A Mercury Retrograde Season!

A Mercury Retrograde Season!

Mercury retrograde begins Tuesday (December 12) night around midnight after the Sagittarius new moon. Mercury remains retrograde ‘til the first day of the new year. Christmas too is retrograde this year. Mercury retrograde presents us with unexpected changes, surprising events and outcomes. It is not a time of moving forward. Mercury retrograde is a time of review, re-examination, revision and reflection. Decisions are contemplated, past events and people appear seeking continuation or completion. What has not completed itself asks for another chance. It’s wise to have a sense of humor with whatever may occur. It’s a time of the trickster appearing and when hidden and secret knowledge is available.

Mercury dons different masks when retrograde, becoming architect and archetype for variations and adjustments. We adapt to Mercury’s retrograde, seeing Mercury less as creating disruption and more as offering a mischievous magical adventure for mortals. Mercury retrograde actually even disrupts and challenges the gods!

Sagittarius: We remain in the sign of the archer ‘til Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) when Sun enters Capricorn. Sagittarius signifies optimism, a philosophical mind, and like Aquarius there is a focus on the future (philosophically, not practically). Sagittarians are somewhat like dreamers, hoping and wishing for an outcome and always with a goal. Highly knowledgeable, they become teachers, professors in great halls of learning. They can get lost though in the world of abstractions and impossible theories (note the present situation in our universities at this time. Students being taught impractical and destructive theories) – these are the unskillful Sagittarian teachers. The skillful Sagittarians are joyful lovers of truth and beauty, of food, culture and history, easy-going, affable, adaptable pilgrims, always calling humanity to join in an adventure.

And so, Mercury retrograde moves from Capricorn (8 degrees) to Sagittarius (22 degrees). The easy-going fire of Sag comes down to earth in Capricorn. Humanity becomes less ideological and more practical. The question Sagittarius asks, “Where shall we go next?” shifts to the Capricorn practical question of, “How is this useful?” From fire (adventure) to earth (anchoring the self somewhere!). Looking back, we prepare for the time when we look ahead.

And we realize during Mercury retrograde that all times, all signs, all questions, all of our days and nights are useful, an adventure and most of all, times of magicl! Also, humor helps!

ARIES: Observe whether friends, events and dreams from the past appear. They show up for you to review their need and usefulness. We learn from our experiences and eventually we create rules out of what we’ve learned. Begin to eliminate all thoughts, ideas and possessions not absolutely necessary. Are plans being made for travel somewhere distant and far away? Careful with those plans. They will change unexpectedly. All of humanity must become adaptable quickly.

TAURUS: You may struggle to maintain equilibrium between desires, wants and feelings of lack. Study the word, the etymology and the subject of sacrifice (sacra – sacred, from the heart). It is the 1st Law of the Soul. At the center of sacrifice is Love. A seeming paradox. Sacrifice emerges from love, which underlies all events and lives on Earth. We are the Sacrificial Ones. You may feel that you’ve been a nurturer all your life. Now, to nurture yourself, you need a solitary cabin in the woods next to a lake.

GEMINI: Past friends, partners, intimates, relationships, and past resources need to be assessed, renewed and contacted. They’re valuable for reasons revealed in the not too distant future. A certain group, also from the past, holds the information, Love and Wisdom (Ray 2, Gemini’s ray) you need. They hold out to you the possibilities of a new life, allowing you entrance into what you have sought for so long – understanding the mysteries. The foundation is astrology. Begin by gazing at your chart.

CANCER: A return to previous, perhaps set-aside creative work allows you to recognize, redefine, reassess and reaffirm its importance to your life’s work. There’s a renewed fire in your mind, calling you to enter deeper into creative pursuits. They lead you to a sense of play, missed in your life recently. A specific creative work opening the door to a new emerging identity. All parts of you seek this which then creates a sense of spiritual unity. God’s body is nature itself. Spend more time there.

LEO: You’re neither sentimental nor emotional. You see the need for nourishment and realize one source of nourishment is financial security. How would this security look in terms of work, home and land? Each area you live and work in calls for order and organization, purity of focus, warmth, color, beauty and quality. Do you have a work place for your creative arts and for preparing pure foods? If not build this place for yourself. Should communication feel wounding, say a prayer.

VIRGO: Tend to all daily things small and necessary, giving them your deepest attention and loving awareness. Observe habits and agendas (going awry), how you care for yourself, your work, all environments and everyone in your many worlds. We evolve slowly by tending to physical, emotional, then mental needs, progressing finally to the Soul. Each day “brood upon your service (work) for the coming day.” This is Soul Work. The personality then quiets down, becomes poised and grateful for direction.

LIBRA: In the next month assess the many ways you are valuable. Perhaps this is difficult? Ponder upon and make lists of your gifts, abilities, kindnesses, good associations, good deeds, thoughts, ideas and plans. Here is your value. Place these lists on walls, doors and mirrors, reviewing them each day. This is the beginning of your self-identity as a server for humanity – the great tasks for Libra (sun, moon, rising) in the Aquarian Age.

SCORPIO: Life becomes subtler, slightly different and you respond with mercy and compassion. Tend to all debts and then tithe to those in need. St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital; Doctors Without Borders; the Heifer Project, etc., organizations that help people and build community. There is a spiritual law – whatsoever we give to others in need is returned ten-fold. As we serve others our life is cared for. The 3rd Law of the Soul is Service to the world. You become the disciple.

SAGITTARIUS: You assess past and present relationships in terms of changing values. Simultaneously, it’s most important to assess the values you offer and if there is more you can give of Right Relations through intentions for Goodwill. Allow only the goodness of yourself in relationships. Goodness is a purity and an inner quality. What is your goodness and what do you offer others? Include all relationships. Remember true love isn’t a feeling.

CAPRICORN: Things go into hiding for a while…especially you, for rest and protection. Someone else is hiding, too. They’re very valuable to you. Tend to them with care. They’re knowledgeable and have skills needed for your next creative stage and for humanity’s educational future. Money too is hidden at this time. However, it’s still available but you must call it forth and tend to practical day to day things. Everything being holy.

AQUARIUS: Ponder upon the different ways you want to be seen, known and recognized in the world and in the context of helping to build the new culture and civilization – your work now. You are to nurture the new era at its foundational stages with visions of the future, which you hold. How is your garden? Do you have a worm bin; do you know how to create bio-dynamic soil? Remember to share your discoveries. What you intuit nurtures humanity’s knowledge of the future.

PISCES: The next nine months you reassess goals, hopes, wishes and aspirations. Earth’s resources (soil, trees, plants) are vital for your well-being. Stand in the Sun and work in nature (garden) – the most balanced kingdom. The radiations of earth and sky strengthen heart and mind, refocus your enthusiasm (“filled with God”), allow practicality to emerge. It’s time for your ideals to enter form and matter. New work to be done in the world for humanity. Call forth your companions to help.

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