Epiphany, Revelation & the Three Kings of Today

Epiphany, Revelation & the Three Kings of Today

We are now progressing forward into the new year of 2024. We continue to walk with the Three Magi Astrologer Kings (three stars of Orion in the heavens) towards Bethlehem, following the star, seeking the holy child. Our journey ends on Saturday, January 6, which is called Three Kings Day or Epiphany. Each day of our journey has been directed by one of the zodiacal signs. So, Wednesday, January 3 is Sagittarius; Thursday, January 4 is Capricorn; Friday, January 5 is Aquarius; culminating with Pisces, the sign that “saves the world.”

Epiphany ends our 12 Days of Christmas and our journey west with the Magi. “Epiphany” means to “something wonderful is found and revealed to the world.” What was found and then revealed by the Three Magi Astrologer Kings, was that the ancient prophecy, that a child would be born who would become king and redeem the world, was fulfilled.

The Three Magi Kings were very aware of the prophecy and when the unusually bright star (Sirius, where Love originates) appeared in the sky, they knew it was time to begin their westward journey to find the child. They gathered gifts that befit a royal one – gold for “Kingship”; frankincense for the perfume of Holiness; and myrrh for Truth. (Note these gifts are from the mineral and plant kingdoms.) Along the way to find the child many joined the Three Kings in their pilgrimage.

The birth of the holy child in Bethlehem, more than 2000 years ago (at the beginning of the Age of Pisces, 0 AD), heralded the appearance of the world teacher for the Pisces Age. At each new age, a world teacher appears. We are now at the beginning of the new age of Aquarius.

The Wisdom teachings tell us (and it is told in all major religions) that at the beginning of the Aquarian Age, the next World Teacher will appear. The date given for this precipitation is 2025. Before world teachers appear, the world has fallen once again into conflict, chaos and darkness. The World Teacher returns over and over to remind humanity of our origin, our true identity and our divine task on Earth. The Teacher also comes with a flaming sword and the Rule of Law.

The Three Kings of today, the forerunners and thus preparing for the Coming One, are the New Group of World Servers, Daisciples and Initiates of the world along with the men and women of Goodwill. The door to join the NGWS is open and everyone is invited to help in this preparation.

ARIES: Your work in the world will be expanded by promptings and impressions from above, asking you to recognize that you initiate new ideas and new possibilities which create new probabilities and new outcomes. These do not reflect the past. Instead they are the future. You will have to meet important people, become one yourself. You will have to act with humility while attaining goals. Develop the virtues necessary to carry out this task. Only you can do this.

TAURUS: It’s good to contact people far away who may have a say in future plans, actions, agendas, travel, and possible matters of a legal nature. The outer forms of these interactions hide a deep spiritual purpose. With strength and calmness speak the truth of your aims and purposes; listen carefully to the other(s). There’s a seed of enlightenment in their words. Be not afraid to ask for help and all that is needed. Read Matthew 7:7.

GEMINI: You hold within yourself secret talents. You may or may not be aware of this. What is important is they need to be called for by you with intention. You can ask that you recognize them when they appear. Do not be secretive about anything, especially your talents and resources. However do protect them. Pay all debts – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. You and another may need to travel somewhere to discover information. Where would that be? Somewhere “interior.”

CANCER: There’s a spiritual task you’re being asked to provide from Jupiter, the planet central to the Aquarian Age. Jupiter expands each of us via Love and Wisdom. This is from a star in the Big Dipper, called Ray 2. You are to provide more love to your groups and to the communities you interact with. You are to be wise and distribute truth and wisdom to those around you. Not gossip, not opinion, not a point of view, not from the echo chamber, but the truth within your heart. These will safeguard you in the times to come.

LEO: In the reality of work and spiritual responsibilities, you are to be the real communicator to co-workers and colleagues. Leo is the sign with love from the heart. Sometimes that love is obscured by hurts, sadness, things from the past and imperfect interactions in relationships (all relationships are). Sometimes we turn away from people, bestowing all of our energy and love on pets, gardens, rocks, new creations. It would be good to turn your attention for a moment on all the people you’ve known. Lovingly they say to you, “Hello, my friend, hello.”

VIRGO: It’s a special time at the beginning of a new year for you to think upon what avocations you want to pursue, what talents, gifts and skills you possess and how you want to offer them to the world. It’s also good to think back on how you’ve cared for loved ones and what you want to do in the coming year in terms of further service. The garden books are arriving for early spring planting. How do you see your garden this year? What new seeds will you choose? I just learned about turmeric. To plant it in good soil. Then wait and see.

LIBRA: You’re thinking about family and friends, love and relationships and what you need from them. Friends are often Libra’s family. You’re attempting to deepen contacts in order to have an intact sense of family and a deeper sense of foundation. Interactions may bring up childhood wounds (as it should). We cannot heal or understand until wounds surface. You have the strength to face the reality of your children, the wisdom to understand it and the love, latent and in potential, to heal. In emotional crisis, take Ignatia Amara, the homeopath that soothes and settles grief.

SCORPIO: It would be good to enter into more exchanges and interchanges with those you consider both as intelligent and as passionate as you. They need not agree with you. You need these interchanges of ideas and beliefs so you can grow and expand with new values and experiment with new plans for the future. A new foundation of thought is needed to deepen your mind to meet the challenges of the new era and the new sciences. Things are not what they seem. The stifling echo chamber of our present world is about to explode. Discern and discriminate all information. Focus on truth.

SAGITTARIUS: In observing how your sense of identity has expanded, we look to your values. Compare your values of today with your values fourteen then twenty-one years ago. You’ll realize you’ve deepened into a greater sense of self, of responsibility reached a level of success – your goal. You now ask, “What’s next?” Some Sag’s are in between worlds Two messages to all Sagittarians – 1. “Stand in the Light and rest there” for your journey has been long and arduous. 2. You’re stepping into the unknown. Remain there for a while. The new light, containing new information, will appear.

CAPRICORN: You have so many responsibilities these day. This is because Pluto is in Capricorn and it comes with depths of work, change, responsibilities, great depths of feeling. Sometimes people don’t understand your intensity. Your life-force is showing through. At times, it’s as if God were speaking through you. Do you know Capricorn’s glyph is almost the signature of God? You’ll be asked to organize things, to show leadership and drive, to impress (give to) others with ideas that become ideals within them. You do this already. Yes, but now more so. Make a focus of each day these days to rest more.

AQUARIUS: You’re going to enter into an internal state for a while, interacting and investigating things deep within; things confidential, religious, sensitive and personal. Carefully push past any limitations, not allowing them to control you. That means you’re working toward overcoming. Place yourself first in the coming days so that you can maintain vibrant health. Someone far away calls to you. Respond with care. Each day be grateful for what has been given you in your life. Gratitude is a great healer.

PISCES: Careful telling people about future hopes, wishes and dreams. They may not understand and may try to offer suggestions on how to reach goals. Careful with your time each day. Plan early what your actions will be. Outline a time schedule. Use discipline – the first step toward working under the Will of God. Saturn in Pisces is influencing ideas and communication. Speak softly, yet vibrantly and always with the will to love (another discipline). These will soothe disappointments and stabilize and give purpose to all endeavors. Love is mysterious.

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