be a greater identity with Life itself. You’re shedding desires, moving into sharing, becoming the aspirant/disciple. At first you rested in the waters of the womb, then the waters of the earth itself. Now you’re seeking the Waters of Life, poured forth for thirsty humanity. This you will become.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re shifting changing and entering into a new state of inter-relations. Eventually you’ll step into Right Relations. You plunged into the lower mind and its instincts, then you sought intelligence and knowledge. Now you’re seeking the Higher Mind. The door isn’t open quite yet. But soon. At first you related only to yourself, then to others. That was the horizontal arm of the Cross. Seeking God, you’ll soon see the vertical arm. You polarized and then polarized even more. Now you seek synthesis. Tossed about then circulated by it, you’ll soon co-direct the Wind.

CAPRICORN: In the coming days and weeks you’ll attempt to resolve conflict. At first conflict simply appears. Then you speak words of harmony hoping they will replace conflict. But actually, to achieve a higher and newer state of harmony, that conflict must exist. It provides us with information. It creates tension calling us “to attention.” Knowing this you can be resolute with conflict and as you willingly struggle with the horns of conflict, all of a sudden, the “horns of plenty” (harmony) appear.

AQUARIUS: An Aries quality will permeate your life for a while blending with your Aquarian energies. Observe (read Gemini) your speech. Do you speak of “I am”, “I and Thou” or “we”? Do you work within the fires of desire or aspiration? Do you know the difference? The light within you…is it a pulse, a glow or a radiance? Do you overpower others, focus power or are you a vehicle for Power itself which assists others? Do you struggle with your will or do you function within the Purpose-filled Will of God? What inspires you?

PISCES: You’re aware Pisces is the sign of the World Savior, yes? So let’s begin with the questions. Is your energy dispersed everywhere or service oriented? Where is your focus? Upon the self, upon humanity or is it a cosmic focus? Do you act and respond personally, impersonally or trans-personally? Are you reflective, inventive or do you birth new archetypes? Are you an anarchist, a revolutionary or a “knower of the Plan?” Is your movement chaotic, purposeful or cyclic. Do you unite? Notice your answers.

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