Venus (Evening Star) Retrogrades – Time for Review

Venus (Evening Star) Retrogrades – Time for Review

On the day Sun enters Leo (Saturday, July 22), Venus turns stationary retrograde at 28 degrees Leo. Venus will be retrograde ‘til Sept 3rd, stationing direct at 12 degrees Leo, remaining in its retrograde shadow ‘til October 7. Venus retrogrades every eighteen months (last Venus retro was December 19, 2020 – January 29, 2021 in Capricorn. Each time Venus retrogrades, we are called to assess and reassess what we value, are we of value, whom do we value, our financial picture, and our relationships. It is NOT a time to launch new businesses, make major plans, begin new relationships, get married, shift financial plans, buy large equipment or make major investments.

Venus retrograde is a time for pondering and reflecting upon the beauty, love and intelligence in our lives. Also upon the matters of the heart. What During Venus retrograde the quality of things (people, events, relationships) is not well understood. If parties occur in Venus retrograde, the outcome can be unexpected. Be aware that past friends and/or lovers may suddenly appear, past relationship issues arise to be sorted out. In terms of Leo, sign of royalty, we will consider romance, the artist, the lover, new styles, fashion, beauty, etc. In Hollywood, we have the film “Barbie” (not suggested) & the return of Carrie Bradshaw (Sex & the City) in “And Just Like That” (old icons appearing once again). What do we think of all of this?

Venus is retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights (like Lent). It is a time of review. As Venus will retro in Leo, everyone will assess their relationship with creativity, fun, fulfillment and pleasure. Venus in Leo can bring drama to relationships, even a bit of scandal! Secrets can be revealed.

Venus has been the bright star (planet) we see in the evening sky. Venus as the evening star is also called Hesperus (Greek). Hesperus has a brother called Phosphorus, Venus as the morning star. Both were born of the dawn goddess, their mother, Eos. Hesperus is Venus in the night and Phosphorus is Venus in the morning. Hesperus and the word Vesper are the same (evening, supper, star, west). Phosphorus is sometimes called Lucifer (Latin), the bearer of light. In Hebrew, Venus is called “Helel” (bright shiny one).

Last Monday’s nodal shifts, the Cancer new moon and this Venus retrograde in Leo is propelling humanity into the new Aquarian era and the new laws and principles. Calling humanity – so that no one is left behind.

ARIES: Although you’re considered rather wild, there are traditional, stable, responsible and detailed aspects of yourself and these help you to be successful in the outer world. Few if any, except astrologers, may know this inner reality about you. Those qualities will now be internalized so you can truly assess your personal value and self-worth. You know it’s not how much money you have. It’s more about knowing the self, perseverance, reliability and being steadfast in challenges and adversity.

TAURUS: Your patience and deliberateness are how you assess anything new, moving step-by-step thinking everything through with attentive loving care. You’re a visionary, continually developing an illumined mind, influenced by the Pleiades, Aldebaran and Alcyone (stars in the Pleiades). You bring forth the wisdom of the Buddha. When faced with a monetary challenge, you’re quick, deliberate and instinctive. What is best unto the 7th generation, you ask? These are your gifts. Ponder them with a partner and with care as Venus retrogrades.

GEMINI: It’s most important that your work in the world aligns with your values and a proper sense of self. Gemini is a complex sign of duality. Here and there, then not there! You have a fluid mind; all information must be filtered through your emotional field. Therefore that field (astral) must be clear, pure, with no judgments, criticisms or opinions. This purity of mind must be cultivated. You’re the sign of hidden treasures few are aware of. Security for you isn’t money or wealth. It’s emotional ethics and who and what you love.

CANCER: There’s a challenge now for you to emerge from under your protective watery Cancer shell, begin to develop a sense of adventure, step beyond comfort and tend to things more on the edge, on the fringes of what’s acceptable, on the borderland of the cultural. What would that be for you? Build your sense of charisma (obedience of the heart) with others. It furthers self-expression and creativity, things you deeply seek. Above everything else, you must also have fun. What is fun for you?

