Gemini Light Beams, Rule of Law & the Language of the Heart

<strong><em>Gemini Light Beams, Rule of Law & the Language of the Heart</em></strong>

Esoteric Astrology as news for week May 24 – 30, 2023

Gemini Light Beams, Rule of Law & the Language of the Heart

We are under the light beams of Gemini, now. Gemini, the 3rd sign of the zodiac, is portrayed as twin brothers. At other times as two columns, Boaz and Jachin, of Solomon’s Temple (and Masonry). The pairs symbolize opposites, polarity and dualism, inherent in our world. The two columns (black and white, left and right, moon and Sun) signify earthly knowledge (B) and spiritual knowledge (J), one the personality, the other the Soul. See the High Priestess card in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Gemini, the first air sign of the zodiac, is the “thinker”. It is the thinking principle that lifts humanity up from the animal kingdom. Gemini energies alternate and flow in the air –here and there, up and down, and just about everywhere. The mind of Gemini is like a butterfly in a meadow of flowers, never alighting on one for long.

In Gemini there is mental restlessness and constant change that seems contradictory, which it is. Gemini’s task is to demonstrate this duality in our world so that it is in plain sight. Behind this doublemindedness is a spirit seeking to fuse the many varied ideas into one harmonious whole. The display of dualism is Mercury. The fusion of the opposites is Venus. Gemini can be scatter brained or a genius. Geminis are adaptable and expansive, impressionable and intellectual. They are also childlike, quite charming and brilliant.

We have two festivals this week – Shavuot (Harvest) and Pentecost.

Thursday, May 25 is Shavuot – a Jewish harvest festival. It is also commemorating G‑d giving the Jewish people the Laws for the Aries Age (The Ten Commandments or Torah). On this day each year G‑d “re-gives” the Torah to the world (reminding us of the Rule of Law and that laws govern the working out in harmony of our world). It is also a harvest festival of “first spring fruits.”

Sunday, May 28, is Pentecost, a perfect Gemini festival. Pentecost is the Christian Festival (reflecting the Jewish festival of Shavuot/Harvest Festival). Pentecost is the festival of “Fiery Tongues,” or the descent of the Holy Spirit (Ray 3 of Divine Intelligence) as tongues of fire into the minds of humanity. The story in the bible is that “tongues of fire” appeared above the heads of Christ’s disciples and they began to understand all languages and all peoples, especially the language of the heart.

ARIES: It’s time to step forward and recognize you are a leader, one who innovates and brings the light of knowledge to others. This light is what humanity needs to recognize their true self-identity – as World Servers and Saviors. Whatever your discipline and vocation your words and actions are to be teachings for others. Then you will be seen as a “light bearer”. Before we can have true self-identity, we must have true knowledge. You are the mentor & teacher for this.

TAURUS: You take pride in your possessions, in your ownership of things. What you have is based on your values. But something is shifting now. A new set of values is coming forth. You no longer need to identify with what you own and what you’re worth based on possessions. This identity is the past. Not only must you create a secure and sustainable foundation, built to last, but you must also come into your creativity. Ponder on this. There are many levels of creativity.

GEMINI: You shine when you care for, make contact with and serve others. Your love opens the hearts of everyone, especially hearts that through suffering or sadness, loss or confusion, are closed. Because of this task you require times of rest, reflection and seclusion. Here you gather compassion so you can assist others whenever the need arises. Do not allow yourself to feel lonely. You are not alone. In your “isolated unity” we all stand with you.

CANCER: You have very high hopes, plans, agendas and goals, sometimes, no oftentimes, not expressed. It would be good if you could communicate what is in your heart. Sometimes you have a wide and open tolerance of others. Sometimes you forget. More and more you’re called to have a coherence of heart and mind. This calls for an upliftment from emotional choices to mental knowledge. Your close friendships are most important. Continue to keep them close.

LEO: What goals, successes, accomplishments and recognitions are you seeking? It’s important to realize your aspirations and ambitions because your capacity to lead is actually your purpose and when you know this, your energy is identified and focused. All levels of leadership are important to cultivate and this leads to your creativity and then to your success. Some Leos are shy. Shy ones can still be leaders. Quiet yet powerful ones. It’s about identity and purpose.

VIRGO: When Virgos turn their focus to the world around them, especially to their environments, especially to gardens and the other kingdoms in nature (mineral, plant, animal), they are able to control their restlessness and apply their vast organized and detailed state of knowledge to what is needed. Virgos are quite curious. But there is another call which is to venture out and be adventurous, quite unusual for Virgos. What could the Appalachian Trail and Spain’s Camino de Santiago (Way of St. John) mean for you?

LIBRA: Have you observed that your desires and aspirations have become intense, powerful and concentrated? The usual daily experiences are not enough. You need to go deeper, wider and higher, seeking what lies beneath the surface, and what lies within spiritual realms. Everything unexplored is magical and fascinating for you. Like the Hierarchy (inner world helpers), you must move in two directions – within and without, into deep emotional waters and into heaven itself – creating the Cross of Life. Libra balances all levels. Stay in love.

SCORPIO: For the next month or so create harmony wherever you are and whatever you do. Then take pride in creating that harmony in all interactions and relationships. You will feel the need to be close to loved ones, perhaps one or two in particular. You drop one or more of your veils of protection, knowing you’re safe being vulnerable and begin to say what you truly and deeply want and need. Social skills become easier. Peace results. This is a rare time for you. Observe and cherish it carefully.

SAGITTARIUS: All that you do concerning your work and profession are of course in relation to your sense of identity. Each day it’s most important to feel busy, to have activities planned and to produce work that is your very best. It is also important that you create Right Relations with everyone around you, including the kingdoms. If these are not cultivated each day, you somehow feel less than and it moves to depression. Upon waking each morning plan your day with intention to be a good steward to all you contact. Dedicate yourself to the Will to Love. The results are like magic!

CAPRICORN: You have special and unique qualities combined with a deep level of creativity. You must have time as well as opportunities to express yourself each day. You have a dry sense of humor, a bit ironic, a bit dramatic and a lot of fun. Eventually those who need to, notice you and this leads to new ventures and adventures. Knowing this calms your sense of restlessness. Children are most important for your creativity to emerge. Write the daily stories of your life down for future family generations.

AQUARIUS: You are private and protective about your home, family and personal life. You seek to find your way each day into a deeper sense of security and a foundation from which you can work. You seek to integrate all endeavors in your life under one roof. This is most practical and allows for greater flexibility. You seek emotional attachments so that your heart is not so lonely. Find a home first. Fill it with all that you love. Plant a garden, even a small one. Friends come by. They love you.

PISCES: You take walks each day because you need a change of scenery. You need life in all its forms, but especially people to talk and share with. You need new friendships and new conversations. You adapt well, but only to a point. You are a teacher and need to teach. You are curious about others, asking lots of questions. Many don’t understand you. You never use power-over with others. Only power-with. Sometimes you’re sad. You need music all the time. And beauty.

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