We Rise by Kneeling, Conquer by Surrendering

We Rise by Kneeling, Conquer by Surrendering

Esoteric Astrology as news for week October 19 – 25, 2022

We Rise by Kneeling, Conquer by Surrendering

Sunday, October 23, the Sun leaves Libra and enters the deep transforming waters of Scorpio. The Light begins to shine on the 8th Gate and Hercules (humanity) is given his eighth labor. And so as the Gate opens we hear these words spoken by the Teacher, “We rise by kneeling; we conquer by surrendering, we gain by giving up. Go and conquer the Hydra, Hercules.” Six and a half hours prior to Sun entering Scorpio, Saturn (the Lawgiver), retrograde since June 4th, stations direct at 18 degrees Aquarius (sign of humanity’s freedom). With Saturn retrograde, we organized and structured our inner lives. Saturn direct calls us to the truth, the Rule of Law, and the new structures needed for the new Aquarian era.

Saturn direct gets the work done, work that has been waiting a long time to be completed. Saturn is practical. It’s earth. Saturn is the taskmaster, karma and the Dweller, awaiting the Angel of the Presence. The Dweller is all that is in need of purification within ourselves. It is all that we have not forgiven, all that we have yet to love. The Angel of the Presence is Venus, who shines a light on the unredeemed shadows. It is the light of Love, which “underlies all the happenings of our lives and times.”

On the following Sunday, October 30, as Saturn patiently moves us lawfully forward, Mars, planet that impels and propels us to act (at times irrationally), stops in its tracks. This begins 72 days of Mars retrograde (looking back) lasting until January 12, 2023.

Mars retrogrades every two years, thus this is considered a rare retrograde. As Mars is our energy, during Mars retrograde our energy turns inward and some may feel rather exhausted. The purpose of Mars retrograde is to give us time to assess and reassess all past actions, desires, aspirations, beliefs, devotions and visions. The word Karma becomes a keynote of discussion. It’s the planet of passion, instinct, desire, aspiration, actions, anger, war and aggression and wild impulses. Mars is also our strength and courage.

And Mars, as a planet, is rather fierce! (more on Mars retrograde next week)

ARIES: Mars is what propels you. It’s your physical energy. During this time, you may experience communication and interactions slowing down, not working in ways expected. It’s good to understand retrogrades. Because there can be anger and frustration. It’s good to allow setbacks to be taken in stride. And to know different opportunities will be offered. When interruptions occur at work, just refocus and review everything. Something from the past becomes important. Remain poised.

TAURUS: The task for Hercules in the sign of Scorpio is to lift up instincts and intellect to the intuition; holding intuition close to the heart. Your intuition is very keen. You are able to sense the false, deceptive and unreal. Things you planned on doing may experience setbacks. Simply reorient yourself to a different agenda. One that changes day to day. Review previous studies, cultural interests and important goals. Do you have the same aspirations?

GEMINI: During retrogrades our enthusiasm for interactions in the world slows down. Life becomes an internal drama, we’re more cautious, we question more, we wonder about past choices and should we redo them? We want to refine and perfect, refocus and review, reorganize and reorder. Especially our old ways of thinking and old beliefs. Money and communication with intimates can become complicated. Look at finances once, twice, three times. Review everything.

CANCER: Finances, insurance, shared resources – all these may need to be explored once again. Review all previous transactions. Fix what’s broken. And don’t allow any buried anger to surface and hurt others. Have the intention to manage emotions with equanimity and poise. Communication may be difficult. Something may become an obsession. Reassess how you approach relationships. Find ways to have more kindness, less protection under your shell. Reach out and touch the heart of everything.

LEO: You may be looking deep within the self, assessing communications in past relationships. Nothing is clear or direct. There is such a focus upon the past that the present doesn’t seem to exist. Assessing one’s behavior within relationships is important at this time. Relationships with everything, not just lovers. This is very important inner work. Daily schedules and agendas may change. Notice setbacks, hindrances. Work around them with agility and poise. You’re always the leader.

VIRGO: You may feel less than enthused about your present daily life. Projects and routines may have lost their luster. Work may seem difficult, unexciting. Expressing the self may be frustrating. It’s a good time to re-organize all levels of everyday life. Experiment with different time schedules, ways of eating, exercise, walks and chats in the garden. Notice any anxieties, confusion, preoccupations or changes of heart. Keep a journal of daily life contemplations and revelations.

LIBRA: It’s time to return to your artistic abilities, a creative project previously set aside. It’s time to reconsider leisure, work, travel, creativity and self-identity. Time to consider new approaches to interactions with friends, groups. Time also to consider the future. Are you remembering and questioning something? These will produce feelings, deep and complicated. There could be exhaustion, too. It’s time to rest more. It’s also time to contemplate, to ponder, to understand more and to forgive.

SCORPIO: All Scorpios are deeply affected by Mars and Mercury retrogrades. Mars brings the Nine Tests of Discipleship. And Mercury informs Scorpio (especially) to be careful of thoughts and words, which either create or destroy. In the meantime things around the home begin to have a life of their own. Breakdowns may occur, things long waiting to be fixed won’t wait anymore. Family situations occur, emotional issues from the past appear. Siblings call needing help. Daily routines aren’t anymore. No matter the situation, carry on, Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS: Here are the areas of life that may be affected in some ways. Observe them. And go on your way. Creativity, recreation, pleasure, children, hobbies, love affairs, enthusiasm, creative projects, leisure. Or perhaps ideas, thoughts, self-expression, social interactions, communication, money making and security. In all these things, one after another, something may occur that makes you rethink past actions. You will revise some things, eliminate many others. In between times use mantras to reorganize your thinking.

CAPRICORN: Is the issue of money or resources up for review and discussion? Do you feel that you are a resource for your family and friends? Things may appear quite close and personal. Emotions may be up and down. Are you responding or reacting? What needs refining, reorganizing, rethinking and/or repaired? What is creating frustration? What are you concerned about and need answers for? Is there a need to redo or coordinate something? What new initiatives do you want to put into place? Questions are good.

AQUARIUS: It’s important to realize that everything you have done has been perfect. And according to plan. Aquarians are sometimes hard on themselves, thinking they don’t do enough, aren’t enough of something. They worry a lot, too. However, it’s important to know that Aquarians are quite different than most of humanity. Aquarians come from another star system, from the future. They don’t perform or accomplish things like the rest of humanity. They have different tasks altogether. Aquarius, you’re perfect.

PISCES: You’re hidden away for a while, Pisces. As it should be. It’s time for resting more, contemplating the future, reaffirming dreams or letting them go. Something has changed in your work. A new level of study has appeared after many months of preparation. It’s important to tend to health now, to assess what’s needed for your well-being. Focus on the little things that make up each day. Accomplish each task with order and strive to do your very best. One’s best is better than perfect.

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