Leo – from the Heart of Matter

Leo – from the Heart of Matter

We’ve left the waters of Cancer and on Friday, find ourselves in Leo, the fiery sign of kings and queens, of lions and leopards, the Sphinx, the blue star Sirius where love comes from, and the giant star, Regulus, at the heart of Leo. Leo is the “heart of matter” from which our life force emanates. Knowing this about Leo, we begin to understand the depth, breadth and dramatic life force of those born under Leo (Sun, Rising, Moon, Mars). Leo is both lion and pussycat all in one.

Leo is a fixed steady pulsating fire that never dims. Leo is the sign of love and the freedom to create. When aligned with the Will to Good, Leo shines as bright as the Sun and glows with divine inspiration. Leo is the sign of identifying oneself by what one creates. Leo’s say, “Look at my creations!” And we praise them.

Leo, on the personality-building level, creates dictators not in touch with love or Divine Will, commanding others from their undeveloped little self. Let us see them as in training. These are their words, “I rule as a right of my presence in any situation. Let other forms exist. I rule because I am!” Leo on this level is the “benevolent dictator.”

When the personality is directed by the Soul (love, intelligent will, kindness, etc.) love from the heart of the Sun and from Sirius streams into the human heart creating the Will to Good, which is the Will to Love.

Leos inspire people. They have an inner confidence. They are natural born actors, with an inborn sense of the dramatic. Leos need to be praised and recognized. That is how they evolve. Leos are leaders. Great leaders rule with Intelligent Will and Loving Intelligence. And at times they carry a fiery sword.

Update on Matthew – He is still in critical condition in the surgical wing of the hospital. We as a family ask that prayers continue. Updates are on my website – www.nightlightnews.org. On FB at Love For Matt Scott. And the Go Fund Me page is https://www.gofundme.com/f/matthew-cole-scotts-journey-to-recovery

ARIES: All this week and weeks to come, the questions presented to you are: what engages your attention, what do you find creative about yourself, what resources would allow your creativity to expand, how do you relate to children (their care and well-being), where do you find rest and relaxation, and how do you party and have fun? Your answers define your present identity. Some Aries will attract a new love of something very interesting.

TAURUS: Something about the events or people in your life bring forth thoughts of family lineage, relatives and ancestors, birth and death. This information creates a foundation for your future life choices, with or without family, or creating a new one. Novel ideas occur to you, which, formerly rejected, will take root and change your perceptions (about family). Nurturance is a need now either from you or toward you. Both are best. You go first.

GEMINI: The early training (and experiences) we received as children form the foundation of who/what we are today. It’s important to see these early experiences as gifts that gradually allowed you to become awake, aware and conscious. They also allowed you to find your way and create your own brilliant life. Seeing life in this light liberates your heart and mind. Turn toward this now, speak from this position. See the glass half full with sunlight shining through it.

CANCER: The questions are what’s most important in your life these days and what is not? There’s need for determining the difference between the two. It’s important to observe your life and have practical knowledge so that difficulties don’t appear in terms of family communication. Messages may become conflicted and misunderstood. Stay within this mantra. “Let reality govern my every thought. And truth be the master of my life.”

LEO: Happy Birthday, Leo, now and forever. Ponder upon what you want/need for your birthday. Do you need a cupcake, an ice cream bar, a trip somewhere unusual, a new identity, a new past, a talk about money and investments, a teacher, a group to interact with, a new profession, expansion of your chosen profession, a wound to be healed, a brilliant relationship? Angels are standing by taking notes, waiting for your answers so they can spring into action. They remain with you all year long.

VIRGO: This week tend to important activities – communication, bills, plans, agendas, purchases. Be sure your thoughts are not so internalized that you can’t reach out to others. Solitude may play a great part in the weeks ahead. When remaining behind the scenes, allow yourself to rest more so dreams have a chance to teach you new things through stories and numbers and symbols. Their messages are what the coming months will be like. Retreat to a garden. Sleep there under the stars.

LIBRA: I’ve been wondering how Pluto in your 4th house of home and family environment has influenced you. I’ve wondered how this important transformative symbol has influenced your daily life and what choices you’ve had to make. Is there something about life and death you are tending to? Pluto brings forth transformation needed that we can’t push aside. And so I ask how are you, how is the family, how and where is your home? We are standing with you.

SCORPIO: Some things new should be coming forth in your professional life, career, or in how others see you. Good things. In the meantime as you await this new reality, step forward into the public and act as an ambassador of goodwill. In a community monastery, called Figueira in Brazil, people are trained to be healers and “harmonizers.” Each of us will be called to be healing in the coming times. Consider becoming a healer and a harmonizer). It’s done silently with intention and dedication. Humanity in crisis will need these important skills.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t let any mixed messages created by misinformation throw you overboard into the waters of confusion. Be aware that two areas of life, home/profession, presents dual realities. There is no end to the unexpectedness occurring in our world now. At times do you feel lost? Seek care and solace from friends, but only a very few whom you trust. Things cross-cultural, religious, higher education, long journeys can help. Visualize yourself on a long adventure, a pilgrimage divinely directed. Get good shoes.

CAPRICORN: You are being called to a great work. What is that. Does it have to do with life and death, with tending and nurturing others? Are you called to care for an unexpected situation? Do you need to lead now? Your life perspective has changed this past month due to certain events. A great creative surge is enveloping you. You are called to actions that affects another’s life. You are reconsidering everything. And stepping into your role of leadership. You have been preparing for years. The time has come now. Someone needs you.

AQUARIUS: This time is most important for Aquarians. Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius. Leo is where your creativity resides. A profound situation is occurring in your life. There is an integration of life’s energies, past, present and future. Your experiences are the prototype of humanity’s later experiences. You are the forerunner. For you to move forward, it’s important to integrate all talents and gifts from the past. Gather them into a bundle and offer them to the world. With conscious intention. Can you visualize this? Then a healing happens.

PISCES: An event has occurred and your daily life is in question. What will you do? There are choices. Will you be here or there or yet in another direction altogether. Neptune in Pisces creates a state of confusion leading to a sense of non-direction at first. You need a witching wand, a divining rod, a branch of the hemlock or hazel or willow tree, to find the ley-lines, the currents of your future. You need a foundation now so your future can come forth. That foundation at this time is prayer. Have courage that all will be well in time.

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