The Sign of Cancer –the Nurturing Light of the World

Esoteric Astrology as news for week July 5 – 11, 2023

The Sign of Cancer –the Nurturing Light of the World

We are under the influence of the Light of Cancer, which is the Gate into matter. It is the womb in which all life on Earth begins. Cancer is the “dark light of matter awaiting the Light of the Soul” to illuminate it. The “dark light” means hidden light. It always awaits the higher vibration from the Soul’s light. Cancer is the “gate” through which all life enters matter. When we first enter form and matter, we must build a strong personality (body, emotions, lower mind). This takes many many lifetimes. Then one lifetime arrives and the personality is strong and seeking that which is greater than itself.

The personality at this stage can feel isolated and alone. At this stage we hear these words within ourselves “Isolation seems to be the rule, yet the crowd exists!” This is a dilemma for the personality. Isolation and loneliness prevails. One cannot connect with anyone or anything, even those close to us biologically or karmically. Something must be done! So the personality, strong and durable and brave and able to withstand a greater light, calls out for help. And the Soul, awaiting this call for help, gradually begins to awaken and begins to weave itself into the body of the one who cried out for help.

This is a weaving of light and life, of comfort and of healing. And eventually we hear these words (which comfort us). These are the words of the Soul to the personality, “I will build a lighted house within you and therein dwell. I will offer you guidance and direction, I will be your friend and you will prosper. And together we become the nurturers of the “little ones.”

And the Soul, received by the personality, provides the nurturance and nourishment needed. It is after many eons of time that the Gate stands wide open receiving the sons and daughters of men, that later identify as the Sons and Daughters of God. Cancer is the Mother (womb of matter) and is allied with material nature, the mother of all forms on Earth. The opposite Gate is Capricorn, the Gate of Return to the Father’s house. While on Earth, it is

The Light of Cancer that provides the nourishment humanity needs. We in turn provide that nourishment to others – as we assume the mantle of the “Light of the World.”

ARIES: Your focus needs to be on home and family. A new reality must occur there and you are called to bring this about. You must have as tools loving intelligence and intelligent love. You might also take the reins in the kitchen, nurturing others through food. Aries, when cooking, needs everything fast and quick or interest and energy are easily lost. Don’t give up. Make contact with family both near and far away. Build, tend to and fix broken gates and fences. Check tires on the car.

TAURUS: Family memories especially about mother appear and disappear, in dreams and waking consciousness. Perhaps your memory will serve as a way to better appreciate your family history and origins. You may also recognize that although you’re still influenced by childhood patterns, a new sense of identity and self-liberation is also occurring. You may find yourself in a car driving somewhere far away, perhaps seeking a new sustainable way of life. Keep driving. You will find your way to your new paradise.

GEMINI: Are you needing to make financial decisions? Although, you already know what you’ve done in the past, new ideas are coming forth on how to use resources more wisely and for a future goal. An interesting idea is a Visualization Journal. Write down that each day you make one thousand dollars. Each day you must spend half of that. What would you do with that money? While teaching Montessori I taught the children to tithe. There is much suffering in the world of humanity. Are you tithing? Offer 10% of all that you receive to tithing. What we give returns to us ten-fold.

CANCER: Furthering our self-esteem is something we must consider now and then. What would further your self-awareness and self-esteem? Do you need new clothes and shoes? A new style? A new sense of self? Does your home environment need cleaning, clearing, repairing and reorganizing which would help initiate a new phase of life? When our environments are tidy, neat and orderly a fertile field is created where spirit enters matter more easily. During this month this gate opens. Plant flowers. Happy Birthday, too.

LEO: You may enter into a sort of retreat, seeking refuge and solitude. As you recognize and then attempt to forgive estrangements, rifts and separations you slowly realize your need for closer contacts with others. A seed is being planted within concerning the offering of the Art of Goodwill toward others, something that’s in your heart but not always in your actions. Allow yourself a little phase of moodiness and non-discipline. Then be willing to activate Love/Wisdom. Following the obedience of the heart.

VIRGO: Are you busy with thoughts, concepts, designs and ideas impressing your mind with greater and greater possibilities? Remember to balance your mind’s activity with physical activity. After long daily walks, tending to the bird feeders and the gardens, consider a change in appearance – clothes, hair, shoes, style. Don’t forget the apparel no one sees. Find the finest fabric, the well-made, the best and most comfortable. This is the hidden part of your new, well-dressed creative self emerging in the world.

LIBRA: There’s much to do, think, feel, recognize and ponder upon behind the scenes. Each day, in between tasks that you enjoy, accomplish one difficult task. One day at a time. Eventually everything needed will be completed and you will feel pride of accomplishment. Was it a studio that needed to be moved? You’re so busy; travel may be an unavailable luxury. However should you take to the roads, gather information, photograph, write about what you see, experience, discover and the foods you eat. Everyone’s interested.

SCORPIO: Deep within where no one really sees or understands, you have a perennial question. You wonder about philosophical things like where and what your purpose and place are. As you observe others they seem to be aware of something you don’t know. Is there someone in your life who listens without judgment, listens with care? Now is the time to speak with them. It’s a good time to travel and absorb new ideas and cultures. You find answers there in places high, on lonely roads and far away. Struggle ceases for a while.

SAGITTARIUS: Careful with spending money at this time in the following months, as you could assume a debt or overspend very easily. On the other hand you may finally begin to be more practical concerning how to use money and resources. You also realize the need to tithe. When you do so a lifetime after lifetime lesson will have been learned. At first, we simply overdo things. Then we finally learn how to balance and harmonize all that we do and have. You’re in between everything, moving slowly towards harmony. Chimes ring out when you have arrived.

CAPRICORN: Your life’s focus, as you most likely realize, is on friends, intimates, family and those close to you. They care for and influence you and you them. It’s most important now to bring forth a greater sense of gratitude, nurturance, kindness and care. This is a daily practical discipline. You can also ask for these in return, from everyone in your life including children, close family and especially friends. Sometimes others don’t know how to nurture. Well, then, you are to teach them. One more task for the Capricorn initiate.

AQUARIUS: Your life is most likely very unusual with a unique sort of reality and different ways of doing things. You are from the future. You’ve taken the road less traveled, which is courageous to some, but for you it’s your only choice. While freedom is your priority, friendships have significant meaning to your life. You are a friend to everyone. Friends are your resource and when giving to them, everyone thrives. It’s good to realize this. Goodness creates an unusual light that emanates from you. It’s at times quite like a Tesla coil.

PISCES: Ask yourself what plans make the most sense concerning your future care, nurturance and safety. You will experience much change in the coming months. New realities present themselves, along with meeting and interacting with different people in many different places. Simultaneously, you need a daily environment that includes stability, beauty and allows for regeneration. Careful with all interactions and relationships. Learn how to disagree while still maintaining Goodwill. It opens the obedience of the heart. A wise choice.

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