Making Sure We Always See the Stars

Making Sure We Always See the Stars

The Autumn Festivals are beginning. Festivals, rituals, gatherings give hope to humanity as we enter more deeply in both the dark half of the year and the ever-increasing darkness of the Kali Yuga. Sunday, October 9, is the Full Hunter’s moon, the Libra solar festival (16.33 degrees Libra).

Libra is the sign of making a momentous life choice. We are asked if we can withstand moving forward into the nine tests of Mars and Scorpio, answering the call of Discipleship? Or if we need to return to the material world for more experiences on the mutable cross of desire. Either choice is the right choice. But we must choose. To make Right Choices, we align with the Will to Good, the Will to Love. For humanity living in the United States at this time, the choice we make is of great importance. It leads us to a future of either darkness of light.

All of humanity is at present experiencing a Crisis of Initiation and Reorientation (continued through Scorpio). The Libra festival involves Uranus in Taurus, which offers illumination to humanity during this time of darkness.” From now through all of October and November, and then through to April of 2023, interruptions, unusual and unexpected events and new realities will appear. Our task is to remain poised. We see the darkness all around, yet we remain poised in the Light. Observers in equilibrium. We become the Harmonizers. (Libra’s tasks).

Sukkot – Sunday evening begins Sukkot – the Jewish Festival of Joy. The Aquarian new world religion will contain seeds from all previous religions (developmental stages) given to humanity since the beginning of time. Sukkot is an autumn harvest festival, a time of building temporary shelters which is a time of remembrance of days past.

Sukkot, a seven-day festival, is both historical and agricultural. Historically, Sukkot commemorates forty-years during which the children of Israel, directed by Saturn/Jehovah, crossed the Sanai desert (left Egypt, the Taurus Age, to enter into Israel, signifying the Aries Age), were surrounded by protective “clouds of glory”. In their long pilgrimage the Hebrew people constructed temporary shelters (sukkot). Creating and dwelling in a sukkah commemorates G-d’s kindness to His people on their long 40-year journey of purification. Agriculturally, Sukkot is the harvest festival of Ingathering.

The word “Sukkot” means “shelters”, temporary dwellings (shelters). Sukkot is pronounced “Sue COAT,” or the Yiddish, rhyming with “BOOK us (Sook-us).” How to build a Sukkoth –

While building our temporary shelter, having gathered from nature the “citron, myrtle, palm and willow”, and while praying, eating, sleeping and living there, we must make sure we can always see the stars.

ARIES: So many changes are occurring it’s good to be aware of different ideas, beliefs, behaviors and responses in all interactions. Recognize your ability to carefully handle money & resources, your capacity to discern and discriminate and your competence in giving (and then giving some more). Relationships are important and of great value to Aries at this time. What value do you place in relationships?

TAURUS: The ways we interact in relationships develop (in most cases) from what we observed & experienced as children with our families and the adults around us. Often you hide away in relationships, dedicated with constancy to those you love, hardly ever to leave. This dedication allows others to progress forward into expansive safe transformational places. We thank you. Do you feel loved enough in return?

GEMINI: It’s important to know that even though it’s compelling to return to previous ways of believing and thinking you won’t remain there. The purpose of a return is to relearn the lessons, discover all the goodness, offer forgiveness (if needed) and gratitude. And then go forward to meet your future. It is the story of the Dweller on the Threshold turning into the Angel of the Presence. One is Saturn, the other Venus.

CANCER: Are you feeling restricted by family or is family helping you restructure your life? Is there a need for a rebalancing within the family or wherever you call home? Is your communication all about forgiveness, gratitude, balance, choices and resting in this interlude? A specific creativity is calling to and needed by you. Does it have to do with your home and garden? Are you winter planting?

LEO: Remember in ancient times when we cooked, baked, picked fruit in the garden. And made fires by day and night? Remember walks at daybreak and evening under the stars? Remember the sense of community, yet also the loneliness, solitude and the ways a healing from family wounds came about? Remember that as adults we release all things sorrowful through forgiveness? Remember who loved you? What/whom do you love now?

VIRGO: You want freedom – especially financial. Let’s figure all the ways you can have resources and make money that’s your own. Or if already making money, how you can encourage more coming in. One of the most important ways of receiving money is tithing to those in need. When we give, we experience freedom. Give more and love more. Even though the issue may seem like money, what you are truly seeking is liberty.

LIBRA: Your future is unveiling itself in transformative ways. Can you feel a change? Your self-identity, how you see yourself, is expanding and reorganizing itself. Your professional and personal lives and how you interact with the world will subtly change too. Be very professional when communicating. Listen more and listen carefully. Use words that support and uplift. Your future holds new prospects, new openings and a new state of beauty.

SCORPIO: There will be something given in the coming weeks, a discovery, a new learning about how you see yourself. It will begin with helping another. We see our own humanity when we help others. It’s like a mirror. When we embrace the needs of the times, seen through the needs of others, we build a new understanding. And our daily life changes. You are a resource for so many.

SAGITTARIUS: Are you feeling self-protective? This question concerns your well-being in present and future relationships. In Non-violent communication, also called Compassionate Communication, a core message is understanding the needs of self and others simultaneously. Discerning needs becomes a creative act, profoundly affecting all outer experiences. Cooperation begins in earnest with you. Note: you’re in the Nine Tests.

CAPRICORN: Profound changes continue, especially in your self-identity and life direction. Group work is of great importance now. Perhaps your group is your family and a small coterie of friends. In groups people experience you as a transformer. This is your spiritual task in groups. It just happens. Sometimes it’s a difficult task. Understanding this helps you maintain confidence. And explains your purpose.

AQUARIUS: Tend to your resources and finances with the utmost care. It’s most important to continue to downsize so you can move forward quickly into where you’re really to be. This may feel unstable. However, it’s vital as a way to create the new sharing society. So, when able, give lots away. Then you’re less dependent upon physical things and more upon freedom, which you seek. Balances comes in having less.

PISCES: “Amidst the whirling forces we stood confused. Swept up and down the lands, bewildered, blinded, nowhere to rest.” Finally, we said, “Here I stand and will not move till I know the law governing this very moment. I face many ways and soon I will determine for myself which way to go. I will travel no longer up and down the land. I will no longer be blinded. I will only upward move.” (Words from the Old Commentary for Neptune in Pisces)

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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