February Festivals – Rituals, Celebrations, Holy Days

<em><strong>February Festivals – Rituals, Celebrations, Holy Days</strong></em>

February is the very heart of winter in the northern hemisphere. To offset possible winter’s gloom, and h help humanity have hope that spring is near, the month begins with multiple rituals, festivals and holy days – St. Brigid (Feb. 1), Candlemas, Purification, Baptism, Groundhog and Cross Quarter days (Feb. 2). February 5 is the Chinese Lantern Festival, always at the full moon solar festival (16.41 degrees Aquarius). February 14 is Valentine’s day followed by St. Patrick’s Day, (Feb. 17).

February 1 is St. Brigid’s Day. St. Brigid’s spirit herald the spring. Farm work begins again. Crosses of straw or grain (wheat) are woven and hung in homes to protect from fires and lightning. Corn dollies are made from dried corn sheaves (soaked in water) and given away as gifts along with oat breads, scones and butter.

Candlemas Day, a day of significance astronomically and religiously, marks the moment in time (day) between winter solstice and spring equinox (cross-quarter day). Like a spring festival of preparation, we turn over the soil and prepare it biodynamically. We sort our seeds, call forth their life-force, thus securing our future food supply. We can sense the Light is returning. We feel hope.

In the Catholic Church, Candlemas, 40 days after Christmas, marks the end of Epiphany (little Christmas, January 6). On Candlemas, the holy child and Mary are presented in the Temple. Mary is bathed (purified in a ritual bath – a mikvah – of sea/salt water) and the holy child (Jesus) is recognized as the promised and long awaited “Light of the world.”

Candlemas is a festival-of-fire-day, acknowledging the Sun light is rising. In churches today, pure beeswax candles are blessed – to be used throughout the year for light & protection. These rituals anchor into our little worlds the change of the seasons, the change of the light and the Light of Life itself. They connect us on Earth to the heavens above. We come into harmony and balance on cross-quarter days. And all the kingdoms are lifted up to the Kings of Beauty.

ARIES: Busy as you are with professional shifts, changes, adjustments and modification, there is also a rebalancing occurring. Turn a bit more toward friends for companionship and to the future calling forth your skills. Set goals to cooperate with everyone, helping them succeed & stabilize, what a true leader does. Don’t demand too much from others. It creates failure. You’re in a time of great creative potential. Think greenhouses, architecture and natural water pools.

TAURUS: The past weeks and months (perhaps years) have been unusual for you, more like an internal retreat, inner solitude, where something very important, like healing has been taking place. Now you consider new goals, seeing to their manifestation. When work is done for the welfare of humanity, it becomes “white magic”. Magic is the ancient word for bringing a thought-form into the world, having it appear in matter. There is a felt need, then a willingness, then visualization and a calling forth the Holy Spirit to overshadow you. This is esoteric.

GEMINI: You are to become more and more practical with resources, concentrating on what is of value and what is no longer useful. Big revolutionary changes are being activated that will radically reorient you (and humanity’s) beliefs. You must have the strength and courage to step into a new reality, be part of a group of like-minded others, whose work is the salvage of humanity. Only those who know, accept and embrace the truth can participate. You have a bit more time to prepare. Education in the new age calls.

CANCER: It’s tax time, yes? This creates an anxiety for many. Does it for you. This year with all the possible changes, it’s even more confusing. Everything simply feels too complex for words. And it is as we shift from one age (Pisces) to the new age (Aquarius). Like Pisces often feels, you too may sense you’re on uncharted waters, in a boat with no captain, no shore in sight, and there’s rumors that pirates are all around. Life feels like that now. What would soothe you? What brings you comfort?

LEO: You’re sensitive, more than usual these days, with Aquarius, your opposite sign, coming more and more into view. Our earth is entering into the atmosphere of Aquarius. That is deeply significant for you. Here you are in your reality and it seems everyone & everything is over there somewhere. What this means is an integration of things & thoughts, new & unusual, is occurring. You will assimilate new realities. As Aquarius unfolds, Leo’s must assess their talents and gifts and cultivate them more. Because as Aquarius unfolds, Leo’s abilities will be called up to create the new era.

VIRGO: There always seems to be so much to accomplish, so much to complete, so many tasks and responsibilities, so much detail and organization to tend to, so many people to contact, so many ideas to jot down and create plans and goals with. It’s good Virgo’s work ethic is fostered and established and all choices are based upon a keen intelligence. Creativity is to be practical & purposeful this month. You remember something. It makes you sad, glad, wondering, concerned. But not discouraged. You carry on.

LIBRA: You need to both rest and play a little more than usual. There are some Libran’s who are very serious. They don’t play much, feeling deep responsibilities to serve, seeking to alleviate pain and sorrow and illness. But then there comes a time for a bit of lightness, for art, gardening, for friends, entertaining, communicating with loved ones and being with children. In the coming weeks call for greater balance in your day to day. Something kind and gentle enters your daily life. You also may need new shoes.

SCORPIO: Tend to loved ones with extra care, touching in, making contact, especially with family members and those not often seen. There’s a pull between home and work, family & the world, internal & external realities. Try and meet personal needs first. Simply observe any dramas around you. Know that everyone is playing a part in the theatre of the world. Everyone has a voice and seeks to be heard. Listen carefully. Let outer realities fall away giving you time to retreat into an inner world of possibilities. Then a new course of action comes forth.

SAGITTARIUS: New thoughts and/or ideas, original, fresh, very future, may be streaming through your mind, creating a sense of upset to your daily way of being. People can sense you’ve become a bit different. New realities on your mind. Sagittarius is the fire of mind. Who are your friends and companions you communicated with daily? This you must do a bit more, with heart, to those around you. Focus on the needs of others. Soon a strange new spirit of adventure appears. Where will you go? What call will you hear?

CAPRICORN: Pluto has been in Capricorn for the last fourteen years. If you review these years, notice if your identity shifted, and changed. It’s as if you became fluid earth. The planet Venus, Earth’s alter ego, is in your sign, creating a great magnetic (spiritually attractive) field around you. People see something in you – a light perhaps, a sense of focus, an ability to care for others, to respond to need and to bring beauty into the world. Stay close to loved ones this week. You require rest this week and next. You actually need a sleep retreat. Ask for help. It will arrive right on time.

AQUARIUS: So, happy birthday…yesterday, today, tomorrow this week and next. When our birthday month arrives, the sun shines through us. We are beautiful. Our angels stand around, close to us, waiting to hear our fleeting thoughts concerning what we need & want in our coming new year. A birthday only really occurs when we make contact with our angels. Have you done this? You have time. Your angels are still close by, waiting, listening, patient as ever. Their gift to you is protection this coming year.

PISCES: Venus has entered Pisces and she brings harmony and beauty and carefree moments, a sense of lightness and free spiritedness. Venus is Earth’s elder sister. And she’s yours too for a while. Venus enters softly into day and night dreams, carrying blessings and an imagination filled with things not yet seen yet hoped for. Venus aligns with Neptune on Valentine’s day (and after) this year. A celestial atmosphere surrounds you and brilliant ideas fall like stars into your mind. It’s a very special time for Pisces, swimming in deep waters filled with forever.

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