Leo New Moon, Jupiter Retrogrades & Lammas

Leo New Moon, Jupiter Retrogrades & Lammas

Thursday is a new moon (Leo) and Jupiter beginning its retrograde phase in Aries.

During new moon times, we uphold and support the endeavors of the New Group of World Servers, men and women of Goodwill everywhere. Leo is about cultivating our creative gifts and recognizing our talents and abilities. At some point they will be called forth in service to humanity in need. Mercury in Leo tells us to ponder upon and talk about them. Sun in Leo illuminates them. The new moon occurs at 5.39 degrees Leo.

Two and a half hours after the new moon, Jupiter stations retrograde at 8:43 Aries, retrograding back to 29 degrees Pisces, November 24th. Jupiter is retrograde for four months. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, love and wisdom, benevolence and beneficence. Whatever Jupiter touches, joy and abundance appear. Jupiter is the heart of the Sun, the heart of Aquarius, the ruler of Sagittarius, and our hearts, too. When planets are retrograde, humanity enters into a state of inward focusing, assessment and review. In an astrology chart, the sign and house the retrograde moves through determine what area of life is influenced. With Jupiter retrograde we become more philosophical, we gather knowledge and pursue wisdom (Pallas Athena’s gift).

As Jupiter retrogrades in Aries, we become very self-reflective. We seek to understand our identity. As this transit affects all of humanity it is an important retrograde. Massed humanity is not yet aware of its true identity as the World Disciple. Humanity remains asleep to its divine origins. Jupiter retrograde in Aries brings humanity to an awareness and state of questioning – Who am I? What is humanity? Who am I as part of humanity? Humanity, when it identifies itself as the World Disciples, will begin to “restore both the Rule of Law and the Plan on Earth”.

Lammas is Monday, August 1st – a celebration and harvest of the summer fruits. A harvesting of the first wheat for breadmaking (later blessed at mass) and the Eucharist. It marks Midsummer, and in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, it is written that Juliet was born on Lammas Eve. It is a time of in-gathering and giving thanks for nature’s abundance. This is the first harvest of the season. There is in all the Lammas festivities the knowledge that the Sun is beginning to wane. There is a change, a shift in the light and air. Growth is slowing down. The dark half of the year, autumn and winter’s darkness, beckons. The second harvest is Autumn Equinox.

ARIES: In the days to come, with Sun and Mercury in Leo, your deepest creativity comes forth and you want to talk about it. You become sensitive to the realization that you are creative. At first you silently realize it as a gift. The Sun reveals your temperament, characteristics and reasons as to why you are in this particular life and incarnation. Leo Sun highlights all gifts from previous lifetimes. These gifts you begin to remember in this lifetime. You cultivate them. They point out your path to the stars.

TAURUS: It will be impressed upon your mind that you are a deeply creative person. One gradually begins to have confidence in oneself when their creativity emerges into the light of day. You begin to express yourself in new ways. This affects your home life. You want to make way for more creativity to emerge. So you clear, order & tend your environment. Notice, when your gifts and abilities are recognized, you become happy. Then you realize you are loved. Be playful and have fun at home.

GEMINI: It’s good to speak quietly and compassionately. These allow you to have authority and authenticity. Perhaps you speak quickly, any words will do, as long as you make people laugh and they don’t cling to you. You must be free like a bird in a meadow. Personal power and courage emerge when you speak from the heart. It’s important to identify and articulate always what and how you feel. You become a light in the world when you speak. You know love is all there is.

CANCER: It’s important to realize you are valuable and are a rich source of valuable resources. Give generously of yourself. Expect nothing in return. Do not hide your feelings or create mysteries, puzzles or confusions for people trying to ascertain how you feel. When we value our feelings, we express our feelings clearly. It’s important to cherish one’s feelings and those of others. They provide us with direction and are our pathway to peace.

LEO: You have the ability to bring the heart of the Sun (Love/Wisdom), into your heart, radiating the light outward into the world. You have the ability to create warmth in others and in all the kingdoms. Many people feel cold and dispossessed in their lives. You are to understand that you carry the golden warming light of the Sun. You are a burnished shield reflecting the Sun. Often, unaware, you hide yourself in that light. You must instead, radiate that light. Leos are the Sun itself!

VIRGO: As the Leo Sun illumines your hidden parts of yourself, it will dissolve all separative thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Imagine dissolving them into a universal loving matrix. Then your aspirations can be recognized by the Soul. The Soul cannot direct unkind, cruel, judgmental or critical personalities. These are separative behaviors. The Soul’s light is Love/Wisdom. When you see others creating separations, cover them with the nourishment of your Soul’s light.

LIBRA: You are the bright shining star with friends, family and working groups. Everyone appreciates your courage, flair, beauty and generosity. You share everything you have with everyone. Sometimes, though, you want to hide away. Sometimes you’re tired. There are internal places to explore still unknown to you. These are your shadows. Each of us enters our shadow self at times. It becomes a healing and a refuge. Is there someone you don’t share your starry light with?

SCORPIO: Scorpios are warrior disciples. They always are triumphant. Even when it seems a failure, it never is. Deeply individual, often alone, you build a strong courageous personality. Later awareness of purpose and serving humanity appears. Often people think you’re hiding when you’re simply pondering life’s mysteries, which you undertake, one after another. You shoulder great responsibility so others can move toward the light. You hear the call of discipleship.

SAGITTARIUS: You sometimes throw caution to the winds. You also sometimes hide your starlight, letting others shine in their own light. You aren’t happy with anything less than the very best of everything. You bring warmth, personality, style, élan, a flair, a buzz and a murmering wherever you are. You look away sometimes from what others see. You look toward your destiny. You shine a light on it. You walk towards it. It waits patiently.

CAPRICORN: There’s an unspoken energy around you that brings attention to your happiness and creativity. There’s a bit of mystery about you, too, that no one understands. You maintain your dignity in all situations. You know the difference between people who love you and people who… (you fill in the words). You have a pure way of loving and are hurt when others are cruel. Keep your trust intact. Help others laugh more. The issues for many months will be on serving another in need. You are one of the New Group of World Servers.

AQUARIUS: It seems to be time for an interlude, linking you to nothing and nowhere, just for a bit of time, so that you can come to a state of balance as to who you are, where you are, why, and what further choices you must make in and for the future. You must, as you stand in balance, attempt to hold all opposing forces in check. This tension creates a greater awareness concerning your gifts in service to humanity. In the tension is also direction. You are in a place of refuge. Recite Oms ceaselessly in this state.

PISCES: You need someone who understands and listens to you, someone who shares your hopes, wishes and dreams, someone who hears your heartbeat and knows all that you say contains a message. You need environments that bring forth playfulness, beauty, intelligence and balance. Chemical reactions between two substances transforms both. If only one is transformed, then only one is singing. Music heals. Create your Vesta box with music.

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