Sirius – Where Love & Freedom Originate

Sirius – Where Love & Freedom Originate

The Month of August is overseen, directed and guided by the blue star Sirius, seen in the sky to the left of Orion. Sirius is to our solar system what our soul is to our personality and what Venus is to the Earth (elder sister/brother). The three form a triangle – Sirius, Venus and our Soul.

Sirius is a great spiritual center in our solar system as it is where love and freedom and liberation come from. The Sirius Hierarchy helps create the United States. The United States Sun in Cancer, 13 degrees is the same degree as Sirius. All around Washington are symbols based on Sirius. Masonry is from Sirius. The founders (visionaries) of our United States and the signers of our Constitution were Masons. Sirius is Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom.

This love and wisdom flows through the heart of our Sun and through all the planets and signs, especially Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. Along with love, wisdom and freedom, Sirius transmits universal mind, Divine Intelligence, into human minds. Sirius is especially important during Leo and especially during the new and full moons of Leo. Leo is the Soul of humanity.

Two Beings from Sirius have visited our Earth. One appeared at the time of our individualization (when we became human) eighteen million years ago. The second was 2000 years ago, when the Christ overshadowed Jesus for three years, to inaugurate the Pisces Age and to bring the Pisces Law into effect. The Christ was a great Archangel from Sirius.

The influence from Sirius was not known or recognized until the Christ came and revealed the love of God to humanity during the Pisces Age. Christ is the Sirian Initiate. The Morning Star is closely related to Sirius and many humans will become disciples in the Sirian Lodge, called the Blue Lodge. These are all esoteric mysteries. The light from the heart of the Sun under Leo just hints of them. Under Leo and Sirius we are to develop our mental principles (seven) and unfold the twelve petals of the heart.

ARIES: There may be that tug of war in all interactions, with intimates, close family, friends and acquaintances. A new cycle begins in all relationships. Freedom and equanimity will be demanded more and more by everyone. You can help this to occur, offering them freedom that comes with unconditional love. With children this love is offered through loving structure and intelligent discipline. Always it is good for you to ask, ”How do I love more?”

TAURUS: Your health primarily, your daily work and those you work with begin a new cycle of planning new structures and realizing a new and higher level of service. It’s important to articulate and bring into consciousness that everyone is always in service so everyone understands their value. Also, new skills will need to be developed as new opportunities come forth. There is something about family resources that needs tending. You must lead in this endeavor.

GEMINI: During this time, the heart of the matter has been creative self-expression, gathering details and offering others important information concerning and for the future. Now this self-expression must begin to include enjoyment, playfulness and pleasure. What would that be for you? As your ruler, Mercury also rules Virgo, it’s important to tend to health as well. What are you pondering upon so deeply? Is it about the past? Your family perhaps, or your relationship? What is on your mind?

CANCER: You think about your home and family, perhaps about being a parent or considering one of your parents. You wonder what you are doing in the place where you live and if you are to move. You want a new foundation from which to live, work and garden in a true and sincere community. You need a Gate to walk through, a sense of leadership to lead with. You need friends who are not afraid of your moods or feelings. Pray for these gifts to be given. Pray with dedication.

LEO: It’s good to look at your outer environment. Does it need care and tending? It’s good also to walk through the rooms of where you live to see what rearrangements and upkeep they need. It is also good to be in touch with your siblings, creating a deeper level of communication. This is your birthday month. Communication with your angelic protectors will help you navigate the new requirements needed by disciples to enter the Raincloud of Knowable Things. Do you know what that is?

VIRGO: If you listen quietly to your heart and mind and observe carefully your daily life, if you ask yourself about your values, you will realize, if awake, that they have changed over the years. It is no longer viable to maintain previous values. In order to evolve, to move more closely to the Path of Return, your values will need to expand into greater, more mature and responsible levels of harmony toward all. It’s all about love and sharing. All that we have increases as we share. You realize this.

LIBRA: Something new is occurring in your physical body. Perhaps it’s a health alert that will change the shape of your body. Perhaps it’s your self-image where you begin to value family more and understand your very important purpose within the family. Perhaps you’re forced to adopt newer disciplines to maintain the quality of your life. Whatever is changing, it’s good and purposeful. It’s also to go back in time and forgive. Forgiveness frees us.

SCORPIO: Something in your life is being ingathered, quite like a harvest. Perhaps great sorrows or death experiences, perhaps realizing all you’ve done in service for the world. Perhaps it’s a gathering of gifts offered to those in need. A great compassion has been cultivated in your heart. You realize life isn’t a movie or a film. Life is real and you play a leading role and this life determines your next life, and on and on. A ponderous thought indeed don’t you think?

SAGITTARIUS: You may soon find yourself going to and fro between old sets of friends, groups, hopes, wishes and dreams and new ones. The latter will be gathered slowly and over time. But some have already appeared. You will also consider what new goals, ambitions and views of the world are changing your ways of thinking and relating. How are your finances? Are you sharing resources? How is your heart lotus unfolding?

CAPRICORN: In the public eye you are a rareness of many gifts, and often not fully understood. You bring both force and stability to all you do in the world. A new cycle begins with your work, profession, who you are in the world and what you are offering. You can expect more responsibilities to appear, along with more praise and recognition. Your presence positively affects your family and loved ones. You are the heart center.

AQUARIUS: There are many possibilities for Aquarians in the coming months based upon their states of awareness. Influenced will be new cycles of learning, possible teaching, long and adventuresome journeys and for the very few the building of the new era community and culture. For all Aquarians a wider view of reality emerges and this propels you into new areas of work and a different daily life. One you hoped for. We stand with you.

PISCES: It’s good to begin to eliminate all that is unnecessary in your life, especially what in your environments has not been used in the past many months. This will allow newer, finer energies and resources, infinite and abundant, more appropriate to the coming times, to be available. Be prepared for unexpected changes, shifts and losses. But this has been occurring for a while now and you have become somewhat adaptable. Take Ignatia Amara (homeopath) for grief. Learn mudras. Recite mantras.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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