Aquarian Salon #2 – Astrology, Art, Wisdom Teachings & the Summer Signs

Aquarian Salon #2 – Astrology, Art, Wisdom Teachings & the Summer Signs

Esoteric Astrology as news for week August 16 – 22, 2023

Aquarian Salon #2 –

Astrology, Art, Wisdom Teachings & the Summer Signs

This is an invitation to the Second International Aquarian Salon of astrology and Wisdom Teachings, Saturday, August 19 (on zoom). This is the second of four salons offered. We are following the seasonal cycles (summer, autumn, winter, spring) and their astrological signs. There will be a talk on the signs Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. And an art showing of esoteric paintings by L. Phillips. Everyone is invited to watch, listen, share perspectives, ask questions, and be part of our salon community as we offer recognition and praise to the artist. This Aquarian Salon offers a new way of coming together in the new unfolding Aquarian era of humanity where we praise one another and where there is no criticism.

Our salon is a place of learning and sharing making contact with each other in an atmosphere of curiosity, friendship and love. Creating stimulating conversation, sharing thoughts and ideas together.

There will be a showing of esoteric paintings and everyone is invited to respond to the paintings, creating an exchange – a Mercury (ruling Virgo) experience. We all help create, each of us, the Salon experience where everyone’s voice is important. We will give praise and recognition from the heart of the matter (Leo), for that IS all that matters. Especially for Leos. The recognition we offer will provide the nourishment and nurturance (Cancer) everyone seeks, especially the artist.

We also hope everyone will have fun together. Our prayer for the event and all those involved.

May we all be happy together. May we share and enjoy together.

May we all feel safe to talk together. May we all feel at ease together.

May we make contact that releases love together. Let no malice prevail.

May we shake ourselves free from judgments, criticisms, preconceived ideas fear and limitations together. May we praise one another and have fun together.

Creating happiness and joy together. Together in our Aquarian Salon.”

Following are the different time zones for the Salon: 07pm CEST (UTC +2); 1pm EST; 12pm CST, 10am, PST (US times).

Aquarian Salon link: Zoom meeting ID – 839 0016 8325. Passcode: gam.

ARIES: Something new is occurring in your physical and vital, in your emotional and mental bodies. Perhaps it’s a health-discipline that will change the shape of your body, refining your personality. Perhaps it’s your self-image where you begin to value yourself, your childhood and parents more, understanding your purpose within the family. Perhaps you’re forced to adopt newer disciplines to maintain the health and quality of your life. Whatever is changing, it’s good and purposeful and of great benefit. We are also asked to go back in time and forgive. Forgiveness heals.

TAURUS: If you listen quietly to your heart, observe carefully your daily thoughts and actions if you ask yourself about your ideals, ethics, morals and values, you will realize they have changed over the years. You cannot maintain previous values. They were the values of a child. Now you are an adult. In order to evolve, move more closely to the Path of Return, your values have expanded into greater, more mature and responsible levels and this includes one of the new Aquarian Laws and Principles – harmony toward all. Venus, the harmonizer, watches over you.

GEMINI: It’s good to look at your outer environment. Does it need tending? It’s good also to walk through the rooms of where you live to see what care, cleaning and upkeep they need. It is also good to be in touch with siblings, creating a newer deeper level of communication. Each morning and evening, communicate with your angelic protectors. This will help you navigate the new world unfolding and make you into an intelligent disciple that is given information from the Raincloud of Knowable Things, a secret and mysterious place.

CANCER: You think about your home and family, especially about one or more parents and what they taught you. You wonder how the past informs the present/future. You consider what you are doing in the place where you presently dwell and if you are to move. You want a new foundation from which to live, work and garden in a true and sincere community. You need a Gate to walk through, a sense of leadership to lead with. Pray for these with poise and dedication.

LEO: During this Leo Sun and Venus retrograde (and soon Mercury retrograde) time, the focus is on one’s creative self-expression. You are not only to share the news of the day, but you must also seek enjoyment, be playful and seek pleasure in daily life. In retrogrades we assume the qualities of Virgo and Mercury. What are you pondering upon so deeply these days? What about the past are you remembering? What would you like to offer to the new era unfolding?

VIRGO: Your health at this time is primary. Then you can tend to daily work and begin a new cycle of planning, new structures and realizing a new and higher level of service. It’s important to be aware of the fact that everyone is preparing to be of service. Articulate this to others, so everyone understands. Also, new skills will need to be developed as new opportunities come forth. There is something about family resources that needs tending. You must lead in this endeavor,

LIBRA: There may be a confusion, polarization and a tug of war in all interactions, with intimates, friends, and close family members. A new cycle of learning must begin in all relationships. Equality will be demanded by everyone. You can help this to unfold by listening from the heart – an outcome of compassion and unconditional love. With children this love is offered through loving structure and intelligent discipline. Always I write for you to ask this question, ”How do I love more?”

SCORPIO: It’s good to begin to eliminate all that is unnecessary in your life, especially in your personal environments, giving away everything unused in the past many months (and years). This will allow newer, finer energies and resources, more appropriate to the coming times, to be available. Be prepared for unexpected shifts. But this has been occurring for a while now and you have become somewhat adaptable. If overtaken by losses, take Ignatia Amara (homeopath) for grief and sorrow.

SAGITTARIUS: There are many possibilities and opportunities opening up for the archer in the coming months. How much is based upon your state of awareness. There will be new cycles of learning, possible teaching, long and adventuresome journeys, a pilgrimage perhaps, and for some, seeking to build the new era community and culture. For all Sagittarians, a wider view of reality propels you into new areas of work and a different way in daily life. One you have hoped for.

CAPRICORN: In the public eye you are a rareness of many and multiple gifts and you may not often be understood. You bring both tenderness, force and stability to all that you do in the world. A new cycle begins with your work, profession or who and what you are in the world. You can expect more responsibilities. This calls for more praise and recognition. You give thanks for everything in your life. Your eyes radiate mercy and love to the world.

AQUARIUS: You may soon find yourself going to and fro between old sets of friends and groups, reconfiguring hopes, wishes and dreams and creating new ones. The latter will be realized slowly. Some have already appeared. You will consider what new goals are needed and how new views of the world are changing your ways of thinking and relating. Consider your finances. Use your resources for your health and well-being.

PISCES: Something in your life is being gathered into a summer harvest. Perhaps great sorrows are being remembered or a death experience of a loved one. Perhaps it’s a gathering of personal talents, abilities and gifts. Perhaps it’s offering to those in need. A great compassion has been cultivated in your heart, which is a Pisces task. You realize life isn’t a movie or a film. It’s real, you play an important leading role and this life determines your next. And all is well in the kingdom.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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