Mercury Retrograde – a magical time!

<em><strong>Mercury Retrograde – a magical time!</strong></em>

Mercury begins its second retrograde of the year sometime after midnight and before dawn, Friday, April 21. Mercury retrogrades in Taurus till May 14, moving back from 15 degrees to 6 degrees Taurus. As with all retrogrades, we begin to focus our thoughts and behaviors and ways of seeing the world with the “re” words – redo, review, re-visit, re-frame, re-think, re-examine, re-evaluate. Which we do with all ideas, thoughts, plans, studies and agendas created since Mercury’s last retro (January). We look back, assess, re-assess and refine, while also resting and recuperating from a mind exhausted with too many facts.

Let’s review what is best not to do during retrogrades. We don’t create new plans or projects, negotiate or make final decisions, purchase important items (cars, homes, appliances, gifts, etc.). Contracts aren’t signed, agreements aren’t made, money isn’t borrowed or loaned and we don’t expect clear communication or many aware drivers. We know everything’s overlooked, messages aren’t received, details are neglected, keys are misplaced, information’s off-center, minds constantly change, thoughts turn inward, and questions aren’t answered. In other words, possible havoc everywhere and with everyone.

During Mercury retro, we display Virgo tendencies, becoming internally analytical, mentally organized, discriminating, discerning, detailed and practical. However, none of this externalizes because it’s only our minds (Mercury) that are inwardly reorganizing, evaluating and reflecting.

So now let’s go beyond the usual interpretation of Mercury retrograde – a phase of inconveniences, bad drivers, forgotten keys, and generally a bad time had by all (except natal Mercury retrograders). Mercury retrograde has function and purpose. The “inconveniences” are messages to do something different than “business as usual.”

During Mercury retrograde new information can be gathered from the deepest reaches – information not only hidden during Mercury direct times, but information revelatory and unique. Mercury is the planet of Mind, messenger of the Gods, the way through which we can access our brilliance, often hidden by day to day realities. It is as if the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things suddenly appears.

How do we respond? We consider Mercury retrograde a time of inner perception and observation – actually an experiment everyone participates in. It’s a magical time, a magical mystery three-week tour, a time to observe inner and outer realities with intelligence, knowledge, and, above all, humor.

ARIES: As Mercury retrogrades the next three weeks and while in its retrograde shadow (‘til mid-June), the focus will be on values (what is of value to you, what are your values, are you of value and how do you live your values?). There will also be a focus on resources – past, present and future – their usefulness and how to maintain finances for all that is needed. The eclipse will shake things up in terms of self-identity, will and purpose. All good things. One more item – investigate buying silver and gold.

TAURUS: This retrograde belongs to both you and your shadow-friend, Scorpio. Later in the year Jupiter also retrogrades in Taurus. This is your year of change. You must be feeling this already – a reassessment of everything about the self as well as the past. Uranus has been playing with your feelings creating disruptions in daily life while also refining your emotions, preparing you for more changes to come. Maintain as much stability as possible. Remain focused in the heart. Know you are immortal. Venus is watching over you. Gaze at tarot cards.

GEMINI: You will find yourself in the depths and experiences that Pisces lives with – on a boat, drifting through Neptune, no steering, no directions, only able to follow the stars at night, especially the North Star. You will be in deep psychological waters and many emotions will be present, which can be difficult for the ever-thinking mental mercurial Gemini. You may retreat for a while, finding your own way through multiple dream worlds. Know that love underlies all happenings, whether inner or outer events.

CANCER: This will be a good time to reconnect with those from the past. Perhaps friends, family or a group you were part of, the latter thinking you outgrew them. Maybe not. The retrograde will uncover old wishes, new hopes wishes and dreams. Some you’ve forgotten, some you’ve held in your heart a long time and some are new. These all point out thoughts, visions and possibilities about your future. What would you want it to be?

LEO: Professional plans shake and jostle about both in your mind and in real life. There may be challenges, dilemmas, and new experiences to be thought through concerning your daily life’s work. You will wonder should you stay or should you go? You will consider the value of your work and its usefulness to the world. Humility is your keyword. A true leader knows the value of co-workers around them, always offering openings for their talents to come forth. Then your gifts shine more brightly.

VIRGO: It’s good to ponder for the next many weeks on travel, journeys, pilgrimages, culture and countries far away. Embrace anything that takes you on detours which may lead to the real road (“road less traveled”). Mercury retro times are actually exciting times for Virgos. Your mind works overtime integrating multiple impressions from the Mind of God. The result is your sense of faith deepens and joy permanently establishes itself in your heart. Like a miracle!

LIBRA: Have you invested in gold and silver yet? If not, it’s best to do so immediately. Investments and resources should be assessed, making any changes necessary after the retrograde. Account for your money, what comes in, where it goes, how money is spent. Be sure to maintain a healthy savings. The economic picture in our country is fast changing. Keep up. It’s important to have Goodwill with everyone in your life. This brings you to a state of comfort, ease and above all peace. Just do it.

SCORPIO: You will sense you’re at the edge or end of something. This clears the path for a new creation, a new endeavor. So much is changing in your life. If we were looking at a tarot deck, we would see elephants in a desert, walking and linked together. Elephants are Ganesh the spiritual mother nurturing you through this change. Everything is completing itself so you can take a step into the new reality. Chains from the past are breaking allowing you a sense of liberation and freedom. The wait now is simply an interlude. Patience.

SAGITTARIUS: Flexibility and fluidity are needed during this retrograde. Allow yourself to feel completely what is occurring which is change, change and more change. It will affect your daily life. You can work with the changes by tending carefully to health and well-being. During the retrograde rethink how you want your future day-to-day to play out. Rethink each moment from morning till night time. Make all tasks sacred and holy. Exercise more, rest more, eat better. Think of yourself as a permanent fixture at Cafe Gratitude.

CAPRICORN: You are the responsible one of the zodiac, making plans and following through no matter what occurs. However, Mercury retrograde never gets that message. So what may occur in the next three or more weeks? Plans may be upended, you may have no time for pleasure or entertainment, children or young ones may need you more and any thoughts of creativity fly out the door. Maybe. Notice any analytical thoughts that help in challenging situations. Take time to rest. Know that all that you give is returned to you ten-fold.

AQUARIUS: There is a focus on home, family, land, property and things that nurture and nourish. You may want to clean and reorganize the home. Careful with communication with family members. There may be misunderstandings. Some Aquarians may journey to previous homes or visit family. It’s possible an opportunity or desire arises to move. It’s important to eat the right foods for your blood type to help with digestion. You are creating, with friends, the family that is just right for you. Your presence opens their hearts.

PISCES: It’s a good idea to be out and about in the neighborhood, get to know the neighbors, observe gardens, yards, fences and gates. Take short field trips with friends. Reuniting with siblings, relatives and friends could provide fun and laughter and relaxation. Always be kinder than is needed when communicating. This Mercury retrograde affects all interactions. You will want to speak with conscious Goodwill in all encounters. Let Goodwill and Right Relations be your personal Mercury retrograde endeavor.

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