Morning & Evening Planets & Virgo’s Keynotes

Morning & Evening Planets & Virgo’s Keynotes

We have several morning and evening stars that will soon recede out of sight. Venus is our morning star till September 15. Then she appears once again, heralding the new year 2023. Venus is joined each morning by Mars and Jupiter, all three lighting up the pre-dawn sky. Mercury is the evening star until September 17th. Mercury then becomes the morning star, September 30th.

Mercury’s light is important for humanity. Mercury offers us the ability to communicate, to interact and build the Rainbow Bridge to the higher realms of awareness. Mercury, the personality building ruler of Virgo, is also exalted in Virgo, which gives great power to Mercury. Mercury is the only planet that is exalted in its own sign. Virgo’s light flows through Mercury before reaching humanity.

The Lords of Virgo are called the Lords of Wisdom. Both Mary, the Mother of the World and Mercury are Virgo Lords. These Lords and Teachers come closest to humanity during the month of Virgo – bringing needed wisdom, guidance, discernment and discrimination to humanity. Simultaneously, Virgo receives light from two stars in the Big Bear, that of Rays 2 & 6 – thus distributing Love/wisdom, dedication, vision and devotion.

Virgo is the sign of purity and is referred to in the Sermon on the Mount – “The pure shall see the kingdom of God/heaven.” Virgo offers us glimpses of historical Madonna’s (Eve, Isis, Mary) presented to humanity on different levels of development. Eve (mental plane), Isis (emotional plane), and Mary holding the holy child (physical plane). Note, that of the three, Mary is the only Madonna holding a child. Mother and child represent the fact that the Soul (child) has finally entered form and matter (Mary, mother, mater). These are ancient esoteric mysteries.

The last religion offered to humanity was the Catholic religion – its inner essential teachings, clothed in symbols and in secrecy (like the pregnant Madonna), contain all the mysteries of the Ages. Astrology and the esoteric teachings are keys to their understanding. Virgo, the Virgin Mother, is one of the Lords of Wisdom.

The keynotes of Virgo are healing, service and humility and another biblical quote symbolizing Virgo as the sign of service is, “Let him that is greatest among you become the servant of all.”

ARIES: You find it important for beauty, peace and harmony to be that which comforts you at home. Perhaps you will look around your environments realizing more quality, care and comfort are needed. You think about your childhood home, your parent’s marriage, and the intelligence and love imparted there. You either imitate this way of living or revolutionize it. Everyone’s childhood was a learning process.

TAURUS: You always choose to be kind, to do no harm, to be tactful and likeable. You learn during these weeks to provide others with more compliments and recognition. Praise uplifts people and they do their best. You’re sensitive to diplomacy and sometimes, so that others do not hurt, you remain silent. You have very high intelligence which you hide. You are also at times, mischievous, secretive and ornery.

GEMINI: It’s important to hear during these times that you are cared for and loved. You may not say these words to others very often, but you need to have them said to you. In turn do tell those you love and who love you that you feel safe and secure with them. And thank them. What you seek most right now are things simple, truthful, trustworthy and genuine. Be sure you offer these Soul qualities, too.

CANCER: The planets are affecting you in such a way that you are more sensitive, vulnerable, more aware and perceptive. Give to yourself all that you need during this time. You also may need to tend to your health and well-being with more focus. Less acidic foods, more alkaline for balance. You will feel the difference. Be sure to follow the morning and evening planets before they hide away.

LEO: Parts of your life become more and more hidden, just for a while. In terms of love it’s like you’ve closed the door and gone into hiding. Secrets become interesting, you (or others acting out your transits) speak in whispers. There’s also a feeling that some things – people, events, situations – have ended. It’s not apparent at first but then you begin to feel a subtle loss, a sadness and melancholy. This passes. But you learn what you are longing for.

VIRGO: You seek someone to share your interests. You seek happiness and friendships and group interactions. You seek peacefulness, a bit of romance tinged with friendship. You teeter between depth and impersonality wanting to trust. You’re here and there with your thinking like a twinkling star. You want to feel empowered but sometimes daily life feels difficult, challenged and wounding. Relationships change. Life eases.

LIBRA: In relationships you find yourself choosing to harmonize rather than to challenge. In groups of friends you may meet someone very intelligent, to support your choices. You remember your schooling and connect with friends from those times. Someone makes you very happy. You value them and show them more love and care. You don’t talk about it. You protect them from harm. Your compassion is strong. You help those in need.

SCORPIO: You are recognized for your work performance, seen as responsible, likeable, with appropriate authority, able to negotiate and be social at the same time. This is all in terms of your profession. There’s some ambition for something new, something managerial mixed with freedom, art creativity and your particular talent. Opportunities come your way. Keep a sensible heart throughout. Keep your eyes wide open.

SAGITTARIUS: Several things keep coming to the surface and show up in your life. Things financial through a deep intimate connection, sharing power and finances, discussing emotional topics, seeking depth of union. Then there’s the unusual, where routine become a dissatisfaction and new realities beckon. The appeal is other people and places, attractive and charming and rather exotic. Synthesize all of it. Plan a journey.

CAPRICORN: A most important task for Capricorns is paying special attention to partners, intimates, friends and those close to you. Personal, one-on-one interactions are needed for those who love you. Offer yourself, with intention and heart dedication, to be more present, to love more. Observe carefully the needs of those in your life. One can radiate love yet still be unaware of the needs of others. Do you recognize the subtle difference?

AQUARIUS: Above all other things you do this month, make sure the work environment is harmonious and peaceful, friendly and tidy, generous and a pleasure for everyone. Call for team spirit, ask everyone to be cooperative and share tasks. The outcome is everyone begins to recognize your gifts and appreciates you more and more. Wherever you are, home appears. Friends gather around. They bring their gifts to you for your health and well-being. Love flourishes.

PISCES: You find yourself more loving and appreciative. You see the gifts of those around you, recognizing and complimenting them. You realize the discomfort of your environments and seek more order and organization. You never exhibit aggression. Instead a silent magnetism surrounds you. People are attracted to something quiet and silent within. It’s important to have several creative outlets at this time – art, dance, drama, theatre. For fun.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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