Spring Equinox, New Moon & International Astrology Day

<em><strong>Spring Equinox, New Moon & International Astrology Day</strong></em>

We are in our last week of Pisces. The two fishes of Pisces, carrying the seeds of all twelve signs, offer them to Aries who will create with them all things new. Spring begins Monday, March 20, when the Sun enters Aries.

Aries is the sign that begins the tropical zodiac. Thus, the first day of Aries is also considered International Astrology Day. The Pisces waters & the fires of Aries create a new season and new seeds of thought. With Jupiter in Aries new humanity has a new endeavor as new thoughts and ideas, the new Laws and Principles of the new age appear to build the new culture and civilization. Uranus in Taurus will sustain and protect those seeds, offering them to Vulcan who shapes them into chalices of gold. And Mars in Gemini, clothing the seeds in love, will disperse those seeds into the hearts and minds of humanity.

Aries is the initiator, the forerunner, electric fire. It creates the heat seeds need to sprout, grow and bloom. Aries fire is the fire in Spring’s lightning storms. Aries fire must step itself down before reaching Earth lest the Earth and her kingdoms actually catch on fire. Aries steps itself down through Mars, creating the Martian personality, fiery challenges, war, strive and conflict. Mars is desire and later aspiration. We are often “washed in the fires of desire” during Spring.

As the creative fiery Gates of Aries swing open, Archangel Raphael (also known as Mercury or Hermes), the Angel of Healing, guards and guides the Earth ‘til summer solstice. At spring equinox we experience a spiritual force and all of nature, all of Earth’s kingdoms are under the spell of the mystic blending of the Water (Pisces) and Fire (Aries) principles. This blending manifests as Beauty, the most hidden pathway to God. Spring is both a Sacred Right and a Great Work unfolding in plain sight. The earth is being replenished and all life’s rhythms are accelerated. We feel this in our hearts.

Tuesday is the first new moon of the spring season (1-degree Aries). At new moon times we support, uphold and strengthen the arms, hands and endeavors of the New Group of World Servers and women and men of Goodwill everywhere. Next week, Pluto leaves Capricorn (after 15 years) and enters Aquarius soon. A monumental change begins!

ARIES: As the Sun soon leaves Pisces, beginning a new year, it is a very potent and contemplative time for Aries, a time to ponder upon re-invention, new ways of expression and how to present yourself to the world. You will be busy, full of life and enthusiasm (filled with God), confident of your success. You will strive to reveal your authentic self, knowing impulsive actions lead sometimes to disaster yet you will forge ahead anyway. It’s a brave new world out there, Aries. You are at the forefront. Take care now.

TAURUS: It’s important you become aware of others’ needs, important to listen to their communication, seeking in their words the feelings being expressed. We are to ask always “What is their need?” Not until we feel deeply listened to, can we then have understanding of others and within ourselves. Within you there’s a Soul seeking rest, inner comfort and peace. When we deeply hear others, that inner peace extends to ourselves, as well.

GEMINI: It’s a time to make contact (you remember it releases Love, Gemini’s Soul purpose), enter, create or extend yourself into a group, Reaching out to others. Only within the group will you feel the love you seek. Only within a group will your awareness be heightened, goals revealed, and strengths be nurtured. An esoteric group becomes our new family which nurtures, shields and protects. You then do the same for others in the group.

CANCER: It’s always good to review and ask ourselves what elements of our personality we project out into the world. Let’s consider if we act with poise in all areas of life and if we’re mastering any particular task or discipline at this time. Responsibilities in and for the world may be summoning you. Hopefully you’re working in a group and can share the tasks together. If not gather a group and offer your innate leadership knowledge and direction.

LEO: You want to grow and expand beyond lfe’s everyday experiences. You want to explore, wander, journey toward new projects and activities. You want your spirit to feel the freedom of adventure, your imagination to be free and unobstructed. You are renewed philosophically by the hope all of these hopes, wishes and dreams may incur. You remove the blindfolds from your eyes and see reality as it presents itself. Both dark and light. You choose a path forward.

VIRGO: Perhaps you’re observing those around you more keenly, seeking to know how others make decisions, live their lives, what priorities they choose. This observation is important. It’s the first step to understanding another’s emotional and psychological make-up, wants and desires. Observing in this way creates an intimacy that allows you to see with accuracy and later compassion what others need. You are also cultivating forgiveness and ahimsa (harmlessness).

LIBRA: Each month at the new moon it’s good for all relationships to re-define their reasons for interacting, their purpose along with any issues around partnership and sharing rules. Among intimates there’s a need for extra care. Meeting this need creates a feeling of support and what is to be nurtured is strengthened. It’s good for all Librans to ask themselves these questions. “Am I graceful, gracious, loving and supportive in relationships?” “If so, how?” “If not, why?” Then we create the new and whatever is the need.

SCORPIO: It is time in your daily life to consider what would “all things news” be for you? What would that entail, where and how? This question focuses on daily life and health – foods, diet, exercise, schedules, times of rest and tending to everyday matters in new and unusual ways. It’s time for efficiency, organization, detailed order, analysis and critical thinking. All these point out your desire, aspiration and need for clarity of action and purpose. Steps toward triumphant mastery.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re either calm, cool and collected, romantically inclined or ardently and keenly creative or perhaps all three. What you need is nothing serious. Just fun-filled endeavors, playful encounters and a bit of celebration that mirrors pleasure and other people’s approval of all that you do, are, and will be. You need a bit of applause, a bit more recognition. Know that you impact the world. A sort of starry light surrounds you. Radiate it outward.

CAPRICORN: Tend to all hopes, wishes, dreams and feelings. Write about them in order to better understand them. There’s a need for safety and security. Either for yourself or another in your care. In what ways would you or the other feel safe and secure? When you explore the answer more information about yourself emerges. Like what supports you, whom do you support and what are your heart’s needs? This is deep journal work. Uncovering work. Love work.

AQUARIUS: Observe your day-to-day experiences. There’s something original to learn, innovative people to meet and interact with. Tend to home tasks early each day. This allows for creative freedom the rest of the day. Many new tasks will be presented to you. Perhaps it’s time to look for a new home, complete forms, begin a new course of study, clean the house and garden. And plant tomatoes and peas for summer salads.

PISCES: Wherever you feel security and safety, appreciation and attunement, order and organization, value and worthiness is where you should direct your life energies. Perhaps you will undertake a new journey with new people in new lands. It could be a circuitous journey before you’re able to understand its purpose. Choose good shoes, only what is most comfortable, what will not betray, what offers you the most opened door. It’s a golden door to a Golden Temple.

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