Mercury Direct, Retrograde Planets & Days of Awe

Mercury Direct, Retrograde Planets & Days of Awe

Mercury stations direct this Sunday, Oct. 2, at 24 degrees Virgo.

We continue to remain quite inward for a week or so, considering many details, including ordering & organizing our daily life tasks, how we serve, and how we care for ourselves. At first, when Mercury stations direct, it takes Mercury three days to reorient itself to its new direction of moving forward. Very slowly we too begin to move forward, putting things back into place again. We no longer feel like we are walking backward into a mist.

Although the Lord of communication (Mercury) will no longer be retrograde, five other planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Pluto) and three asteroids (Juno, Vesta & Chiron) remain retrograde. With so many retrogrades we remain in a state of inner observation, scrutiny, examination, study, reflection and assessment, contemplation (the meditation phase of Libra) for the next several months.

At the end of October, the major planet of moving forward, of action, of desire & aspiration (Mars) also turns retrograde (24 degrees Gemini). Mars will be retrograde through the new year and into January. Mars will remain in the sign of Gemini for seven months. Usually Mars speed through a sign in a red car in two months. But the red planet has decided to stay in Gemini through March. I wonder what all the talk will be about, what we will say to each other and what our thoughts will be. We’ll have to wait and see.

We are in the midst of the Jewish Festivals or Days of Awe and Atonement when our past year’s behavior is assessed. After the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 25 – 27), celebrating the creation of Adam and Eve and after we light our candles and eat challah with raisins and apples dipped in honey, we then have Yom Kippur, the holiest and most solemn day of the year, the Day of Atonement. the day on which we are closest to G‑d and to the quintessence of our own souls. The holy verses state “For on this day He will forgive you, to purify you, that you be cleansed from all your transgressions before G‑d.”1

ARIES: In the next several months, your presence in relationships will change. You might learn how to amiably clash and disagree or a need for deeper understanding with intimates will emerge. You will separate or marry, find a partner or feel solitary, make money or lose it, while learning about commitment, compromise and everything concerning I and Thou. Truthfulness and integrity are key. As is love which is at the heart of all that matters.

TAURUS: Something new is being asked in all interactions and relationships. Perhaps you’ve defined more clearly the needs of your present and future life. But have you taken into consideration, listened to and pondered upon the voices of those around you. Much needs tending from the past seven years. Everything sits, waiting. A huge cleaning and rearrangements is being called for. Health, too. With health take extreme care.

GEMINI: A great gift of awareness within begins to unfold. Gradually you will come to realize what motivates, encourages and provides you with identity and true confidence. You will also begin to express yourself in increasingly creative ways. Venus is watching over you, providing knowledge of your purpose, identity, gifts. The Dweller turns into the Angel of Presence. Do you know what this means?

CANCER: Your home. It changed last year and it’s going to change again. People move in or out, you add to it or abandon it, it needs to be ordered and orderly. Reorganization must begin internally. Home is your foundation, identity, roots and refuge. You must have a garden. Family responsibilities increase. You may not feel brave (but actually you are). You’re also constant, steady and stable. The family is grateful.

LEO: You and others will seek to understand how to communicate more effectively, how to disseminate information more clearly, what you know and what you don’t know, and how to deepen so the heart is touched. You may feel somber, worried about time and the effectiveness of your efforts. Do you reach people, you wonder? Eliminate what’s unnecessary, organize and become more efficient and realistic about finances. Pray for what is needed.

VIRGO: You will encounter feelings of goodness and self-worth and you may question how valuable you are. Seeking this from the outer world does not produce an adequate evaluation. You may feel unsupported, discouraged at times in relationships. You will be challenged to create a new sense of self-worth and self as valuable. You may be a bit disillusioned at times. But this will quickly pass like a light rainstorm. Where and what is in your garden? Cultivate that which makes you happiest.

LIBRA: How others “see” you, being ignored, the thought of aging – these are pondered upon. A stronger sense of self begins to emerge as you assess your needs. It’s important to fulfill all duties while also resting more. When asking for inner strength, illusions cease. Your home continues to be a place of refuge. Everything superficial disturbs and distresses you. A new foundation is forming concerning future work. Sometimes you want to run away somewhere. Someone, though is in need. You choose the Will to Good.

SCORPIO: The contemplative life becomes a need as you review, assess, and come to terms with the past, with your family, who you’ve been, what you have identified with, all you’ve accomplished (or haven’t) and things you wish for and hope to do. A cycle is coming to a close. A new cycle of endeavors with a new self-identity will begin. Your new life will have no dark mysteries, no past seeking completion. It will take time. You have time eternal. All’s well.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re recognized as being responsible in your profession, developing respect and good standing. Now, in secret, you assess personal goals, aspirations, asking who are my real friends, groups and peers? Anything superficial is eliminated (slowly). It’s not worthy of your time. Saying the “right thing” no longer occurs to you. You seek a direct relationship with God, learning what truly contributes to joy. It’s a journey, no longer downward, but spiraling upward. Towards a new light.

CAPRICORN: Your sign of Capricorn represents and reflects the culture and civilization we live within. Which is now changing and transforming quickly and at a relentless pace. You, as a leader, are also in a state of change. You’re constructing the ladder leading up to the mountaintop where you will help create the new culture and civilization. Its foundation is love and intelligence. Do not ever find yourself lacking. You will build a new foundation based upon your great intelligence and your humor. Be sure to have sturdy shoes.

AQUARIUS: These become your questions for several years. How can I inspire others? What are my true values? What do I believe in, what are my goals and how do I achieve them? What drives me, what do I want to learn and what don’t I know? How do I better communicate my philosophy of life? Do I have a philosophy of life? If yes, what is it? If none, then what helps me go about my daily life? And with what underlying faith, hope and/or vision do I hold?

PISCES: Outer world pressures and a great inner tension turn you inward. Here you encounter your desires, aspiration and needs. How you were able to control your life and environment is no longer available or effective. At first there is confusion, then adaptability takes over. You see the needs & respond to the needs presented. It may not be comfortable. A struggle emerges. Choices appear. How you make Right Choice is you align with the Will to Good and the Will to Love. Then blessings shower down upon you. And everything changes. You become a Server.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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