New Moon Festival, Pluto Enters Aquarius, Aquarian Salon

New Moon Festival, Pluto Enters Aquarius, Aquarian Salon

Thursday, January 11, is the first new moon of 2024. At new moon times, we uphold and support the work of the New Group of World Servers, working everywhere in the world under the Ten Seed Groups. The new moon is at 21 degrees Capricorn (sign of the unicorn and the Initiate).

The first months of 2024 is like the calm before the storm. I will say something interesting here. As we progress into the new era of Aquarius, and into 2024 and then into 2025, the only thing, subject, reasoning, art, science, understanding that will make sense is astrology. Why? The language of Aquarius is astrology! It will be important to take up the study of astrology in order for ideas, events, realities, people, life itself in the Aquarian era to be understood. Pluto entering Aquarius is a signpost that we are quickly entering Aquarius, sign of the future, of freedom and of humanity itself.

Aquarius pours forth the “waters of life for thirsty humanity.” Which, by the way, is also astrology! The waters of life are symbolic of a new light, vibration and electrical energy in the air. The light contains the new information we need to navigate an entirely new age!

Ages are eras of time. Ages last 2,500 years! Entering a new age is a profound experience for humanity. The topsy turvy inside out turmoil, disorder, confusion, tumult, havoc, unrest, upheaval, instability, and chaos in our present world has much to do with the ending of one age (Pisces) and the unfolding of the new age (Aquarius).

Why is it profound? There is a shift of elements, focus, values, Rays, energies, planetary and constellational influences. We don’t remember living 2,500 years ago when the age of Pisces began. From historical documents we know a holy birth occurred then, an event that transformed the world.

What does it mean to enter a new age, specifically the new era of Aquarius? Our Sun, which gives light and life to earth and our solar system, has moved into the area in the sky called Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of community, humanity, freedom, ingenuity, technology and humanitarianism. At the heart of Aquarius is love.

Upcoming: The next Aquarian Salon will be Saturday, January 20, 10am, PT. Also, Pluto enters Aquarius January 20th, shifting from Capricorn (earth) to Aquarius (air). As Capricorn is slow and precise, Aquarius is an all of a sudden type of energy, quick, surprising, here now, gone tomorrow! Capricorn stabilizes. Aquarius is a shaft of golden light, a lightning bolt!

ARIES: Saturn is restructuring and redefining your relationship to the divine. Deep inner feelings are beginning, thoughts of past lives perhaps, of karma, of grace, sacraments and blessings. What is your religion, your spiritual practice? You are simply going to redefine your relationships with God. And new behaviors, actions, and virtues will be the result. In partnerships you will come closer or remain apart based on Goodwill. Something deep within provides strength. Let yourself be that strength.

TAURUS: Your everyday tasks, agendas and work consists in your recognizing what needs to be completed, reordered, given away and repurposed, concerning all resources and possessions, asking what’s important, what is a priority? I think you need assistance and help in these tasks. During the next four months the art of asking for help and being gracious in daily life emerges. Health matters will also be a focus. You are efficient in both. Use your resources wisely, care for your health, and remember kindness in all matters. Kindness matters.

GEMINI: I wonder if you can define, recognize and identify your creativity. In the coming months you will note your creativity emerges from various sources: books you’ve read, writings you’ve done, letters you’ve written, love affairs, children in your life, salons you attended, the art of conversation, or perhaps simply walking about here and there in neighborhoods, gardens, forests and meadows. Should you not be able to identify your creativity, then the question is what would you want your creativity to be? The opportunity for knowing and defining it is now here.

CANCER: You may find yourself turning from the outer world and facing inward – towards what is for you an inner sanctum and refuge, which is most likely your home and place you define as a foundation. Some will remember clearly their childhood home, how they were (or were not) nurtured, nourished and provided love and beauty. Some will go about redoing, redesigning and redecorating. Some will go to culinary school. A new beginning will be sought. A new self-identity is cultivated.

LEO: As Aquarius unfolds, the lions of the zodiac will be called to not only cultivate their talents and gifts, but they will be called upon to share those talents and gifts with humanity. Therefore your communications and community work will be redefined. In the past you have been recognized for the quality of your work and leadership. Now newer and bolder steps will be needed. You’ll assess how, what, when, where and with whom is in need of care. You will define the context of your service. In the meantime, it’s good to tend to family and siblings with equal compassion and understanding care.

VIRGO: In the upcoming months notice if you are redefining your values. You will continue to ascertain the value of your time, your abilities and resources. You’ll seek ways of solidifying and building what you have. Each day you awaken with a plan. But then something occurs and plans change. Be aware of needing to pivot and then adapt when something new appears. A love of something new emerges. It makes you happy. Stepping into the flow of the waters of life, you are calmed and soothed.

LIBRA: A new age and a new year is unfolding for humanity. We are in an interim time. Libra is the sign that brings forth harmony and peace when conflict and chaos arise. As the times change, your appearance and how others perceive you will change too. All your virtues will shine forth. You may feel quite alone at times. The next months are a time of retreat – tending, reinvention, updating and improving. There’s someone you love who also needs tending with the greatest of care. Tend to them with prayer.

SCORPIO: A great inner shift is occurring to you. You will begin to see and feel and experience with all that’s been hiding, all of your past, anything emotional that has upset you in the past twenty-eight years. You’ll discover habits that no longer work, fears you thought were left behind, and a litany of actions needing assessments. All these you tend to as a warrior. The purpose is a restructuring of self so your future has a solid foundation. Then your new world work emerges.

SAGITTARIUS: I wish much for you; that your hopes, wishes and dreams be fulfilled. In the coming months certain groups of people with specific ideas will be of interest to you. You discover the need to work with a like-minded group seeking to serve humanity in ways that open the doors to liberty, love, light and happiness. You discover a way to realize these aspirations for yourself. You will be tested as to your sincerity. New structures will be formed. Success follows.

CAPRICORN: Happy Birthday, Capricorn (sign of the unicorn on a mountaintop under the midnight sun). Birthdays should last an entire month. You will be supported this year. Those close will see how dedicated you’ve been in the past years in caring and helping others. It’s good to now tell us what you need. You are allowed to be happy. A new life direction begins to emerge and soon a foundation is built toward new goals. Life changes. Flow with the Aquarian waters of change and each day, ask the Angel of Beauty to stand with you.

AQUARIUS: You’ll become a bit more philosophical, pondering upon gratitude and spiritual realities, observing life from an ever-widening lens. In daily life you interact with all of humanity – musicians, artists, adventurers, philosophers, writers, healers and intellectuals. New Aquarius energies will be flowing through the air. You will recognize them. All previous beliefs will be challenged and you help others understand what the Aquarian Age is all about. Meaningful events and people enter your life. You embrace them with curiosity and love.

PISCES: You feel the need, an actual push to bring forth new ways of working with people, new therapies, new education, offering new information. It may be important to create new financial structures. The time has come for more serious plans to be activated. You have been free and easy with everything, both personally and professionally. This will need to be adjusted. Your prayer each day – “I know O Lords of Life and Love about the needs of humanity and the world, touch my heart with love so that I too may love and give and do my part in the world.” There will be a response.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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