Libra – sign of balance, harmony and choice

Libra – sign of balance, harmony and choice

Libra is the sign of choice. Located between Virgo (earth) and Scorpio (deep waters), Libra oscillates between the two, moving up and down and in between multiple ideas, choices and realities. It is with great difficulty that Librans make decisions. So often Librans are paralyzed between two equal yet opposing thoughts.

An observant parent or friend, understanding astrology and that choice and decision making is difficult for Librans, can step in with assistance, helping them to actually make a choice. It is a delicate state to be in on both sides. But it is very important for friends, family, loved ones to understand that for most Librans, there is suffering in both making a choice and not making a choice. So they need help. Knowing this, being able to observe it, we can then step in with understanding help. It is most essential to do this for Libra.

Libra is the charming one of the zodiac. They love peace and harmony and ease of interaction. Librans are happiest having fun, being social, at parties in beautiful environments. Libras want everyone to be happy. They need calm and peace around them. Needing to keep the peace, not wanting to hurt feelings, Libra can have difficulty saying “no”. Thus, Libras are natural peace-keepers with a deep sense of justice. They apply mercy with justice. They seek balance and harmony in all relationships.

Libra is air (element), thus a thinking sign, both instinctual and intuitive. Libra is concerned with relationships. They have many relationships in order to learn how to be in relationships, how to give and take, how to balance self (Aries) with the “other” (Libra). Libra combines the “I & Thou.”

The symbol for Libra is unlike other zodiacal signs (except for Aquarius – the glyph of electricity). Libra’s icon is not an animal. Libra is the scales. Often under Libra (and Sagittarius, the arrow) we see Lady Liberty, holding the scales of Justice, her eyes blindfolded.

Libra’s are natural negotiators, diplomats. They act like Capricorn sometimes (strict ). Libras are beautiful and artistic (Venus ruled) even if they do create clutter and chaos at times. That’s really the sign of an artistic creative mind. Libra’s charm gets them through everything.

ARIES: A potent time of change is occurring. Strong desires and powerful emotions can act like ocean swells almost overcoming your ability to think. Alternately, they offer you courage to go where others, even angels, cannot. Tend to finances and resources held with another. Something’s expanding. Hopefully love and communication in relationships. Don’t be ruthless and don’t seek to conquer. Work always with and not over. A leader such as you understands cooperation.

TAURUS: You ponder upon your relationship in terms of love, sacrifice and usefulness. You encourage others to work and cooperate with you. Careful with your energy in relationships. You could create a separation through unaware tendencies, anger and harsh communication. On the other hand, there’s great ability to compromise if you begin a deep listening of other’s needs. Learn the art of negotiation and deeper cooperation. Venus is your guardian angel.

GEMINI: You become creative and strong with desires and emotions pushing you towards certain goals. It’s important to practice extreme care and safety especially while doing any physical labor lest accidents, falls, burns, cuts, things red and scratchy occur. Be kind to those around you. A lot of fire trucks, police and emergency vehicles pass by. Things filled with love, pass by too. A bit like what you’ve become. Remember patience gets you everywhere and everything.

CANCER: You need some extra added pleasure, love and romance, or perhaps its sports, competitive and disciplined. However, most likely you are thinking about home and children, showering them with gifts that nurture and nourish. In turn they may not be able to respond as you need or expect. Their energies are high, fast, a bit wild and almost uncontrollable. This will pass. However, you continue to patiently watch over them with care. And do allow yourself to be a bit foolhardy at times.

LEO: The themes continue – communication with family, parents, tending to home, property, traditions. Creating your own traditions. Something seeks balancing concerning your perception of family and/or parents and making peace with memories filtering through daily life. The old anger doesn’t work or hold up anymore. It actually weakens the body. The starry energies are helping to beautify, repair and organize the environments you live and work in. Prepare your home for an unusual ever-changing future.

VIRGO: You’re remembering and contemplating events in the past. Considering previous partnerships, lovers, friends. Careful not to intimidate or weaken yourself with critical thoughts. Gathering information should be very easy now. Allow a natural rhythm to occur with daily life, work, arrangements and plans. Begin to write Halloween (then Thanksgiving) cards by hand, using pen, ink, envelopes, stamps and a secret seal you make yourself. This is a creative meditation.

LIBRA: You enjoy making, having and using money. Money is a resource, a way to help others. It provides freedom and choice. It can be used to create more wealth. We are given the gifts of money and resources so we can help others. Money helps rebuild the lives of humanity in need. Tithe ten percent of your income to those in need. The old-fashioned word for giving is “charity.” Tithing insures a constant flow of return. Be sure to tend to someone in the family in need. They missyou. And now to you. It’s good to be frivolous sometimes.

SCORPIO: You find strength, stamina and endurance growing stronger each day. They help in meeting and responding to unusual challenges that always seem to be appearing along your way. As you pursue for yourself independence, liberty and freedom, your self-identity slowly expands. Careful not to bump your head. Careful of fire. Wear the colors red, orange and violet. Each day, complete all projects. Plan your next ones. Your intuition reaches out to help others.

SAGITTARIUS: Your strength is hidden and veiled for a while. Only you are aware of it resting like a coiled snake within. Next to your strengths are desires and aspirations. They are secret, too. Sometimes you don’t know your motivation for choosing things, actions, people. Sometimes you feel you’re in a conspiracy. Your past comes to brood over you. You wonder do you have enemies? To overcome this seeming strangeness, enter into a new creative endeavor. Know that you’re just in a state of completing karma. A good thing.

CAPRICORN: You have hopes, wishes and dreams and want to express yourself socially with friends and associates. You want to be part of a group that recognizes your talents, gifts, abilities and goodness. A group that doesn’t judge or criticize when you make unusual artistic moves or speak a truth. You’re strong, at times revolutionary. Don’t change. Review goals, create a manifestation journal. Write daily wants and needs, creative plans and how you see yourself in the future. I see beauty and a book.

AQUARIUS: You’re becoming an adventurer, traveler, and philosopher. Justice and mercy become a focus. You see where humanity is caught in polarization, duality, judgment and despair. You love humanity. Aquarius is the sign of humanity. You worry, sensitive to humanity’s needs. You wonder where you stand as part of humanity. An excellent question. You benefit by traveling, undergoing change, moving about here and there. Gradually, you become a world server, actually serving humanity. A disciple.

PISCES: A renewal, restoration, renaissance is occurring, internally, allowing a new sense of self-confidence to come forth. You sometimes question who and what you are. Wondering if you have real needs, hopes, wishes, desires, dreams. Your needs are very important. Pisces often serves others before serving themselves. You must now turn your energies inward and seek your own counsel, reliability, safety and trust. Entrusting yourself to your own self. The past presents itself. Then disappears. A whole new world is about to appear. It’s supported by the stars.

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