Virgo Sun & Mercury Retrogrades

Virgo Sun & Mercury Retrogrades

The sun has left the fires of Leo and entered the mutable earth sign, Virgo, sixth sign of the zodiac. Virgo is the Mother, the Madonna, she is Ceres whose daughter is Persephone. Virgo is the sign of service, first to self and then to others and the care of small animals. It is also the sign of health. Virgo, the mother aspect of the Divine Feminine (“The Eternal Feminine always draws us onwards” ~ Goethe)

holds three principles within herself – the Father, the Holy Child and the Mother (“I am the Mother and the Child, I God, I Matter Am” are the esoteric words of Virgo).

Virgo is a most mysterious sign, a different mystery than is Scorpio.

Soon after Virgo Sun began, Mercury (the planet Virgo streams through) turned stationary retrograde also in the sign of Virgo (22 degrees).

As Mercury stations, it joins five other retrograde lights (Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron) creating a pensive and introspective atmosphere in our world. Then on August 29th, Uranus joins the retrograde pack and all of humanity becomes quiet, serious, reflective and meditative. When we are in an atmosphere and architecture of multiple retrogrades, we all assume the revelatory qualities of Virgo.

Mercury retro means our minds are filled to capacity with information gathered since our last Mercury retro (April/May in Taurus). We are now to assess all that we’ve learned, keep some, eliminate some, order and organize the rest. We will return to previous situations, the past appearing for continuation or for closure. We’re inner-oriented. We won’t drive well (except for natal Mercury retrograders, a small percentage of humanity).

When Mercury retrogrades everyone becomes a Virgo (seeking order, organization and inner analysis). We remember no large purchases, no big plans initiated, no signing of contracts, no promises, no engagements, no weddings.

If a contract must be signed, read the fine print carefully, three times or more, have others read it over, too. And expect a change to occur when Mercury turns direct in three weeks, Friday, September 15th.

Mercury retrograde times are a natural state of affairs, allowing us to integrate and synthesize information and knowledge, preparing us for new information, tasks and plans in the times to come. We remember as Mercury retrogrades, it is a time of inner recollection, of rest and recovery. Like a retreat from the world.

ARIES: Since everything is topsy turvy in retrogrades, it’s best to create and thus plan on having fun during the next many weeks ahead. This will stimulate your creative expressions which won’t follow their usual road. There can be thoughts of an entirely new direction to take, a road less travelled. Therefore, ponder upon your unique creativity. During retrograde times there are revelations that spark our imagination. We discover new patterns and new alternatives. Change is your newest name.

TAURUS: Mercury retro is about detours, delays, roundabouts and the long way around any and all roadways, communications, situations and events. It’s time in the retrogrades to review your choices, previous courses of action, beliefs and decisions. New fundamental values will arise based on need and it’s best to get to the heart of understanding how and where you are living. Choose actions that assure future stability. Someone’s voice inspires you. Listen carefully.

GEMINI: It will be important for your self-identity (which is shifting and changing and unfolding new realities) and your creativity (being restructured) to understand that your life agenda, your path in this lifetime, is evolving. A new picture is forming. Your friends are shifting about too, beliefs, things we have relied upon are also changing. Realize you are to be the reliable one in your life. It has to be that way now. In the meantime, tend carefully to your money. Don’t over spend. Begin saving. Buy silver and gold.

CANCER: Take time to settle financial worries and concerns by re-strategizing where money is being spent. Concerns about the future are real. The future economy is an unknown. However, we need to prepare by putting resources by in case of unusual events. This includes foods, medicines, essentials we use daily, pet food (if we have pets), etc. With the present monetary situation and the inflation it’s best to have knowledge of how to prepare. Here is a good site for preparation –

LEO: Good inner and thoughtful questions to ask in the next weeks of retrogrades and the North Node in Aries (self-identity) are: “Who am I to myself? Who am I to others? What do I project of myself out into the world? “What are my talents, gifts and abilities? What of my inner self shall I cultivate”? Answering these questions leads to an internal self-review of who and what you’ve become. Now is the time for refinement, for calling in consistency and personal magnetism and a love that’s real and authentic.

VIRGO: All realities we focus upon become inner realities. All resources become inner resources. All communication we hear and what we say to others becomes internalized. Careful what you hear and what you say. Know that for three weeks veils will envelop your eyes, a mist will surround you. All activities will move behind the scenes. Only instinct and intuition, love and mercy and compassion are your guides. You might also add forgiveness.

LIBRA: So many things are occurring for Libras. Your self-identity is being restructured, your foundations are transforming, your beliefs are shifting, your creativity is in the process of refinement, your resources have expanded, your desire has arisen, your love of friends has been supported. It seems you are preparing for something far away, something long distance, something artistic. Now it’s good to be silent as part of the preparation. New vistas of introspection are approaching. New art too.

SCORPIO: What’s occurring in your inner world? Something important is being communicated, new messages and new directions. You are on a precipice, at least for a while. Make no big decisions the next three weeks. However, do ponder on what it’s like to be in a time of transition. Try not to mis-step and stumble as you stand in the shadows that are all about. You are to be the light that others follow. So be clear, thoughtful, and summon mental clarity. Leadership is your next test.

SAGITTARIUS: You are in a period of retreat, quiet, solitude and pausing a bit, entering into an interlude of thoughtful rest and relaxation. In this time of retrogrades, ponder upon important things like travel which focuses your direction, vision and purpose. For the next many months a new self-identity forms within. You may be feeling the shifting to and fro of many different identities. Try all of them on. Influence your family, friends, acquaintances, all environments, friends with acts of Goodwill.

CAPRICORN: Set several goals to review and organize your monetary situation. Set another goal to only buy what is needed and not overspend. Are there resources somewhere you’ve forgotten or are there other ways of bringing in money being offered? A sure way of receiving more is to give more – tithing our money and energy to those in need. When we give from our heart, a magnetic field is created around us – and we’re given back ten-fold. Teach this to the children in your life. It’s spiritual science.

AQUARIUS: It is good to offer gratitude to all those you are encountering in your life, past, present and future. It is good at the end of each day to offer gratitude and thankfulness to everyone you encountered during the day. And to see that, at the end of the day, the day was good. In your life as an Aquarian, you offer services to some, ask forgiveness of others, shake hands with some, embrace others. Misperceptions can easily occur in the retrogrades. Reach out; make contact with everyone. Then love is released.

PISCES: Everything in your daily life may suddenly be different. New responsibilities appear as you return to a previous situation. Mental clarity will be needed along with calm emotions and physical strength. Careful with any criticisms or judgments. You will be called to do more work in the world. Work that is unexpected and it will be a test as well as needed in the world. You’ll need a boat, good shoes, good friends, and that sweater your mother always told you to wear. And storming heaven for direction.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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