The12 Days of Christmas – Bird Chirps the Future

<em><strong>The12 Days of Christmas – Bird Chirps the Future</strong></em>

Esoteric Astrology as news for week December 28 – Jan, 6, 2022

The12 Days of Christmas – Bird Chirps the Future

Our new year of 2023 begins under two retrogrades – Mercury and Mars. Our communications and actions are thus more internalized this year than usual. Retrogrades times are magical mystery times.

In sacred liturgy, the days of December 26 – January 6 are referred to as the 12 Days Of/After Christmas – a time of pilgrimage. We are walking with the Three Astrologer Kings, following a star and carrying gifts to the holy child (Soul). Each of the twelve days represents one of the upcoming astrological signs – Aries to Pisces – their characteristics, talents, gifts, abilities and tasks to develop. Each day of the twelve we contemplate upon a sign. As we do so, the signs begin to communicate with us. The “bird chirps of what’s to come…the twelve signs become the future in each of us.” From beginning to end, from the Alpha to the Omega, in the silence of winter, in the quietness of the Earth, the signs tell us new life and new livingness is to come.

Each sign signifies a purpose, a task and also a new and different light. Like the new light of Winter Solstice. So, we consider Aries, the Light of beginnings. Taurus, the Light of Illumination. Gemini, the Light of Duality. Cancer, the Light of life hidden in the womb of matter. Leo, the Light of our Creative Self. Virgo, the Hidden Light. And Libra, the Light of “I & Thou” (relationships).

Five Words. During these twelve days and into the new year, we stand with five words…recreation, regeneration, reorientation, renunciation and recapitulation. Each year, we begin anew. And the rod of justice rules. The Ark reaches the shore. The past reaches the future in each of us. And, direction, sign by sign, is given.

ARIES: A new phase of reality begins. Great aspirations push you forward into dedication and hard work. Your self-identity, sense of family and home, intimate relationships and professional career will change and expand. Work with others cooperatively. All that you aspire to do will come forth only if cooperation is foremost. Tend carefully to moods. Use them imaginatively to create all things new.

TAURUS: Your religion and spirituality, your mind (thinking, study, ideas), daily life, health, teaching and travel are all divinely influenced. Life will seem to be rather dreamy. You might not like this much as it feels impractical. However, it’s a time of rest and healing. Dreams help manifest long-held visions. Be in the Sun as much as possible. Write down plans and ideas. A new phase of life begins. Try not to be too distant with those you love.

GEMINI: We work in between incarnations. Each lifetime we attempt to discover our place in the Sun. When we die, it’s our last thought that determines where we go. In this lifetime, we are to train our minds in all ways. Planning and strategy are important in the coming year. We can also plan consciously for when we die. You are not dying at this time. This is only an exercise of preparation. Begin training your mind on what you will think about at the time of death.

CANCER: The New Year brings great promise of happiness. You won’t feel distracted. Your mind will be clear, harmonious and challenged to move toward what you’ve always wanted. You will be creative. When there are differences you will step aside (like the crab you are) circumventing disharmony. See each day as an opportunity to do your very best.

LEO: The New Year is golden for you in terms of work, confidence and growth, both subtle and steady. You will want to make changes concerning health and healing. Become a member of a spa, begin an exercise and diet regime with yoga, tai chi, biking, swimming, etc. Continued focus on health is most important. You will seek the Diamond Light. Compassion and altruism become your newest psychological orientations.

VIRGO: Allow constancy of effort into your life, not turning back when difficulties arise. Stand at the middle point. You may feel your life is not moving forward. However, many things are occurring within. New realities, resources, and things social rise to the surface offering satisfaction and intimacy. Tend to partners and those who love you with care and nourishment. Let your mind be at ease.

LIBRA: You will work very hard this coming year. When in doubt call upon your angels to flood your life with light, information and assistance. It will happen immediately. You felt challenged this past year. The upcoming year offers greater progress and power. Avoid controversial decisions. Allow time for Right Decisions leading to Right Action. Don’t show dissatisfaction in relationships. Love is not a feeling. It’s a willingness to love more.

SCORPIO: You will look back on the past year and see that it was good. There was (and will be) exceptional growth, support, gains and progress with creativity rewarded. You might be too impulsive, leading to expectations that are unreasonable to others. Provide affection and attention to everyone, especially friends and loved ones. You will be busy socially for a while. Then your temperament becomes serious and internal. Spending time alone is part of your destiny.

SAGITTARIUS: You will feel quite dynamic as the New Year unfolds. There will be a fire within burning brighter and fuller. You may need to control that fire a bit lest conflicts with others are created. Use that inner fire for creativity, achieving greater goals, greater focus and direction. You will rise in stature through new ways of thinking. This has already begun. You’re more positive, bright like the Sun eliminating obstacles and hurdles. Do not compete. Share instead.

CAPRICORN: Saturn is your ruler, the planet helping you in all endeavors, especially climbing the mountain, which means ladder of success. Success in whatever way you see success for yourself. Saturn helps you choose good shoes, too. I wish you a happy birthday for your new year. Remember to speak with your angels. They stand by waiting for instructions. They are to help you with all that you need and want in the coming year. Make your list. Check it twice, three times.

AQUARIUS: The New Year focuses upon relationships, love, friendship and romance. Avoid any major changes at the first half of the year. Instead focus on building a firmer foundation of security and creativity. New realities can emerge the last half of the year. Travel when you can. It brings you pleasure, excitement, friendships and relaxation. Have pride in your accomplishments, in yourself, and the important social role you play in the world.

PISCES: Rest more in the coming year. Focus, stamina and vitality return gradually. Remain conscious of fluctuating finances. You want Right Use of money and resources. Past friends and lovers continue to occupy your mind. Send them on their way with love and blessings. Or invite them along the Path. Not many will be able to absorb the fiery field of the Path. You will be called to leadership. Step into this with confidence. The many years of the past struggles have prepared you. January 6, 2023

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