Saturn Enters Pisces – Ethics & Accountability, Order to Disorder

<strong><em>Saturn Enters Pisces – Ethics & Accountability, Order to Disorder</em></strong>

Saturn is the cosmic timekeeper, the teacher of discipline, restraint, regulation, accountability and the Law. It is a most stoic and distant planet as well as the most grounded. Saturn, of leaden color, surrounded by rings of ice particles called ‘moonlets’, displaying many of similarities to Jupiter, called the great equalizer as well as the Dweller on the Threshold, entered the sign of Pisces for a 2 ½ year sojourn, on March 7th around the time of the full moon. Saturn circles the entire zodiac in 30 years. The last time Saturn was in Pisces was in 1993 – 1996. What occurred during that time? Each of us can do our own research.

Saturn as the Teacher of the zodiac tells us that to live successfully as both spiritual and social beings we must abide by laws, both cosmic and terrestrial and these are to govern our behavior. Entering Pisces, the restrictions and structures of Saturn may at first interrupt the dreamy fish. Pisces can sense an authority has entered its Neptunian waters, imposing rules and regulations.

We may think the spiritually imaginative sign of Pisces would struggle, but actually this is an excellent transit for all of humanity. Saturn can help anchor, manifest and bring Pisces dreams into form and matter.

Saturn is the Lawgiver. Thus it will bring forth ethics and accountability to all that is out of control and lacking the principles of decency, honesty, honor, morality and integrity. The crisis and scourge wrought by greed (in corporations, government, big pharma, big tech, etc.) will be reckoned with. Political mistruths will unravel. Distractions will ease. Entrainment of the masses will be understood and dismantled. Saturn will bring a new structure, serious attitudes and boundaries to the ocean of Pisces.

It is most interesting, in the wisdom teachings, the Reappearance of the Christ (Maitreya, the World Teacher, the Piscean Teacher who is also the Aquarius World Teacher, the Savior) is said to begin precipitation in 2025. Saturn is Teacher. Pisces is the World Savior. Astrology is and explains the theory, art, reality, and timing of everything. It’s structure the new mind in Aquarius.

ARIES: Notice your many and varied goals this year, climbing the ladder to reach those goals. Notice also that a new authority, one finer tuned, responsible, and aware of the importance to serve others, has appeared within your life. These are great accomplishments, founded on great challenges. They are the qualities of the Soul. You have done well. Keep climbing. Be sure to have sturdy shoes.

TAURUS: Your true self is a leader and teacher that everyone seeks in these times of the Kali Yuga and the changing of the ages is occurring. Humanity needing help with unpredictable changes and relationship instabilities. Turning to you, is a health crisis limiting daily work? Do you feel you barely have time for other pursuits? Slow down, rest more. Your health contributes to the health and well-being of many. Plan a small garden this year. Ask others set up the green house? Plant medicinals, flowers, pumpkins and watermelons.

GEMINI: Offer praise and recognition to everyone in your life and do this unceasingly. The good you say of others is returned tenfold. You are blessed with creative gifts and a silver tongue. A new identity is taking shape these days – a deeper Soul identity. One gift of the Soul is recognizing the spiritual purpose behind all relationships. Can you see these? Or are you caught in a difficult duality of purpose? A Gemini test.

CANCER: You may feel your work at times takes you away from family. And then, in turn, family feels like it takes you away from your (spiritual) work. Your task and lesson are to balance the two. The more difficult a spiritual task, the greater the tests and then the Initiation. Do you have visions and dreams for a different future? We are to envision and (day) dream more. In between daily life responsibilities glimmers of possibilities may occur. Watch and listen for them.

LEO: Your work life may take on dimensions that could feel exhausting and overwhelming. So much to do, so many people to mentor and model for, so many thoughts in your mind trying to emerge out of a veil of hiddenness. You may feel great emotions trying to express themselves, at times communication is difficult along with a touch of sadness. Someone(s) needs communication. Relationships could feel brilliant yet mysterious, like art objects yet to be found. Someone thinks of you daily.

VIRGO: A profound creativity is forming, building and soon to emerge. Some Virgos will conceive, becoming physically pregnant with a new divine life. Some will design, conceive, fashion a new level of art and artistry. Virgos are being impressed from all levels, high and low, to bring beauty forth. It is time to recognize the fiery divine life force within all kingdoms. Express to them a clear unconditional love. Study and begin to use the Bach flower remedies.

LIBRA: As thoughts from the past reappear, your response to them determines your present/future If sad thoughts arise and overcome you, take Ignatia Amara (homeopath). If they are thoughts that urge contact and care of another, begin these actions immediately. Distorted remembrances and false beliefs hinder the creative aspect of your inner self. Develop the intention to radiate goodness and Goodwill to all that surrounds you. Then you will love more. Forgiveness follows. Forgiveness heals.

SCORPIO: An inner communication begins within, calling you to define and thus give shape to your talents, gifts, abilities and strengths. What are they? Knowing these things about the self, one becomes full and rich with a true self identity. Though it’s internal, you then realize the need to communicate thoughts to others who can listen carefully, ask appropriate questions, and maintain silence when needed. Seek these people. Let those you trust see your strengthens, vulnerabilities and need for security. Don’t keep secrets. Share a bit more. It’s safe.

SAGITTARIUS: Yes, a change is preparing itself for you. However, it has its own sense of timing and this can lead to an improper sense of impatience. A new world stage is being created. It has to do with friendships, drama, aspirations and creativity. Your sign creates publishers, world travelers, foodies, writers, philosophers. Maintain the present direction. Doors (of perception) will open all by themselves. Note how the grass with the proper amount of rain grows by itself. Rajneesh, a great Sagittarius teacher, wrote that.

CAPRICORN: Spiritual forces, ever-directing and protecting, inform you to rest a bit more, resting from climbing that ever-present ladder of responsibility reaching into the heavens. You need a bit more time to unwind from your extraordinary capable sense of duty. Observing your actions from afar we award your far-reaching standards applied to those in need. In between tending to others, being their angel of hope, do all that rejuvenates before your next tasks appear. Which they will. We notice angels are given many tasks of help and healing.

AQUARIUS: All realities in life begin by using our mind, a visualizing tool which imagines all hopes, wishes and dreams. Our inner life is shaped by these until one day dreams manifest into our world of form and matter. Attempt to clarify what’s important, what is needed, what is of value and what you must next pursue. Sometimes this clarification is difficult. Some of us live only in the moment. But within each moment is a vision of the future. Try to capture it.

PISCES: You had future plans. However, it seems they change daily. Collaboration with another is helpful. It will take you far into the future where the world will not look as it does now. You understand the changes occurring in our present times. You seek to serve and not exact due service, to heal not hurt others. At times you are hurting. This is so compassion deepens – your particular task in our world. The future isn’t formed yet. It must be imagined by all of us. You are to model and teach this concept. You are a pioneer.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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