New Self-Identity, Life Direction & Soul Purpose

New Self-Identity, Life Direction & Soul Purpose

Esoteric Astrology as news for week July 12-18, 2023

New Self-Identity, Life Direction & Soul Purpose

The North & South Nodes Change Signs. We have a Cancer new moon Monday, July 17, 2023. The new moon highlights a major shift in the heavens of two important points in every astrology chart – the North & South Nodes (Dragon points in Vedic astrology). The nodes (neither planets nor signs) are points in space, where the Moon crosses the Sun’s path. On July 17, the North Node leaves Taurus and enters Aries (new creative identity formed). The South Node leaves Scorpio (watery depths) and enters social Libra (past relationships appear, seeking harmony and/or closure).

Nodal Change: Every eighteen months, the nodes change signs. The North Node represents gifts, talents and work developing in our present lifetime. The South Node represents gifts and talents from past lifetimes.

In each lifetime, we gather our past abilities and gifts from previous lifetimes. Each talent gathered (re-cultivated, remembered) creates a stepping stone. Eventually, many stepping stones are formed, leading us to our North Node. This occurs in our early forties. At the North Node there is a door that represents our present life’s work to be developed. The South Node has provided us with all that we need to face and actually open this door. The Nodes are part of the Path of Evolution, our moving forward into our life purpose.

We are always moving from the South Node (the past) to the North Node (present/future purpose). Eventually, as we near the North Node (destiny), the South Node’s doors close to us. We find that we cannot go back to the past, cannot return to or access the South Node. Often this reality proves to be quite difficult. The areas of life, people, events, etc. we have been comfortable with are no longer accessible. Eventually we realize a new life rhythm has begun.

As the North Node shifts into Aries, it is good to look once again at each sign and their gifts. It is good to review the gifts and talents and abilities of each sign so we can identify rightly each sign’s (thus each person’s) purpose. Then we no longer “see through a glass darkly” but we see with clarity and in right proportion. There is therefore no room for judgment or criticism. There is only room for compassion and for love of one another. Because we understand.

ARIES: Creates the beginnings of things, has a fiery, quick thinking mind, does not exhibit patience (especially for the slower signs Pisces, Taurus, Cap, etc./), is filled with enthusiasm which for some means “filled with God”. Using the “I” word constantly, Aries is always developing a sense of self, a new self-identity, amidst being decisive, competitive, aggressive, proving themselves to be an impulsive risk taker. The Hierarchy looks on to see if Aries is a good risk for them. For Aries is to initiate a change in the world.

TAURUS: People often call Taurus stubborn, but that’s not the reality. Taurus people must think deeply before responding to questions. Their mind is based upon sensibility and practicality. Give them lots of time to ponder on all aspects of a question before answering. Taurus loves gold and beautiful (Venus) things because gold is valuable, and like Taurus, is a serious and long-lasting investment. Taurus is to illuminate the minds of humanity. They work with Vulcan, the forger, husband to Venus.

GEMINI: Their eyes are different than the eyes of other signs except for Aquarius. Gemini’s eyes ‘see” things others cannot see. They gather information that’s new in order to disperse that information to others. Gemini, the messenger (Mercury), is quite imaginative, sometimes a gossip, can be charming when it’s important and absent when it’s not. Your purpose, after sharing information with the world at large, is to love beyond everyone else’s capacity. Sirius is your guiding star. Your color is indigo blue.

CANCER: They are the crab, circling whatever interests them, never moving in a straight line. They’re circuitous in order to assess safety and well-being before coming close to their target. When safety is assured, they nurture and nourish all beings – people, kingdoms, babies, animals, gardens, the devas, etc. Shy and evasive publicly, they are lively and talkative with intimates and close friends. And also very opinionated! Flowing with the moon’s cycles and ocean’s tides, and Neptune’s veils, Cancers are extremely penetrating, complex and sensitive.

LEO: You are the proud lion, the world is your jungle, you have strong will, great intelligence, a high forehead, often big hair, can be generous, intense, over- confident, and at times a pain to everyone. You’re a leader, need to be in charge, very creative to the point of inspiring others and sensitive like Cancer. Your purpose is to offer love, unfold consciousness, become aware of your gifts, and offer them to humanity. You are a “child of fire.” That fire is God (Agni).

VIRGO: Known as a perfectionist, the reality is you harbor, nurture and gestate a new state of reality. However, before knowing this you’re often critical, judgmental, opinionated and silently unappreciative. But this is just a stage and after awareness sets in, you become trustworthy, exploratory, appreciative. Your purpose is to birth new realities for others so they come to know that “love underlies the happenings of the times.” And that a new World teacher is about to appear.

LIBRA: Libra likes to play, have parties, have fun, be social, amicable and cooperative. They have a sense of justice. If justice and fairness are missing, they set out to change things in order to bring forth harmony and balance. Librans often have many relationships. Why? Libra is learning how to be in relationships, how to choose, to discriminate between partners, to share, love, give and extend themselves to the other with Goodwill and Right Relations. Libras are mediators, harmonizer, servers, artists and always beautiful.

SCORPIO: The sign of the snake, the phoenix and eagle, Scorpios have potent emotional desires and feelings. Their depth is like magic. Scorpios also have a strong and powerful will. Serious, deep and extraordinary researchers, they’re always somewhat in a Halloween situation. Understanding death and rebirth, Scorpios ask us to walk with them (difficult for non-Scorpios). They never show weakness, hide their emotions, can be harsh and undiplomatic, they suffer and we find them deeply and unequivocably worthy, noble and admirable warriors

SAGITTARIUS: Known as the truth sign, Sags are like the arrow of light they symbolize – they’re straightforward, uncomplicated, undemanding because they’re focused on what’s ahead, on the mountain top, over the plains toward a goal almost unreachable and so they’re adventurous, cultural, writers, publishers, filled with music, love of food, the need for freedom, journeys and pilgrimages. Their companion is Jupiter which suggests Joy. But sometimes, for little moments, they can also be very sad.

CAPRICORN: The sign of tradition and self-reliance, like Taurus but different, Caps never ask for help for they must prove to themselves they’re responsible, accountable, dependable and trustworthy. Often, no matter how much Caps accomplish, they feel unworthy and undeserving judging themselves as not having done enough. Caps need help understanding they are always enough, always on the Path, having earned a starry place among their serving brothers and sisters. Caps need to know they are the “rising sun.”

AQUARIUS: Honest and sincere, understanding brotherhood and seeking freedom, bringing the future into the present, always different and slightly revolutionary, Aquarians are comforted by knowing everyone. We are comforted by being in their presence for Aquarians are loyal and sympathetic, serving everyone. These “waters of life” star children, thought of as eccentric, sometimes very determined, learn by being both alone and in friend groups. Aquarians are the “light that shines on Earth, across the sea.” They are from the future.

PISCES: Very sensitive (like Cancer), a delicate fish (actually two), most comfortable in water (ocean, pools, river, lakes, rain), Pisces can suffer tremendously, not understanding life in form and matter. Sometimes the fish finds themselves in places and positions not quite right, sometimes with broken feet and bones. This is frightful for them. The Talmud says that “Every blade of grass has its angel bending over it, whispering, ‘Grow, grow.” Pisces has their angel, bending over them, too. It’s just invisible. Pisces is that angel speaking to everyone.

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