Scorpio – Bright Stars Hidden

Scorpio – Bright Stars Hidden

In Libra we had equal nights and days. But in Scorpio we know we are in the dark half of the year, waiting for the new light of Winter Solstice. In every state of darkness, at the heart is the promise of Light. In every state of Light is the prophecy of darkness. Light and dark, the two “brothers”.

The story of Scorpio, its deep dark waters, the eagle flying into the Sun, is the story of the disappearing of man (in matter), later reappearing as the Disciple. The serpent creeping on the ground rises, becoming the eagle, the winged serpent. Scorpio is the Rod of Hermes – the healing symbol; the Feathered Serpent of the Mayas, Quetzalcoatl; the serpent on the forehead (Ajna) of Egyptian Hierophants; the Indian and Chinese Dragons of Wisdom – all point to this mystery, the secret of Scorpio.

Progress in Scorpio is in silence and secrecy. Everything is conducted inwardly. Withdrawing into our inner beings, we do not neglect our outer responsibilities and domestic duties. Nothing of our inner work is seen on outer levels. Later, the results of this inner work are offered for the benefit and well-being of others.

Scorpio is the largest of the constellations, with its large bright stars. Much of the constellation remains hidden which is Scorpio’s main characteristic. Scorpios remain hidden from sight until they feel complete trust. They then reveal their hearts in full measure.

At the heart of Scorpio is the giant red star Antares, which is in the center of the huge Cloud Nebula in Scorpio. Antares is red and one of the four royal stars. Red is the color of desire and this is the reddest star in the heavens. It symbolizes the red of desire that underlies every manifestation of divine life. Antares symbolizes the problem of humanity in this great solar system of ours which is that of the attraction between the opposites (meaning desire). Always there is duality in our world – that which is desired and the one who desires. The disciple lifts desire to the realm of aspiration. Then it becomes an offering.

ARIES: Things unusual and otherworldly are occurring to Aries – avoiding large groups in order to maintain a comfort level allows you to continue with work unimpeded. If in too large a crowd confusion can result. Safety of heart and mind becomes important. The most comfort now is in a study of religion and spirituality and in groups where like-minded others understand you. Finding your true peers and your true voice is to be your focus. Along with a deep dive into the sacred.

TAURUS: Someone in particular is very prominent in your life and you communicate from your heart that you care deeply. And so you cultivate love in all ways you can imagine. You are serious and low key. However your intentions are understood, received and reciprocated. This calms you and brings you to a state of balance, which has been needed by you for some months. Now you can continue with your world work. As you also remember to tend to your health.

GEMINI: It’s time to reach out to those close by and far away, communicating with them your recent thoughts, hopes, wishes, plans, goals and dreams. You are to be like a great autumnal wind that in one day blows all the brown leaves off the trees and on that day, everyone knows winter has begun. You are to communicate in such a way that people’s lives change in an instant. You have Venus as your companion. Mercury, too.

CANCER: You begin to consider travel, perhaps for the upcoming holidays, taking time away from home, which, in the past months, has become restrictive and quite a responsibility. Is there a complex problem occurring at home that needs clear thought and action? It would be a good to read Dante’s “Inferno.” It explains life’s wounds and mysteries, visions and transformations with profound insight. This too is your intuitive insight, in words and images. You are the intelligent one.

LEO: Something you read, study, come across, some words, insights, philosophy, teachings, perhaps a teacher, not like a shadow but a sunbeam, falls across your path and suddenly your entire life changes and your mind is illuminated. Someone is in your life and their acts of service are suddenly recognized, appreciated and acknowledged by you. You realize love’s been there all along. You have been distrustful. Now you’re not. You are Pallas Athena now. Study her mythology so you can better know yourself.

VIRGO: Something’s hidden, a wound perhaps. There’s something that must be understood at the heart of the matter, meaning within your heart. Are you working too hard or not at all? Are you thinking too much, beset by habits and holding ancient self- criticism and judgments? Allow yourself to recognize your goodness. Then whom in your world you respect, honor and look up to. Make a list. Then realize we love those we are most like. This revelation allows you a true reflection of self. You are that which you love.

LIBRA: You’ve had many experiences in life, multiple relationships, hardships, changes and transformations. In the moment, these can feel somewhat life threatening. However, as you reflect back, you see how each experience has changed, strengthened and prepared you for where you are now. There’s a state of responsibility, of service, of goodness, an understanding of values, a recognition by others of your abilities. Like Venus (your ruler) rising at dawn on the new year, you too are, for many, the Morning Star.

SCORPIO: It seems in these days of Scorpio Sun and Mercury you are assessing your thoughts and communications, your interactions with others and where to travel next. Your focus is on your self-identity, a most important stage. This is important because in all Mystery Schools one must begin their studies with the axiom to “Know Thyself.” The stars and planets reach down to us daily, helping us in this endeavor. Some signs (zodiac) understand this more easily (you and Pisces). Actually, your creativity has become rather Piscean lately.

SAGITTARIUS: You are wearing the aura of Pisces these days, that of service and giving. So, you are to go out and about into the community, observing quietly and silently for ways to serve others. It will bring you great happiness, enjoyment and benefits and a possibility of meeting someone of great magnetic charisma, charm and power. If you gather up your ideals and apply them to what your community needs, you’ll find there’s a great need that only you can fulfill. Have the intention to encourage others and don’t talk about yourself for one week (or longer!).

CAPRICORN: The holiday season is about to begin. After showing up for charity events and craft fairs displaying your extensive creativity (Taurus ruled, thus extreme beauty), you and loved ones either create or are invited to multiple events. You may not want to attend, feeling a bit overwhelmed with so many responsibilities since summer. You may need veils of privacy and protection. This is good, revitalizing, and the appropriate choice. And then, any moment you change your mind. Ask, what is best for yourself and the family?

AQUARIUS: New people, ideas, places and unusual events invite you to learn new skills, new ways of thinking and being. Perhaps a new (old) career emerges, a new self-identity, a creative endeavor, a spiritual practice – all part of your next developmental stage. Is there a wound about things in form disappearing, dissolving into the great abyss of change? Having less prepares you for more opportunities, more options. More happiness. When you can, call home each day. There’s love there.

PISCES: Quietly opportunities arise, to manifest in the coming months. For now you are in preparation and you sense it deeply. Eliminate, clear out, give away what’s not needed. This can be difficult. Often, we’re forced to do this elimination process. New people, part of the new opportunities occurring next year will enter your life. Keep in contact, with assuredness and confidence. Travel is possible, short trips – here, there, everywhere. You meet a loved one in the middle. The work you will do illuminates all of life. It’s seen and recognized. There is gratitude.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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