I Was Wondering – What is the Sound of Humanity’s Freedom?

I Was Wondering – What is the Sound of Humanity’s Freedom?

And so, the transformative planet Pluto entered Aquarius, sign of humanity itself, of freedom, of hopes, wishes and dreams of a new future, of community and cooperation and charity, last Saturday, January 20th. After fifteen years in the earth sign of Capricorn, Pluto will be in the air sign of Aquarius (in and out a few times) for the next 20 years – ‘til 2043!

And so I am wondering these things and this has been on my mind. What will be the sound of our entire society of people in every country, everywhere in the world – what will be the sound of their response as Pluto moves through Aquarius, sign of freedom, liberty, self-determination, sovereignty and independence? What will be the sound of humanity’s response to this change?. As Pluto moves forward in Aquarius, unimpeded, I am wondering what will be the responses and sounds, reverberations and expressions, the music and the arts of the people in the world as this critical shift of energy, element and vibration unfold. Like the soft petals of a lotus, we hope.

What will be the sounds we hear in the new world, what will be the new narratives, the new friendships, new trends, new order of things? How will our innate sense of freedom evolve, grow, progress, advance, expand and display itself in daily life?

I am wondering these things. Perhaps we hear or sense a longing for vision, for community in humanity, impossible to describe.

Upcoming: Thursday – full moon and Solar Festival of Aquarius, (9:54am, PT). “Aquarius is the Light that shines on Earth and across the seas. It is the light that ever shines within the dark, cleansing with its purifying and healing rays that which must be purified. Until the dark is gone.” At the time of the Full moon, disciples will read the Labors of Hercules (the 11th Labor, Aquarius). Humanity itself is Hercules. The 11th Labor is the cleansing of the stables (casting a cleansing light onto the darkness allowed to be seen in the Kali Yuga). Here is a link so you can join us, the New Group of World Servers, in reading – https://www.bailey.it/files/Labours-of-Hercules.pdf

ARIES: You long to be free to pursue your usual pleasures and enjoyments. However ambition and success call and that requires Saturnian discipline and the full completion of all tasks, something unusual and not easy for Aries. Where is Taurus, you ask, the one who comes in and completes everything? Things silent, quiet and hidden increase around you. Imaginative ideas fill your mind. Something’s changing within you. It’s good and will be vital for the unfolding of the new era.

TAURUS: You’re called to be in the spotlight, to teach, mentor, lead and organize. Perhaps you are a co-teacher, or co-chairing a group, calling them to imagine, to envision and to help create a future different than the past. This takes you into a new life-direction that includes the arts which will define you more completely. The arts also highlight previous gifts from the past. You’re now more than ready to accomplish objectives. Remember to build the green house and the warm pool.

GEMINI: Many new ideas are occurring and these are stimulated by Sun in Aquarius. The new era is also stimulating you to make changes concerning old beliefs and long held ideas no longer useful. Has communication been difficult and are relationships a bit conflictual? Great things are in store for you in the coming months. Do take the time to listen quietly to your higher mind and open heart. Follow what inspires you and aim as high as you can. The new era calls to you. It needs teachers.

CANCER: Aquarius is pouring it’s healing waters into your heart and mind. Therefore, you will experience many expansive changes in the coming months in terms of how and what you think, what your ideals and goals are and your knowledge of the world. Travel is important now during the springtime. Travel, new destinations, new books and contact with people of different cultures, one in particular should be considered. It would be good to ask if you are as sensitive as you can be with others. Sensitive meaning “acting from the heart of the matter”.

LEO: Many obligations will be met this month and though important it can result in much too much work. However you are ethical and will persevere and when you have completed these tasks a sense of self-worth emerges. Something may come to a crisis in the months leading up to June. It’s perhaps something that occurs to you in terms of remembering how you have cared for (or didn’t) others., How you may or may not have loved and valued those in your care. Visualize what could have been. Then a healing comes forth.

VIRGO: It’s good to assess and revise any monetary situation that is becoming too much to handle. And to be very careful with finances on all levels. What helps in this situation is to value all people, resources and interactions. It’s also important to recognize the intuition (Pallas Athena) you bring into daily life. This gift builds and strengthens your self-identity. Tend to your creative gifts – Mars is calling you in your house of creations. It’s almost time to plant spring seedlings!

LIBRA: Things, people, events, ideas, everything in daily life may feel stalled, a feeling that nothing’s really happening. The reality is everything’s going into deeper layers of review and reflection. New structures are being called forth. All outer structures are slowly disappearing. There’s a question about your home. Is something occurring there? New people, new pets, new decor? The past is slowly coming into focus. Your interpretations of the past need review and revamping. It needs more love and care. You will learn this as the months unfold.

SCORPIO: Your usual creativity edges sideways giving you opportunity and inclination to make changes in terms of how much time you give to your artistry, how much time you are out and about in the world and how much time you actually give to those around you. A new exploration is beginning into your emotional world. And new life paths appear. So many times this year you’ve wanted to hide. A new level of pleasure and gladness are sought, new goals, too. But the call to artistry is what is most heard.

SAGITTARIUS: Your values, what you value, who is of value, you as valuable – these continue to be questions you are pondering. I suggest no traveling until after mid-March. Situations can feel empty ‘til then. Are unclear financial situations coming into focus? And how is your home life? Something feels challenging or limited or restricted there? Or perhaps new responsibilities have been incurred. A new structure or new foundation may be needed. Everything increases in value. Think, gather, find, share. Your keynotes.

CAPRICORN: Things were going along smoothly (somewhat) and then Pluto shifted into Aquarius. This is good. It allows Capricorns to assess their resources, and to see the self as a vital resource to the family. You may ask what new persona you want to project into the world. A transformation of self along with values will slowly unfold in the next months and years. New learnings will take place. Perhaps a study group will emerge. Whenever conflicts arise seek to find and then radiate the “love that truly underlies all events.”

AQUARIUS: It’s good to have time alone, in solitude and quiet for lengths of time so you can rest, relax and rejuvenate. During this time it’s important to recognize your needs, then you can assess the needs of others. When we look through this lens of need, the entire world shifts. Know that beginning now and for the next year or so, your money, finances, resources, values and all that you possess become important. Use your money very wisely. And praise those who have the courage of their convictions. Soon it will be time to evaluate what to do for Valentine’s Day. Something to do with the heart.

PISCES: There are presently two planets in Pisces – Saturn which creates structures, discipline and is the teacher. And Neptune, offering us other worlds to contemplate. Both influence Pisces. Saturn offers the intelligence needed and Neptune, with its deep compassion fuses heart and mind. Then wisdom emerges. For long you’ve wanted to bring forth something in form and matter. This will call for mental realms of thought which will assist in this creation. Visualize what is needed, bless it daily and see it as beauty to be shared in the world. This is magical work.

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