Pisces – Revealing the Light of Truth

<em><strong>Pisces – Revealing the Light of Trut</strong></em>h

Monday at sunset the Hebrew feast of Purim begins. This is the feast of Queen Esther as she tells the truth of her culture and identity. Her truth saves her people. T

he twelve signs of the zodiac each reveal a different level, angle and pathway of Light. In Pisces, the work of the Soul is revealed in the words “Pisces is the Light of the world, ending the darkness of matter”. Pisces is the last zodiacal sign, holding all gifts, abilities and seeds of the preceding signs. Pisces offers those seeds to Aries at spring equinox. Pisces also holds the sufferings of humanity which explains the otherworldliness of Pisces. Often, we see this otherworldliness in the behaviors of the those born under the light of Pisces (Sun, moon, ascendant).

Pisces is the sign of love, sacrifice and of giving. Pisces does not feel at home in the world of matter. Their keynote is “I have left the Father’s House of Oneness, & turning back (to earth, to humanity), I save.”

The true spiritual history of our world is that long ago, each of us responded to the sacrificial call, symbolized by Pisces, to “to and maketheself a useful instrument and save the world”. And so we “went forth, descended into matter, making ourselves instruments of Goodwill for the purpose of radiating to humanity, the kingdoms and Earth, the Love the world seeks. Pisces produces that love. And thus “saves.”

Festival of Truth and Joy. Monday, at sunset, the Jewish feast of Purim begins. It is the “feast of truth and deliverance”. Queen Esther, in 5th century Persia, by revealing the truth about her culture and identity, saved her people from death. During Purim, a sweet pastry (filled with prunes, apricots or poppy seeds) called Hamantaschen (Haman is the villain in the story of Esther) is eaten. During Purim, there is joy and gratitude for the saving grace of G-d. In celebrating Purim, humanity, in our present times, must learn to save itself. It begins with the unveiling and recognition of truth, knowledge, our true history, identity and real science.

Tuesday, following the full moon (Pisces solar festival), Saturn enters Pisces. In Pisces we realize we must now recognize ourselves as the World Disciple and, as world saviors out task is to, “restore the Plan on Earth”. Saturn in Pisces next week. Here is a recipe for the sweet filled cookie Hamantaschen – https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/hamentaschen

ARIES: Rest and relaxation is most important. Retreat and a bit of solitude continue to be a need. No matter what you attempt, veils drop in front of you. That is the purpose of Pisces, a state of protection. Should you push forward, you only find clouds of confusion. Go slowly, use your heart, slip into a comforting environment (and shoes), and join in with Thich Nhat Hanh’s Bell Chant. And the Tibetan monk’s Oms. https://plumvillage.org/library/chants/the-great-bell-chant/

TAURUS: Your entire focus is on education, group work and the creation of a new era community. This is correct for it will be through intentionally working with community that humanity will be saved in the coming years. Only a few understand that Aquarius is humanity in community. There is also a need to tend to health and vitality to assure that the vision and leadership you offer to others continues. Oxygen, homeopaths, cell salts, pure water and the Sun are needed.

GEMINI: The planets in Aquarius (serving the world), Pisces (saving the world), and in Aries (creating all things new) all call to you to enter into needed world work. This is how you are truly recognized, seen and remembered. If unable to be in the world you can offer daily invocative prayers for humanity’s salvation. During this upcoming full moon, care for, serve and tend to those around you with focus, dedication and love. Consider what it means to “live ardently and artfully.”

CANCER: Maintain simplicity this week. Tend to easy chores, seek help if needed. You must maintain vitality, health and strength. You’re called to create all things new. There’s a possibility however of restriction walking or accomplishing tasks or getting from here to wherever. Tend to knees, ankles and feet. The times call each of us to have strength of character and to focus on priorities. If traveling, be sure to wear the best of shoes.

LEO: Mars is not out of its retrograde shadow until March 17. Have you found yourself thinking, talking and working slower, having to redo, review, reassess and create a calm and patient sense of inner strength since October? What is occurring with you spiritually? Something unexpected, expansive, confusing or illuminating? It seems that soon traveling may be on the agenda. Wherever you travel, a new identity emerges creating new states of creativity.

VIRGO: When the full moon is in Virgo, the Sun is in your opposite sign of Pisces. Oppositions creates integrations. And so an integration takes place between your inner and outer worlds, between yourself and others – with those close to you, intimate friends, with those you work and live with and even enemies. Virgo and Pisces, like all opposite signs, shadow each other. The gifts each one possesses, the other needs. Thus the shadows of the moon eventually integrate into the light of the Sun. Then one is complete.

LIBRA: Is the unusual occurring in your life? With multiple Aquarius, Pisces and Aries planets, the elements of air, water and fire seem to be rushing into your life and workplace. You could be engulfed in aspirations or a flood of tears for something sad or joyful occurring. You could be learning to swim or fly in the air. You could be turning into one who saves the world. You could be lost, confused or realize you’re being refined, purified and prepared. What’s happening? You could realize you love someone you finally forgive!

SCORPIO: A new creativity should have slipped into your life, taking you by the hand, leading you to new interests and goals. Perhaps you are being asked to mingle a bit more among the world of artists, writers, musicians, performers so that you begin to identify more specifically as a highly creative person yourself and not just a dark stranger behind sunglasses wearing a long black coat in the bright and radiant sunlight. Spring is almost here. The daffodils are blooming. Can you see them?

SAGITTARIUS: Many opportunities for creativity should be flowing into your life. So many these days, you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t be. Some opportunities you will understand, some you won’t. Not yet. Some are good, some maybe not. Some are for now, some later. As they continue to appear, you find yourself at home, or in the studio, creating protective barriers. Sometimes we just need to retreat, hide under covers and simply swim in warm waters towards a state of tranquility. A good idea indeed!

CAPRICORN: Because you are the zodiac’s traditionalist, I suggest following Purim traditions of making food and flower baskets, offering them to family and friends; giving (alms, money, three half-dollar coins) to the poor; and baking Hamantashen (https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/hamentaschen) cookies, three-cornered pastry filled with poppy seeds or apricots or nuts and honey while reading from the Book of Esther, the only Old Testament book that does not mention G-d’s name.

AQUARIUS: Should you feel overtaken by money or finances, by health and healing, or by any sort of confusion in any area area of life, give yourself time to acclimate because something within you that is vital is unfolding and being refined. Create a daily schedule of activities and exercise. Keep close and careful tabs on money and finances. It’s possible you’ll be taken over by a sense that your life is transforming quickly. It is. Soon Pluto (the transformer) enters Aquarius. Life will never be the same after that.

PISCES: This full moon brings the hidden out into the open. It may be a new self-identity. Pisces offers something more than veils. It offers refuge. Speaking of veils, Pisces hides behind them for protection, peering out at times in order to know what’s real, what’s ahead, what came before and what just passed you by. Like Libra there may be floods of something new offered. It’s international. Get yourself thick boots, a warm sweater and a new car. A new expansive direction will be taken.

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