A Sign Change, a New Moon, an Eclipse, a Retrograde & a Festival

<em><strong>A Sign Change, a New Moon, an Eclipse, a Retrograde & a Festival</strong></em>

Passover ends this Thursday at the fourth quarter moon of Aquarius. We are in our last week of Aries, the Light of Life itself, seeking those who can be used for Divine Expression. Aries initiates all things new (new ideas from the Mind of God). But Aries needs Taurus to stabilize those “new ideas” and anchor them into the world. Taurus Sun begins next Thursday, April 20. On Wednesday around midnight, we have a new moon solar eclipse.

The new moon is in the very last degrees & moments of Aries (29.50 degrees/minutes). Seventeen minutes after the Aries new moon, the Sun enters Taurus. Everything is fast in this new Age of Aquarius. Solar Eclipses tell us something essential in our lives has come to an end, its usefulness complete. We ponder upon what that would be for each of us.

We begin a second Mercury retrograde of the year Friday, April 21. Mercury retrogrades at 15 degrees Taurus back to 6 degrees Taurus on May 14, Mother’s Day. We will need to summon extra care when preparing for Mother’s Day. In retrogrades we find ourselves more inward than outward.

The New Group of World Servers is preparing for the next full moon festival, the Taurus Wesak Buddha Full moon, Friday, May 5. It’s also a lunar eclipse. During the Wesak festival, the Buddha brings a blessing to humanity from the Lord of the World. Many disciples will be traveling to the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas to participate in this festival.

This Sunday, April 16, is Divine Mercy and Forgiveness Sunday. The hour each day for forgiveness and forgetting is 3:00 pm. The World Teacher tells us He has forgiven everyone their transgressions. This we too must do for peace in our world. Let us offer mercy and forgiveness to the world. Forgiveness is under the Law of Love and is related to the Will to Good.

Sunday, May 28 is Pentecost, fifty days after Easter. At this time the Spirit of Truth descends upon humanity. Pentecost is when the Spirit of Truth shines out over all of humanity. So humanity can begin to understand and to love one another. These are esoteric teachings.

ARIES: Be careful that you don’t become exhausted with ceaseless work. It’s best if you have your own schedule, your own business, can be independent, working at your own pace and not be frustrated or upset by those who work in a much different rhythm than you. You must remember everyone is not an Aries Sun. There are eleven other signs and rhythms. Everything you do has your own signature and enthusiasm. Gain the respect of others working with you by being generous, kind and compassionate. Soul virtues.

TAURUS: Usually you’re placid and quiet, love good food and seek comfort, ease and pleasure in all that you do. However you also can participate in risk-taking and speculation, which seems like play to others but, to you, is very serious. Often (silently) you’re competitive and you respect those who are independent, sports enthusiasts and good talkers. Somehow you always get what you want and everyone admires you. People wonder often about you. You never tell (your opposite sign being Scorpio!).

GEMINI: Sometimes you feel a sense of upsetness with family and your early years. Sometimes you’re protective of them. Sometimes you sense childhood realities you can’t quite remember. You know present behaviors you don’t understand have roots in childhood. Your instincts tell you something must be done to have a new balance. Yes, it must, but how? First all of your life experiences must be embraced and accepted. Wounds heal when we have compassion for ourselves. We must realize we made family choices before we were born.

CANCER: You’re learning how to speak carefully yet truthfully. Sometimes unknowingly what we say hurts others. You’re also learning discrimination and how to communicate with both understanding and kindness. This takes many lives for everyone. You want to be direct and clear. But sometimes your communication is tinged with judgment and/or provocation. You can be informative and you can be disruptive. Again, understanding is needed. We are all learning these virtues together.

LEO: Always you ask questions – what is useful, how is something made, what are the steps and methods of creating things yourself? You love things to be practical. But they must also be beautiful, have value, make money, be challenging and allow you to remain independent. This sounds like the types of relationships you seek. This year you’ve been slow and steady in all endeavors. Soon the pace will pick up. Careful to spend money only on things of value. Something essential falls away. What is it?

VIRGO: You can at times react immediately and with force to new situations and events, like a firecracker sizzling and ready to explode. It’s good to take Aconite (homeopath) if your nerves seem stressed, anxious and uncontrollable. This is the activity of Mars, a fiery force like lightning. This can occur with others, with groups and even friends. You may begin things and then be unable to complete them. This will pass soon. You also may feel a bit of discontent. This too will pass. Then you will shift into a sense of comfort and ease.

LIBRA: Often since January, you have felt stifled, a bit defeated, convinced that efforts won’t be seen, heard or understood. You may have fallen ill. Perhaps you wanted to cease certain ways of living, acting or being knowing this would take time. You have not felt your usual sense of self-confidence. Often these days you’re overtired. You work well on your own. Your values and principles are strong, yet one aspect of your life feels incomplete, not quite right. What is it? You need more rest, too.

SCORPIO: Certain people in your life actually assist you in achieving your many hopes, wishes and dreams. Most of these people are acquaintances, few are close friends. This is how you like it. You choose only a few trustworthy people to be friends and to support your ambitions and aims in life. You have a warrior sensibility. Whatever your goals, you achieve them. Often undercover and in the dark of the night…for protection. We can learn the art of strategy and war from you.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re one of the signs that seeks freedom above all. This allows you to do independent, original work. You have been given courage from the stars in order to pursue your own choices and decisions that lead to that independence. Your ambition carries you to the heights and to the depths and sometimes to the “razor’s edge.” When you add charm, care of others, a bit of music and good food to the mix, you are without limit. You become a magician.

CAPRICORN: You love different ideas, a bit of debate, constant learning and a challenge. You don’t like self-righteousness in others, especially about you because you know they don’t understand your character. You’re playful yet serious, energetic within limits. You like to laugh, have a quirky sense of humor, you like your partner (for life) and are seeking new endeavors and a new path in life. It’s on a hill, in a garden with mulberry trees. Chickens underneath. Remember your greenhouse.

AQUARIUS: When you know what you want and need, you pursue them with steadfast focus and over time, everything finally appears (suddenly and unexpectedly). Sometimes you feel no one loves you, or there’s no relationship ahead. You are uncomfortable with anything or anyone that projects glamors or illusion. You uncover things untrue and unkind. You find things. You live in the future, in a place not yet realized by most of humanity. You can be lonely. There are others, magical, like you. Call to them.

PISCES: Cooperation, kindness and forethought are the qualities needed by you in relating to those close to you. Often, it’s best to work one-on-one. Compromise isn’t easy unless you’re studying with and respect one another. You are learning always how to lead and be a leader. A fine and difficult task. Let others feel they are your heroes and heroines. This is the way diplomats work at their best. Diplomacy, compromise, negotiations are art forms. You are an artist cultivating these skills.

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