Festivals – Light Increasing as the Sun Moves Northward

Festivals – Light Increasing as the Sun Moves Northward

In the midst of winter in the northern latitudes, snow drops (flowers) begin to appear, sometimes right out of the snow! We are in the middle of winter now – a season filled with festivals, ceremonies, rituals and feast days. Their message in winter’s darkness tells humanity there is hope for warmth, springtime and the resurrection of life once again. What are the festivals?

St. Brigid’s Day (Feb. 1); Candlemas, Baptism and Purification day, Groundhog Day, Celtic Imbolc, Cross quarter day (the day between winter and spring) (Feb. 2); Lunar New Year of the Dragon (Feb. 10); Mardi Gras (Feb. 13); Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14); Sun enters Pisces (Feb. 18); Presidents’ Day (Feb. 19), George Washington’s birthday (Feb. 22); Full moon/Pisces solar festival (Feb. 24).

The months of January, February and March can seem dark and rather empty without festivals. And there are so many in February! St. Brigid’s Day foreshadows the coming spring. Farm work begins again. Crosses of last year’s straw or grain (wheat) are woven and hung in homes to protect from fires and lightning. Corn dollies are made from dried corn sheaves (soaked in water) and offered as gifts along with oat breads, scones and butter.

February 2is 40 days after Christmas, when the holiday season comes to an end. It’s Imbolc, the CelGroundhog Day, people seeking to know how long winter will last. It’s also the Feast of the Holy Child’s baptism in the temple, Feast of Mary’s purification, and Candlemas day, when candles are blessed. The festival of “Candlemas” (or Candle Mass) refers to the priest using holy water blessing beeswax candles to be used throughout the year.

Candlemas, a cross quarter day between winter and spring, is a festival of light and signifies the “new light rising”. In the Catholic Church, the presentation in the Temple of the Holy Child signified the Light (of the World, in the form of the Holy Child) had indeed come to Earth. That was 2000 years ago. As the new era of Aquarius begins in our time, the world is now preparing for His Return.

ARIES: Some questions posed by the present astrological energies. They offer an opportunity to review certain life issues. Who are your friends? Do you belong to any groups? What are your hopes, wishes, and dreams for the future? How do you see the future? We work hard in our lives. There are times when we must pause, set our sights on future endeavors, discover, recognize, identify and join with friends in conversation. And then we set about helping others. This is your time.

TAURUS: More and more you’re being identified as a leader with knowledge and organizing skills, who understands and mentors collaboration, a leader who leads with not only intelligence but also with goodwill which creates right relations. A group or community looks to you for direction. Although preferring to be behind the scenes, you’re being called out is a new developmental stage. You are to step into the light of recognition. And we are grateful.

GEMINI: And so, the same message, over and over. You are to travel to places not yet seen but places that call to you. It is not a time to wait. Is there a certain place you’ve thought about and considered? It’s time to make plans, reschedule the next several months making room for travel and study. It’s good to experience village life with their cooperative and community endeavors. You need to expand out from where you presently are, see a different bit of the world. It’s your future.

CANCER: Are you concerned about finances and cash flow? Are you considering consulting an advisor for help with taxes, assets, resources? It is important to share your thoughts, concerns and sadnesses. And have at least one person you can talk with. Also, it’s time to consider end of life (you are not dying) preparations, so those who remain here on Earth know what to do. What decisions regarding care do you want to entrust to others and who do you want to designate to make decisions? Do you have a will?

LEO: Whom do you love these days? Soon it will be Valentine’s Day. Is someone on your mind? Or perhaps you’re on another’s mind. It seems that whomever you’re attracted to must be very unusual, almost revolutionary. You like this. However, sometimes your Leo pride hides it. You want to be innovative, too. Which you are, when you focus on creativity. Leos are the most creative of all. They need a bit more attention than the other signs, too. Love is calling. Can you hear it?

VIRGO: Do you feel overloaded and overwhelmed with tasks, chores, errands and just about everything calling you to do more, faster, quicker and without rest? Some things must change concerning work and what is expected of you. Things also need to be done differently. With more ease, care and mindfulness. You think about your health and actually need a rejuvenating spa experience. You’re running here, there, everywhere. Where are you going?

LIBRA: Although the energetic focus in your life has been at home, it’s now shifting to your state of creativity and the creative arts. Gather a group of friends and meet at a museum, attend a theatre or dance performance, visit an art gallery, and have a party afterwards. Invite friends over. In the meantime, amidst this artistic gaggle of activity, consider what gifts and talents you already have that can be further cultivated. Beauty is needed in the world. That is your task. Beauty is a hidden path to G-d.

SCORPIO: Family is the focus during Aquarius. And so, questions. Who and what and where is your family? What is your relationship to them? What was your early life like and how does it affect your present life now? These are questions for the month. You may want to visit family (whatever you consider family), be in touch and in contact (contact releases love), sending handwritten messages to those near and far. In between, tend to the home with loving attention. Before more work calls to you and takes you away.

SAGITTARIUS: And so the upcoming days may feel like a puzzle that must be completed in very little time. There will be many activities to tend to, many people to talk and confer with, decisions to be made, possibly more deadlines. You’ve walked into the future and will need to juggle present, past and future time all at the same time. This is not a test. You’re perfecting how you work on multiple levels within time and space. After that you must then tend to your social life.

CAPRICORN: Are you concerned about money and resources? Is the thought that there is enough or there is not enough? Do you need to balance what’s coming in, what’s going out? Is there something that must be purchased? It’s good to think about, prepare and save for the future. Use present day resources to put things by (like the Mormons). Again, consider the idea that a greenhouse is an important investment. Are you tithing as well as saving? Always tithe first. You know the spiritual rule for tithing, yes?

AQUARIUS: More and more, day after day, events in your life are creating a new sense of self-identity. Because of this it’s good to have new clothing, shoes and hairstyle, discover new colors not worn before. Make them bright colors. How we present ourselves to the public, how we look and what we say, are always remembered. Confidence and a sense of well-being makes you feel festive, creative and alive. People want to be with you. Then they too become confident. Have a birthday party!

PISCES: It’s a good time to tithe, giving to organizations you believe in so they can help and serve others. It may be a community (Aquarius), a hospital (St. Jude’s) or a school for children. It may be Oxfam or the Heifer Project, sending money and birds and livestock so families can raise bees, ducks, chicks, farm animals, large and small. It could be Doctors Without Borders, Catholic Charities, etc. Pisces is the sign that saves the world. You understand this. What concerns are on your mind these days?

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