Pisces – Dreams, Radiance, Veils & the Body Electric

Pisces – Dreams, Radiance, Veils & the Body Electric

We are now under the influence and light of Pisces – the “Light that saves the world,” the sign of World Saviors. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, ending the zodiacal year. (Zodiac is Latin/Greek for “circle of celestial creatures,” Pisces being the last of the creatures – the two fishes, connected by a silver cord. The circle of the zodiac is a puzzle with twelve pieces, each lending a level of magic to the individual, to the event, to the world at large.

Pisces gathers all gifts, talents, abilities, transgressions, vicissitudes – all the wonders of the eleven previous signs – and places them in Neptune’s waters where distinctions dissolve, hard edges soften, separative behaviors unite, fuse and blend. All the determined individualities merge into a golden chalice of Oneness. This is the chalice that dropped from Heaven to the feet of Hercules when he undertook the last of the Herculean tasks, the Labour in Pisces.

In Pisces the world begins to dream, humanity becomes more sensitive, hopeful, imaginative, visionary, artistic and musical. Pisces is the sign of the arts, of artists, dancers (Pisces rules the feet), musicians, healers and sinners who eventually, through their sins, become saints. Pisces, like Scorpio, senses what is real and what is unreal. Like Gemini, Pisces is not “of this world.” Instead Pisces resides in the etheric regions, the “body electric,” the subtle non-physical world surrounding form and matter. The plane of the etheric is radiant, permeated with light, color and symphonic sound. Everything is united. This etheric field, surrounding all matter, is where energies enter our body. This etheric field is also how we are all united. It is an ocean of energy (a light substance) and space.

There are steps in Pisces evolution – glamour and confusion, purification and self-control and eventually the intuition develops along with compassion and a sense of surrender (personality to the Soul) in time and space – a surrender of one’s entire life in service to others.

Some Pisces natives experience life on Earth as living in too much radiance. They must veil the radiance with substances that hide, diminish and tone down the intensity. This is usually accomplished through the use of drugs, mind altering substances, alcohol, or in our present day, the use of gaming or becoming lost in technology.

Pisces often suffers. Their suffering leads to their artistic and musical creations and to their healing skills. All of this, all of Pisces is what informs, uplifts, and eventually, “saves the world.”

ARIES: In the next weeks, during Pisces, issues with groups, friends, hopes, wishes, dreams all blend the future with your professional and spiritual life. Everything concerning these realms, if incomplete and not quite in formation yet, will re-appear seeking explanations, forgiveness, re-assessments, reviews and a larger picture of reality. You will feel like you’re on a precipice. Maintain poise within this watery ocean of Pisces. Hold onto the staff of Neptune!

TAURUS: There is a quiet and stillness that you possess which often translates into reticence (not speaking much). This is your signature. However, sometimes the time comes when you must share the information your illumined mind has received. Now is one of those times. If you are Mercury retro (at birth), it’s still the right time to speak. You above all understand life’s mysteries and timings and rhythms (music too). Taurus is Venus, married to Vulcan, who forges the iron of the personality into a chalice of gold. Your information is the gold.

GEMINI: Your eagerness to understand the present time and to have the knowledge that can impart information to others is dependent upon you studying the correct materials. There is a lot of new age information that is not only incorrect but judgmental and filled with glamour. A new level of discrimination begins to appear in your mind. This is most important for you must put all the pieces together now and then share all that you know. It’s almost butterfly season. You are the butterfly in the meadow of information.

CANCER: You will be moving into a deeper level of thought and contemplation. You will even perhaps think about your own and loved one’s death. It is good to do this at times, realizing death is actually a Great Liberation and the “Great Adventure.” If someone you know has died it is good to recite the mantra Ohm Mani Padme Hum. This places them and yourself within a double triangle – a six-pointed star. This is Solomon’s Temple of Light of Love and Intelligence. In between times go over money and resources.

LEO: You review past and present relationships, their meaning and purpose. You also might need to consult someone about a professional situation, a need, repair, or for some type of assistance. Another’s response to your ideas, problems, and simple statements made day to day offers you perspective, clarity and clarification. Should there be difficulties in any area of your life, inner review allows for a bit of detachment which leads to dispassion. Do you know what that word means? Remember to stand in the Sun every early morning.

VIRGO: The themes of health and work and service (to self first) continue for you for months to come. Your gift of attention to detail is needed in these three areas of life. Their outcomes have your creative signature on them and this work gives you a sense of purpose. You know that it’s only you who can accomplish what’s properly needed. This isn’t a compliment. It’s a Virgo reality. Another Virgo reality is the rule, from now on, of no more criticism of self or of others. That is a Lenten task.

LIBRA: A mental and emotional withdrawal may occur in the next weeks so you can turn inward and ponder upon past choices you’ve made concerning your family. It is a time of reflection, of evaluating your emotional needs and listening to pressures that have been building within. This focus on the past is important to your present/future. It is time for a change in terms of how you perceive the family. Communication with family and parents can be illuminating. Color your interactions with love.

SCORPIO: You may sense the need to communicate more with others. Your intelligence is activated, you wonder about many things especially what you want in terms of friendships. There seems to be an internal frantic pace of thoughts that cannot come forth into the outer world. It’s not time to externalize new thoughts and ideas. Let them work themselves out naturally. Allow yourself to think on possibilities and reach no conclusions. Listen to others. They have the other half of the information you hold.

SAGITTARIUS: You are still working on internal levels with values – what is of value to you and how you value yourself. The energetic movement within your body is that of external to internal. It may be that some financial and/or business affairs needs tending or you see that you define your resources and values based upon another’s. Great planning is going on within, whether you know this or not. You may have to define yourself to another so they understand you better. Clarity of purpose will be most important.

CAPRICORN: You are experiencing serious thought processes. I am sure you are aware of this influence. It’s Saturn pushing you along, offering tasks that seem to multiply each day. Because of this you may also sound and look serious. This is somewhat temporary. I wish for you an assistant to take over some of your tasks. I also wish for you more rest and relaxation. As you rest, think on the future. Our thoughts create a template for the future, which later on, comes into form and matter. What in your future is most important to you?

AQUARIUS: You are examining your ideas, intentions and present state of being. You are seeing what you accomplished this past year. It was good. You now realize what more you want to accomplish as this new year unfolds. In the coming weeks wherein you reflect on your life, write down all that you hope to fulfill in the next ten months – the first step in externalizing thoughts and ideas. There is much to do this year for Aquarians. They are to bring forth the love embedded in the new culture and civilization.

PISCES: We might find you quietly in solitude for the next several weeks, withdrawing to study or to think on the future and how to work more effectively and efficiently with humanity. And what of all the non-rational elements you’re encountering? We are in a time of great change. Peace and quiet are beneficial for you. Hidden areas of your character are revealed while goals, hopes, wishes and dreams are revealed. You may be thinking about death and mortality. It is a good time to write down how you want your death handled. This is not gloomy. It’s practical and spiritual.

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