Scorpio – Spider, Scorpion, Phoenix, Eagle

Scorpio – Spider, Scorpion, Phoenix, Eagle

The month of Scorpio is often one of mysteries, things veiled and hidden away. Scorpio is the sign of deep intense desires and aspirations. Everyone becomes Persephone living underground with Pluto, the only nourishment being the pomegranate. During this month of Scorpio people are feeling the inward focus more intensely with Mars retrograde. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and brings the Nine Tests of Scorpio. Under Scorpio we are learning how not to create more karma and how to communicate with love, compassion and care. We learn that our thoughts and words can create and/or destroy.

It is a most important time, between the social outwardness of Libra and the next four signs of discipleship, initiation, serving and the saving grace of Pisces.

Scorpio is Ray 4 of Harmony through Conflict. It is one of the four signs of the fixed cross (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, Cross of the Soul). There are the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the four signs of the personality, four dimensions of thought and time, four Vedas (sacred scriptures), the four qualities of man (Sanskrit for “thinker”) and the learning through Ray 4 –humanity learns through conflict, chaos, sorrow and suffering.

Scorpio calls humanity inward. It is a sacred withdrawal from the world of form. We are invited to cultivate discernment and discrimination. Only Scorpio (and Pisces) can see the inner essence veiled by form. Scorpio is the disciple, the occultist, the Ancient Wisdom teachings.

During Scorpio we review our lives and this year we are aided by retrograde Mars (Scorpio’s ruler). We learn there is no death, only immortality. We encounter the four symbols of Scorpio – each a developmental stage – spider, scorpion, phoenix and eagle.

Scorpio, the eighth sign, offers us a new direction, preparing us to enter the Temples of Sagittarius. Scorpio is in between Libra (the Law) and Sagittarius (justice and the Temples of Learning). Above Scorpio in the sky is the Serpent and below and to the west is Lupus, the Wolf. All the animals in the zodiac protecting the Occult Temples, ensuring that humanity can enter the Halls of Wisdom and learn about itself. Above each Temple are the words, “Seeker, Know the Self.” It begins with astrology.

ARIES: Recognize and then cultivate your hidden talents and abilities. Your skills are needed by the new era and if offered will be embraced by all groups. With your initiating ideas, you have the ability to help transform how others think. Step out with confidence into the world of humanity. There is an aura of concern and Right Relations and love that can extend from you to others. It simply needs your awareness and a context/place wherein you can teach. You are of course the leader.

TAURUS: As you become more and more sensitive to personal matters of diet and health you realize you can assist others in the world of healing. This will be a great service to many for few understand the workings of the body and even less how to bring adequate nutrition into daily life. You are the sign of the illumined mind. Therefore, think on what information you can provide others based upon what you have learned. You can better serve the world when you serve first yourself and then all of humanity. Study the effects of alkaline water.

GEMINI: It is a gift to know how to play, have fun and amusement, understanding that in life there is pleasure (along with and amidst suffering). It is a skill to have a hobby and to choose recreation during times of stress. Knowing and acting upon these things allows you freedom and then an unusual leadership. Children especially love you when you’re at play, which then also strengthens your heart and affection for everyone. Can you teach playfulness?

CANCER: Gardening is an intrinsic and essential skill you possess. You are the nurturer of new life, of the seeds of creation. In the womb of your awareness, things grow and green and bloom and flower. Tend to all those around you in this way from young ones to elders. Tend also to yourself, to your environments, home, family and community. Each sign fosters a gift. Your gift is foundational to life itself. Yours is the lighted house wherein life itself dwells.

LEO: It’s good to take a long walk in your neighborhood, get to know its flora and fauna, the animal and plant kingdoms, your neighbors, too, and watch the flow of traffic. It’s also good to make contact with family, friends and relatives, to contemplate and study your relationships with them, making amends if needed, offering forgiveness and a nurturing love. In this way you show others your combined mental and heartfelt ability to make contacts, which always, releases Love and then wisdom. Compassion is one of the tools of a true leader.

VIRGO: Your orderliness and organization, of detail and discrimination are important skills needed by humanity these days. Many of us were not taught these abilities when young. Our parents were working under different energies, needs and purposes. The Virgo skills are subtle yet highly effective if one is to have a sense of empowerment that leads to success in terms of practical realities and daily livingness. Contemplate upon your skills. Radiate them out toward humanity. We will then all learn from you.

LIBRA: The present time offers you a new self-identity and this comes forth when we learn new skills. Learning compassion is a new skill that Librans can begin to cultivate. It is very important for you at this time to create a powerful and dynamic energy that can lead others forward. Humanity needs to learn the art of Right Human Relations. Before the Aquarian teacher can reappear, humanity needs to cultivate Goodwill which becomes Right Relations leading to the process of peace. You understand this. You are to teach this by example.

SCORPIO: A crossroad appears, you see two paths; you visualize yourself walking both paths. Then you remember the story of Arjuna and realize you must choose one path or the other and you must do this very soon. Walking the middle path is so you can “see” and understand the polarities of the two paths. Each is an opportunity. Which is best for you to follow, which has value and leads you to more than a state of happiness (personality). Which leads you to service and joy (Soul path)?

SAGITTARIUS: Are you making unusual connections with others? Are you seeking a teacher or guide? Are you asking questions of your contacts with others, and are you sensing a closeness with others that is different than before? All social contacts contain an opportunity for radiating Right Human Relations. This creates a magnet in your life and in turn your hopes and wishes and dreams begin to come true. Think on what you do that is benevolent. Have benevolence as your primary goal. Goodwill, too.

CAPRICORN: The world may be honoring you in some form. Honoring how you present yourself, honoring your work or service or how deeply responsible you are. Should someone begin to stand in your shadow or shift the deserving light away from you, pay no attention and step forward into another sunbeam and another ray of light. Always show others your compassion and understanding. You are forming a new identity in the world. One that is providing guidance, direction and leadership to others. Nothing you say or do goes unnoticed.

AQUARIUS: It is an excellent time to visualize long range plans and agendas, to contact the future through understanding all the qualities of Aquarius (the new era). The future is found and built via the art of visualization, our creative tool. It’s important to listen to what others have to say. Add your voice, too. In planning do not argue, move slowly, tend to all communications. In this way the future flows into the present with appropriate speed and harmony.

PISCES: You have a great ability to plan and to have the needed money and resources. You are often mistakenly seen as someone unable to tend to practical matters. However, you are very able and skillful although your process is different than most. The important issues facing you now are money, resources, gold and silver, precious metals, banking and all things financial. Some Pisces also may need a new car. Ask for help in all endeavors. Be patient with others who don’t understand your ways. Just keep progressing forward.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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