Never Again, Completely and Forever More

<em><strong>Never Again, Completely and Forever More</strong></em>

On Thursday this week, March 23, 2023 (3/23/23), after 14 years in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), Pluto, the planet of transformation – (almost) completely and forever more – leaves the 10th sign of the zodiac (except for a short retrograde back into Capricorn in June) and enters the 11th, that of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). Never again in this lifetime will we as the present humanity experience so many years of Pluto in Capricorn. Why? Because it takes Pluto 14 – 19 years to move through a sign (constellation). It takes 248 Earth years for Pluto to complete one orbit around the Sun.

For the past 14 years, since Jan. 27, 2008 (worst U.S. financial crisis, as we see now 14 years later, another one once again looms ahead), Pluto and Saturn (fiscal, material transformations, corruption & misuse of power) have ruled the world. It has been a heavy burden for humanity – like Sisyphus, pushing a boulder up the mountain which, at the top falls back down and rolls over him. As Pluto leaves Capricorn for Aquarius, we move from the element earth, to the element of air – a much lighter reality!

Pluto is the tiniest and farthest away planet from Earth. However, the potency of this most mysterious (it rules Scorpio) celestial body is of seismic power. Pluto entering Aquarius (and Uranus), will bring humanity sudden deep truths and massive shifts in our reality shaping things anew over a long period of time. Pluto is the alchemist of change. It’s Pluto that changes the caterpillar to a butterfly. Society shifts everywhere.

Forward thinking in revolutionary Aquarius, Pluto will alter the landscape of our thoughts, technologies, and how we create our future. Aquarius is about humanity working in group cooperation, forming communities, adapting to a new self-identity – that of the World Server. This occurs over the next two decades or for the next 19 ½ years (till March 9, 2043).

As Pluto enters Aquarius (sign of the water bearer, the “waters of life for thirsty humanity”), the celestial energies shift from Pluto/Saturn (materiality) to Pluto/Uranus (all things revelatory, unexpected, surprising and new). Relieved of our heavy burden (Capricorn) we sense the promise of freedom (Aquarius) in the air. It is a freedom which we must now fight for and thus illustrate that we are worthy of that freedom. It’s a whole new world now.

ARIES: You will begin collaborations with others. Your identity as alone and self-absorbed shifts as you realize the new era is about group work. So you gather all your gifts and talents and boldly begin to work with others to create communities that meet the needs of the new humanity. You find those with shared hopes, wishes and dreams. Together you and others will build a world no one thought possible. You are the initiator. It’s your time now to lead. Be kind with everything and everyone….always.

TAURUS: Over time, new level of responsibility and tasks in the world will appear. You have been preparing for this in the last many years. Your work in the world, your purpose along with a great Initiation becomes clear and apparent. You will climb the ladder (Jacob’s ladder) with the angels in order to prepare humanity for what’s to come. Buy good hiking shoes, make friends with goats and unicorns and summon the devas to help you. Your focus will be unshakable. Many will learn and follow and cooperate with you.

GEMINI: Long-held beliefs you felt were protective will fall away. A whole new world of information will appear with an invitation for exploration. Travels close by and far away, higher education and new teachings will appear on your horizon. Your mind will be filled with sudden and unexpected revelations of truth. Heed them, They will be challenging, calling you to a new state of virtues and ethics. If a crisis of faith appears, call upon Mercury and Venus to be your guides.

CANCER: You are a water sign, along with Pisces and Scorpio. In the years ahead you will dive deep into Scorpio waters. These are the waters Pluto rules. You will feel like Persephone, captured by Pluto. You will become the two fishes, displaying duality. You will be swept into oceans of feelings, and into shadows not of your making. You will be fearless. Instead you will learn from these symbolic journey’s inward. And be inspired. You become the phoenix, then the eagle flying in the wind.

LEO: Relationships become profound places of experience and experimentation. Everyone becomes a mirror, a reflection of the many parts of yourself. Some parts/reflections will be new to you, some old, some you will be familiar with. You become more and more authentic in interactions, relationships and intimacy. You learn how to value each day, each person and act with Goodwill towards all of life. The laws and principles of the new era (Aquarius) will be studied. Your heart understands that love underlies everything in (y)our world.

VIRGO: Pluto will add to, subtract, shift, make ready, transform everything in your daily life. Your health and wellness will be a focus. Day to day habits become rituals of self-transformation. You will shake loose of any criticisms or judgments of self and others, leading to a state of purity quite like Mary, the Madonna, the Mother of the World. You become Ceres, too, harvesting summer fruits. You thus nurture and sustain all of life, becoming a limitless spiritual resource for others. You have waited for this time.

LIBRA: Venus ruled, you are already an artist, in how you see the world, in how you create beauty in all environments. In the years to come you will be inspired with new creative ideas, and you will take this creativity and your artistic visions seriously enough that you take on new projects, perhaps new work. You will bring a mysterious magic to all projects and no one will understand why. But you will know – it’s Pluto as the Will to Create beauty. You will “lift the kingdoms to the Kings of beauty.” You will forgive, too, and love more and more.

SCORPIO: The most intense shifts of your life will be occurring in the coming years. You will emerge from living underground and be lifted up up into the air. Your home will be transformed into something unexpected and unplanned. It will be a surprise. You will assume a new role in the family. Perhaps you were unseen up ‘til now. You will heal childhood wounds through forgiveness. A new foundation is formed, a new solid grounding. You shed your sunglasses and see the golden rays of the sun for the first time. You recite the Gayatri daily and on your knees.

SAGITTARIUS: The way you think, talk and write – all forms of interaction and communication will change and deepen. At times you will feel like an arcane temple of secrets. You will become an almost Scorpio, mysterious, inscrutable, secret, profound and unfathomable. You will be like a Wisdom Temple, with secrets coming to the foreground of your thinking. Nothing superficial will be allowed. People will think you have become grave, immersed in enigmatic shadows, cryptic and covert. But it’s just Pluto taking you on a journey into the underworld which becomes your overworld. Everything you thought you were is dismantled.

CAPRICORN: Well, that was a very powerful, potent, formidable, intense, compelling and deep last two decades just experienced where all Caps felt extreme pressure. What/who you are now has been in the making for the past 14 years…transformed by Pluto, reshaped actually. Now you will experience new personal values, defining your self-worth – realizing you are both resourceful and worthy. Day by day you become more responsible, stepping into leadership. You become confident in your identity. You reach the top of the ladder where the clouds are. You enter the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things. You break free of all limitations.

AQUARIUS: Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time in your lifetime. The next 14 years is about all pioneers of the future creating the new era. You’ve had visions of this for a long time. Our Earth has entered the realm of Aquarius and you are finally home again. Your identity comes into focus. You realize you are the new era and the future itself. There will be a tremendous focus on developing your Will – the Will to Good and the Will to Love. The power of healing is in your hands (and mind) now. And in your ability to imagine. You are to be the “waters of life” for everyone who is thirsty around you.

PISCES: The days, weeks, months, years ahead will be a time of retreat, introspection, quiet and withdrawal, like a sanctuary, a shelter and refuge. There will be contemplation, brooding over ideas, self-analysis and soul searching. You may have the opportunity to establish a refuge and sanctuary, a school, college and temple of learning. Your dreams and intuition will move into places of mysticism, then into the occult (things hidden appear). You become a pioneer for the new era in your ark of the covenant, bringing all that is good in Pisces to the new era of Aquarius. Your arc is named the Will to Love. You are the dreamer and the dream.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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