Lent – Purification & Preparation for Spring

<em><strong>Lent – Purification & Preparation for Spring</strong></em>

Esoteric Astrology as new for week February 15 – 21, 2023

Lent – Purification & Preparation for Spring

Throughout history humanity has created rituals and celebrations that reflect the different seasons. The rituals indicate and signify the seasons, the elements (fire, earth, air, water) and the different aspects of light and dark. Rituals help humanity maintain a rhythm with nature, the seasons, the Sun, moon and stars, the past, present and future and with one another.

Lent (“lenctene” – when days lengthen just before Spring), is one of those ritual times. Lent (outward sign and external name), which begins this Wednesday (February 22, early this year) is a time (40 days and 40 nights) of purification and preparation for Spring and Easter (Resurrection festival) as well as the Three Spring (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) full moon festivals.

Lent always begins on the day after Mardi Gras (Tuesday), on Ash Wednesday. There is a ritual in the Catholic Church using ashes – reminding us that we are spiritual beings clothed (temporarily) in form and matter. The Ash Wednesday ritual – the priest places a cross of ashes (made from burned palms) on the forehead (Anja center, 3rd eye, place of spiritual direction) of parishioners while saying the words –

“From dust thou art (you were made of matter) and unto dust thou (the body) shalt return.”

These words teach us that the physical body, made of elemental matter (the elements of), returns to the Earth at death. However, within our body (within each cell) the Spirit of God dwells. This is the spark of Life, the Light of Life, the Pisces Light that saves the world. This spirit within us does not die.

During Lent, preparing for the new life of Spring, we cleanse and purify our bodies, we change habits, preparing to make ourselves new (again).

Our actions during Lent imitate activities during Mars and Mercury retrogrades. We fast, pray, live in quiet reflection, contemplation, study and knowledge. These refine the physical, emotional and mental bodies, enabling us to participate in the new life of Springtime, in the upcoming Easter (Resurrection) Festival and for the Three Spring festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) all of which set the template for the rest of the year.

ARIES: As you recognize the vital and initiating work you are to bring forth, you will also need to learn how to participate in groups with intelligence and heart-felt alignment. You are to construct part of the Aquarian new culture and civilization. Are you aware of this task? Are you conscious of what this implies and the needs of humanity? You’re called to awaken again for the times are coming when those who plan and lead boldly, take risks and assess the future, working with both heart and mind, will be summoned. Prepare.

TAURUS: The architecture of your participation in life is changing. Previously you dreamed big dreams, pondered upon many realities, not concerned if anything took shape. Now you’re behind the scenes, teaching and facilitating groups, preparing the components of the new world era. Taurus has an enlightened mind with the ability to see humanity’s present/future needs. You are aware in the breakdown phase seeds of the new must be sowed. You’re synthesizing all realities so others can understand. You are a teacher now.

GEMINI: Many forces are at work in your life. As a Gemini you always attempt to resolve polarities – higher with lower, Soul with personality, light and dark, humor and seriousness This is an important task accomplished by the proper cultivation of the mind principle (which calms the emotions) and the right course of study that allows no illusions, confusions, untruths, unkindness or distortions. Venus calls you to share the Path with others and Aquarius summons you to develop all seven levels of your mind, thus opening the twelve petals of your heart.

CANCER: Always we feel some form of conflict. We are to realize this conflict (and chaos) is useful. It gives us the ability to observe tensions and to express needs, fears and anxieties. So often there is a great battle going on between the Soul and personality. The Soul calls us to Right Action and Right Service. The personality seeks to remain asleep. Many don’t know the difference between the two. There is a reorientation occurring within, new information released into your mind. This is occurring to all of humanity. It begins with you, as the Mother of the world.

LEO: You’re entering a time where relationships are vitally important yet at times you feel disconnected to anything or anyone. You’re in a place of balancing and choosing, an interlude state. Your inner reality concerning relationships and how you function in them is being modified so that you can display Goodwill and Right Relationships while still expressing your unique self-identity and creativity. You are to hold opposing forces in balance. A greater awareness emerges. Your love then flows once more. Love is your gift. Love flows from the heart of the Sun into your heart.

VIRGO: New thoughts, impressions, ideas and ideals appear in your mind concerning how to create a change in the structure of your daily life. Changes in our habits and in daily life prepare us to function within the new dimensions and structures slowly appearing and coming into our awareness. These are the new Aquarian energies, with the new laws and principles. Write down and journal all impressions. Have dedication and gratitude. Be aware if weariness occurs to give time to rest which allows an integration to occur. Note your perspectives changing slowly over time.

LIBRA: Under Libra’s veil of Libra’s ambassadorial charm, you are, in reality, a strong and powerful force. As we approach the new season of Spring this year, a greater level of Love/Wisdom must begin expressing itself through you. It begins with acceptance and gratitude for everyone and everything (past and present, here, then and now) in your life. It also begins with forgiveness. With intention, recite over and over, “Love expresses itself through me always and Wisdom follows.” Then your life and relationships proceed with protective loving healing care.

SCORPIO: You will begin to have solitary times of thought, thinking things great and small. To prepare, create an environment that nurtures the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself. Be in touch with nature each day – the kingdoms – Soul, human, animal, plant and mineral. Make altars to them. You have a great depth of intelligence. Now you must add love to that intelligence. Both then form a foundation for the new life emerging all around us. It begins where you live and is in plain sight. Later you’ll be asked to teach those who are lost. You understand them.

SAGITTARIUS: Always you are on a journey. There are different phases to all journeys. Here are the signposts along the journey this year. You are to blend your personality and Soul. This will produce harmony for a time. Then the Soul will leave the personality and Will to Good enters, asking you to harmonize your little will with the greater Will (not an easy task). Will is a fire. In all that you do, never be thoughtless. Or you’ll lose much. Remember as you go about your life that “wisdom is knowledge and implemented by love.” Ponder these words in the next forty days and nights. And be aware of the Will-to-Love.

CAPRICORN: Before I continue, Capricorns are being pushed to the edge of exhaustion. So you need more rest as well as time in the Sun. Whatever it is you hope for, visualize and radiate it with Love from your heart and Ajna (forehead) center. Both are where love streams forth. Then new life will take root, expressed as harmony, beauty and peace (a process). Your love for those around you eases disharmony and conflict, when it arises. Remember the law that Harmony comes after conflict and chaos. Behind conflict and chaos, harmony waits patiently. You are that harmony.

AQUARIUS: This year you will be called upon to express great patience and gratitude. New sources of income are sought and become available. It’s important to control impatience. Be aware of kind and loving communication or you could be thought of as being harsh and thoughtless toward others. We know you’re not. Remember to be courteous and kind, show gratitude and compassion and sympathy. A new self-identity continues to emerge. It includes goodness, generosity and love. What we offer others is returned to us ten-fold. This is a cosmic law. Be friends with everyone. Aquarius is friendship.

PISCES: You have begun the arduous task of uncovering and then understanding the past along with feelings, thoughts, aspirations, actions and vulnerabilities that arise. Much of your life has been treading the pathway of service and sacrifice, which is the life of Pisces. A new beneficent cycle begins soon, expanding your courage and strength of character. This may not be acceptable to some. Maintain privacy, turn away from disharmony, don’t believe criticism. The stars are protecting you. You are to be the Harmonizer.

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