Gifts, Signs & Winter’s Solstice Light

Esoteric Astrology as news for week December 14 – 20, 2022

Gifts, Signs & Winter’s Solstice Light

We are still in the time of shopping for gifts in these days before Hanukkah and Christmas. It’s important to consider we are also in a Mars retrograde (till January 12th). Our bodies, emotions and minds could shift quickly into overload when out and about shopping, and when considering gifts for others. Or we could dither about, concerned with what to buy, having either no clue or too many choices. And then, overwhelmed, we can simply collapse into doing nothing.

These are common occurrences during seasonal holidays, exacerbated this year by the retro (the body and mind just want to sleep) in Gemini (while trying to be clever, thoughtful, practical, orderly, disciplined). Wednesday, Virgo moon, we can be detailed and a bit more organized. Saturday and Sunday, Libra moon, we try to be equal and just in our gift giving. Monday, I suggest resting. Everything, with Scorpio moon, seems hidden and underground. Tuesday, Jupiter enters Aries. All of a sudden, we have heaps of energy and want to initiate new projects! Don’t. Just thinking about them is good enough for now.

Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Light, begins Sunday. Lasting for eight days and nights, remembering the miracle of light. That the oil that would only give light for one night, gave light for eight days and nights. Like the Advent candles lit each night, during the nights of Hanukkah, we light our Menorah and recite the three blessings – “Blessed are You, O G-d. Who has commanded us to kindle the Chanukah lights. Who has performed miracles for our fathers. Who has given us life.”

Wednesday is Winter Solstice, Sun enters Capricorn. The NGWS begins preparations for Wesak! It is the best day to begin to climb the mountain to greet the Midnight Sun of Christmas! Note: All my gifts this year are from the Heifer project – helping humanity – And donations to St. Jude and to Love For Matt Scott. Gifts: We “set our eyes toward Bethlehem”. On the way what gifts for each sign shall we bring?

ARIES: things hot and red, a bike that goes zoom zoom, everything fiery including candles, fire crackers, incense and things that flicker, glimmer and glow in the dark. Crayon Crayolas that glow in the dark, sparkling with glitter; silly putty, cowboy hat; a miner’s lamp to set upon their Ajna Center (3rd eye). Things white, red, rouge, ruby, crimson and for some secret reason, violet.

TAURUS: They need a gardener to plant all their starts. A green house, actually several (two, three, four), because they know food in the near future will be the only commodity. Gardening tools and wild desert sage (plant). A nature walk to identify wild mushrooms. Any tool that exudes safety. A barometer & weather thermometer. Any how-to books. A cow (Irish Dexter).

GEMINI: Things to read and write with; calligraphy set, a book on Basho’s poetry, (with calligraphy brush). A new Mac anything. Things that whirl about, glitter in the sun, resemble butterflies, which resembles the activity of their mind, which can’t endure being still. All types of gadgets, quite fascinating at first, more complicated than they’re worth. A new washing machine and a clutch of bare root heirloom roses – climbers with fragrance and scent.

CANCER: Cancers are water babies, no matter how old they are. Decorative Kleenex containers and a mountain of Kleenex. They cry a lot. They’re sensitive. Things from the ocean like pearl puddles (jewelry), creams and soaps made from Dead Sea minerals. Containers, baskets, vases, pots & pans, secret boxes, music boxes. A shower head that creates a rain forest effect. What nurtures them? Tell them they’re your treasure from the sea. A dish of cooked fresh crab or crab cakes.

LEO: But don’t let Leos hear what you say to Cancer. They want to be the one and only treasure. Leos are also fire (like Aries) but a different type of fire. They seem to be from the Sun. Without enough sun Leos become SAAD. Make sure they have adequate light (shining upon them) at all times. Give them things that shine brightly like the Sun. Choose recycled gold, silver and platinum. Rose gold (yellow gold & copper) is especially tender and beautiful reflecting Leo’s fiery heart.

VIRGO: Eco friendly cleaning products, like Mrs. Myers. Virgo, always cultivating a new state of awareness hidden away from everyone except a few. Virgo loves, on outer levels, to clean, clear, order and organize. Virgo is my Chiron so even thinking about this brings forth a wound! Anyway, books, bookshelves, notebooks, pens, cases, reading lights (antique and contemporary), a silver pencil (extra lead), a Miele vacuum cleaner; a Master Class. Something precious.

LIBRA: Art, art and more art. The kind that on first glance, everyone would think is beautiful, balanced and harmonious. Flower seeds and bulbs, little fruit trees, a kitchen herb garden, scented candles, mirrors (in order to see they are the fairest or most handsome), magazine subscriptions (a gift a month), a box of little chocolates, a fine local wine, more glass baubles for their already overcrowded Christmas tree. A party with treats. Colored glass for the sun to shine through.

SCORPIO: Things subtly red, violet, crimson and black with glitter and exotic scents (sandalwood, patchouli, bergamot, myrrh, frankincense). Incense in these scents and oils. There is a special blend of oils called Thieves. It cleanses the air, disinfects, smells divine and it purifies. Spray the air with it. It’s also a liquid soap, and toothpaste. Leather gloves, books on generals, revolutionaries and warriors. Anything serpentine (from Egypt) or eagle-like, A scarab ring. A secret room.

SAGITTARIUS: A home town, walking shoes, a staff (a couple), things that make them laugh (jolly old St. Nick is a Sag), a bow & arrow, an archery set with targets & bundles of straw, a new vehicle that goes fast (not electric), a trip to Rome, a new camera, a visit to a famous photographer, photographs from famous photographers, artisanal foods from all cultures, mineralized waters, cashmere beret. A singing bowl. A book – Cosmos & Psyche by Richard Tarnas.

CAPRICORN: The usual…hiking (mountaineering) boots, mountain climbing equipment, clocks, timepieces, watches (old), surf board, a desk, gardening tools (the best), goat cheeses, science sets (for both adults & children), magazines (a monthly gift) of Architectural Digest, History or Gardening. A week or more of rest – a week of going nowhere. A beginning set of silver utensils (knife, fork, spoons) added to each year. Silver purifies foods. Sheet set with silver threads.

AQUARIUS: Both a microscope and a telescope, so they can see the little and big pictures. An asteroid named after them, a heavenly star map that covers one entire wall, anything with light beams, luminosity and radiance. A Vespa & a Prius, a Coyote Trickster feather, a Kachina, pieces of sky that fell to earth. Some Aquarians need a new home & some need to travel. A donation toward either. The Voyager Golden Record (developed by NASA & Carl Sagan).

PISCES: Cashmere socks, bedroom slippers, shawls, sweaters, coats for warmth. Fountains, bells, shower head (like rain), goldfish, jewelry case, new kitchen appliances, book shelve. A room of their own, organized and beautiful. A home of their own in a citrus field. Being called to the mountain to work. Statues of the sleeping Buddha, of Mary, Christ & St. Francis of Assisi for the garden. A cross of gold to wear. Diamond earrings. Inner Compass Cards for reflection.

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