LEO: Most Leos are charming. Some are hidden. But all are rather fascinating and magnetic – an important quality to understand because it attracts others to you. When fully aware of this you will either be kind and compassionate or you will create fear in others if your innate power does not also include equal love. In their hearts what are people seeking when encountering you? Light, intelligence, vitality, discipline, direction, guidance and above all your ability and willingness to Love. Do you have (understand) these virtues?

VIRGO: Within your excellent abilities and gifts of order, organization, ideas and ideals, you also seek to be of service and to offer diplomacy in all interactions. All Virgos are also learning tact and refinement, how to relate with Goodwill which creates Right Relations with all the kingdoms. These are part of the new laws and principles of the Aquarian era, Are you aware of them? It is good to know these are the seeds planted within all Virgos leading later to the art of cooperation and conciliation through negotiation. You are learning through Mercury how to be a Libra.

LIBRA: The kind smile on your lips and in your eyes invites others to talk about themselves, share their joys and sorrows, seek to be friends with you. Libra on the Soul level creates Right Relations, fairness, justice, openness and kindness. If you are not yet within this expanded Soul reality, visualize yourself stepping into it. The results will shift fear and vulnerability around money resources to knowledge that you will always have what is needed. Any boundaries you have created to protect yourself will become less critical and more loving. Are you preparing for a long journey? A pilgrimage?

SCORPIO: Are you aware that whatever you do, think and say often challenges others. It’s just the Scorpio way. These challenges are your tasks. As you ceaselessly transform and regenerate, you also ask (silently demand) this of others. Because your life has such intensity, you must schedule consistent times for rest and retreat – times to gather strength, and rediscover inner meaning and purpose. Vision is found here, too. Only a few know, through your daily little deaths and rebirths, that you are also prophetic, far-seeing and a visionary.

SAGITTARIUS: Although you usually view life with optimism and a broad hopeful vision and because you’re an imaginative thinker who sees signs and reads oracles in every situation, you also have a sense of being duty bound, responsible, traditional and conservative. Most aren’t aware of this as it hides behind your ever-present enthusiasm. Therefore, working under rules and regulations, you have a very serious side. This you must begin to value. It is your discipline and from it comes your inner intuitive wisdom. You know more than you say.

CAPRICORN: You exhibit great self-control, discipline, structure and reserve, often playing the role of the eldest child, parent, teacher and wise one. Traditions are therefore most important. You not only honor and follow them but you also create them. But there are other valuable parts to you – being imaginative, innovative and inventive. Through these you enter the future, making you quite different than most. Many times people can’t quite figure out who you are with your abilities to change quickly, adapt to any situation and to offer everyone the freedom to be (you and me).

AQUARIUS: It is important to acknowledge that you, like the planet Uranus, are distinctly different than most. Aquarius streams through Uranus and influences your way of thinking. Do you know Uranus is tipped on its side, its atmosphere is arranged in layers of clouds, its magnetic-tail is twisted into a long corkscrew, its magnetic field’s source is unknown, it’s blue/green, has a moon, many rings and satellites, seventh planet from the Sun and 3rd largest planet in the solar system? This unusual planet rules your entire life. Value your differentness. It’s unique, like none other and beloved.

PISCES: The two signs most misunderstood are Scorpio and Pisces. Often the fish is seen as wandering about, a bit too idealistic for most and too sensitive for everyone else. In the outer world Pisces can seem lost and dreamy and confused. But there is more to the last sign of the zodiac. You are also very brave and courageous when someone is in danger. You are independent and always recognize others’ innate gifts, which you see while others cannot. When you are spontaneous a light permeates the air. When you are sad you fall into despair. Pisces always seeks freedom. Pisces is protected by Neptune’s waters and Pluto’s power.

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