Palm Sunday, Out of the Desert & into the City of Peace

<em><strong>Palm Sunday, Out of the Desert & into the City of Peace</strong></em>

Sunday is Palm Sunday, the start of Passion Week. Palm Sunday biblically marks the triumphal entry of Jesus of Nazareth, coming out of the desert (time of preparation for Springtime) and entering into the city of Jerusalem (city of Peace). Palms (symbolizing peace, victory and respect) waved and placed on the ground for the young colt carrying the Christ (Pisces World Teacher) to walk upon. It was a procession, heralding the Christ as Messiah, the prophesied Promised One.

Palm Sunday tells us Lent (preparation) ends and the sacred days of Holy Week begin – unfolding a drama of cosmic proportions played out for humanity. The Christ enacts major Initiations (transformations and stages of development we all experience) for humanity. Holy Week begins with a majestic procession and ends with a trial, Crucifixion, death, a tomb and finally Resurrection. The story is a deep psychological theme of redemption and hope offered to humanity, living as we are on Earth, one of the three planets of suffering.

A new world order (esoteric words) appeared when Christ (Pisces World Teacher from the star Sirius), visited Earth. And when he died and was resurrected. He proved to humanity there is no death. Since that time, humanity has been moving steadily out of the death throes into the new era of Aquarius (new livingness for humanity). The signs are everywhere. The story of Holy Week is written in the heavens, on the Fixed Cross of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.

During this week we are preparing for the first full moon of Spring, called the Aries Festival (next Wednesday, April 5). The Aries solar festival (at the time of the full moon) brings to the world a new “livingness, a new light, new hope and vision via the Forces of Restoration and a Great Being called the “Spirit of Resurrection” (representing the risen Christ, the world teacher for all of humanity). Our focus, goal and stance this week in preparation for Easter and the Aries festival – “….we collect ourselves, scattering not our force, but, in actions, prayers, intentions and meditation deep, communicate with humanity and Earth’s kingdoms through acts of Goodwill, Right Relations, Harmony, Intelligence, Love and Peace”. And thus we prepare with one heart together.

ARIES: Your true calling comes forth in these new era times. No longer just a burning ground of aspiration, as the world begins to reorient everywhere, your initiating abilities clearly emerge. As you organize your goals and philosophical beliefs, you begin to climb to the highest level anyone can be in terms of world work. You begin to see your career in terms of how to help humanity create the new culture and civilization. You ponder on how humanity’s gifts too can come forth. You’re at the doorstep of this new evolving reality.

TAURUS: Taurus is the opposite of Scorpio, and often can take on Scorpio’s hidden depths. So often you stepped into the shadows, didn’t want to speak up and out, thought others would do a better job. This gave you time to develop strength and stamina, abilities and clear awareness. Now staying behind the scenes is no longer appropriate. You are to step into the limelight, begin to communicate, teach, lead, facilitate, make the transition from dark room to lighted world. You give hope to humanity. Your gifts are the “waters of life” to them.

GEMINI: So much of your life has been about observing the needs of others, stepping into the world field of service. This has been good. However, there comes a time when your focus must shift from others to self. That time is now. And this requires the development of new tools. For further progress, you need new studies, new people, new information. You’re ready to answer a call from the Soul. This is a transition time for you. Offer yourself to your Soul’s call and stand in its Light. The Soul offers direction.

CANCER: Who you’ve been will no longer be who you are. What you’ve been asked to be is no longer who you can be. All the responsibility you’ve assumed for so long will begin to vex, chafe, annoy and irritate you. You will want to be someone new. You will gradually want to be different in the world, have less of a sense of duty, so your gifts and talents can come forth. You realize the larger world, beyond family, needs you, too. What talents will you now cultivate? What garden will you grow this spring?

LEO: Over and over you will review plans, agendas, regimes and rituals in your daily life ‘til there is clarity. And over and over these will change in terms of work, health, people and all environments you interact within. Old concepts shift to new concepts, discoveries break the mold of how you think and work and have your being. Your ideas, plants and thoughts also shift in terms of health, hope and healing. You’ll seek new environments that fulfill your heart’s desires. What are those heart’s desires these days?

VIRGO: Creativity, create self-identity, opportunity, options. What do these mean to you and in what areas of life are they meaningful? Gates, previously closed, open for you. It will be as if the Sun shines brighter in your garden, and a new creative impulse soothes any sense of isolation. So often, you’ve had to make adjustments while living on hope. New realities dawn, a new sense of self-expression too. And a new philosophy takes you on a new journey. Be sure to have sturdy shoes.

LIBRA: All that’s important to you, all that formed your foundational set of beliefs, will be revised and reoriented. This is a part of growing up. You took a certain path into the new world long ago. You learned new things, entered into understandings, eliminated restrictions. Now you revise your values, assume a greater sense of self-assurance, learn forgiveness, the give and take of relationships. Through a possible crisis, your whole world shifts. Know every level of life and every person has its own truth. In knowing this, you begin to love more.

SCORPIO: You will find the need to speak the Truth in many situations. Usually you stand aside, allowing others to be the voice of society. However, this is changing. You become the voice of reason, permitting no false information to pass you by. You’re very aware of the impact of untruthfulness. You practice “ahimsa” (doing no harm). Your words and work become a response to world events. Destiny has arrived. It’s within your heart, written in the stars. You are the Truth and it sets you free.

SAGITTARIUS: Sag is always philosophically minded. Recently you’ve become security minded, wondering, as you age, how to prepare and build a strong system of resources for later times. It feels like providence has arrived. You sense this. It brings forth purpose, energy and passion to whatever you believe in. And so, the question is what do you believe in? What is most important to you now? The answers when contemplated are surprising and revelatory!

CAPRICORN: You have stepped into a state of recognition, responsibility and power, a most interesting situation. Some, not understanding the energy of relationship in astrology, may feel you’re challenging them, which you are not. However, your very presence challenges previous beliefs in others. You bring revolutionary change wherever you are. You are now required to display your ability to lead with both willingness and love, while poised within the center of power. You will learn more of this over time.

AQUARIUS: As personal and outer world events around you continue to change, you learn to move easily within those changes. This helps you understand the requirements of the new era coming forth. Only your inner Aquarian self can understand the truth of what now matters, understand Right Direction and Right Attitude and how to shine a bright new light of hope for others to see. Your life situation calls forth love and humanitarian efforts from others. You will understand more of this later.

PISCES: Jupiter is in Aries. This means it’s a time for all things new to appear. It is a time of healing for all of humanity, but especially for Pisces. The opposite sign of Pisces is Virgo, the sign of healing. Tend to all health matters in all parts of the body. Follow alternative methods of testing and healing. After tending to your health new opportunities will present themselves. New decisions will be made. A new change of focus will appear with new endeavors. Much of this year is a time of healing and preparing for your new work to appear. It’s international.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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