Thunder Full Moon – Building a Lighted House

Thunder Full Moon – Building a Lighted House

Wednesday, July 13, is the full moon (brightest full moon of the year). This July moon is called the Thunder or Hay full moon. During the full moon time, the Light of Cancer flows into our Earth, bringing nourishment to all the kingdoms. The full moon is always a reflective Light. The moon, having no life, has no light of its own. The light of the moon is the reflected Light of the Sun which contains light from the Big Dipper and from a constellation.

At this Wednesday‘s full moon, the Earth will be completely bathed in the light of Cancer and Rays 3 (Divine Intelligence) & 7 (new rhythms, new archetypes for the new era).

The Sun in Cancer with moon in Capricorn. These are the two spiritual Gates – one into matter (the womb of life), the other the Gate of Return (to heaven). At the time of the full moon both Gates swing open; the Gate into the Earth of form and matter (Cancer) and the Gate of Return to Heaven or the Father (Capricorn). The Sun, at Wednesday’s full moon, is at 17 degrees Cancer. What area of life in everyone’s chart is touched by the light of the Cancer Sun.

At each full moon, both the personality and the Soul participate. The Soul speaks to the personality and says, “I (will) build (within you) a lighted house and dwell therein.” The Soul is responding to the desolate and lonely call of the personality, a call to end the isolation and be directed and guided. And so, the Soul responds. “Building a lighted house (directing) the personality”.

Wednesday is a very complex day. The moon contacts every planet in its path. Thursday and Friday are Aquarius moon, highlighting the coming new era. Sunday Venus enters Cancer and we give and then give some more to those in need of care and nurturing. Monday, Aries moon. We initiate new projects. Tuesday, Mercury enters Leo – we talk about our creative endeavors. Chiron retrogrades Tuesday at 16 degrees Aries ‘til winter solstice.

About Matthew (update): Matthew remains in the trauma unit, still critical. You can read more at Love For Matt Scott FB page. There is also a Go Fund Me page. We continue to pray for his full and perfect recovery, comfort, health and well-being. Risa

ARIES: The full moon affects both home and profession, trying to unify and synthesize your actions in endeavors in both fields. Full moons are times of fruition. Things planned and hoped for emerge into the light. It’s like a gathering or harvest. If you work with this solar festival, you can synthesize the two areas of your life. They will no longer be a source of difficulty or challenge. So many others are pulled in two directions. You needn’t be though. Your keywork – Recalculating.

TAURUS: You are emerging as a teacher, whether you accept, understand, or are aware of this or not. The Cancer solar festival (at the full moon) is a time when the teacher is recognized and gratitude is given. Think on teachers who influenced you with their kindness, goodness and knowledge. Thank them (inwardly). Then go forward and become that much greater. The student is always to surpass the teacher – one of the student’s spiritual tasks.

GEMINI: I remind you to read all the astrological signs each week along with the Labors of Hercules. To learn the mysteries and the Ageless Wisdom teachings embedded within each sign. Make a list of what you value – from objects to people to behaviors to intelligence to facts. These help you understand yourself better. As you identify your values, a greater sense of self as valuable comes forth. Remember to tithe.

CANCER: Whatever you’re doing this week and month will help define what your self-identity is. So, observe your actions, interactions, choices, thoughts and the people you are with these days. Be sure to provide yourself with adequate foods, nurturance, safety and security. These you provide for others. Now you must learn how to provide them for yourself in great measure too. Nourishment is your key word.

LEO: Allow yourself time to meander away from work, duties and responsibilities. You are more internal than usual and your imagination needs to roam about more freely. This will allow your creativity to come forth. This will also soothe you, creating a sense of comfort and care that sometimes you seek from others (something they are unable to provide). Relationships from the past are on your mind. Thank them for their presence in your life.

VIRGO: You’ve been working on the realization that you have a great amount of creativity. Virgo’s order and organization, the fine art of detail, are vry special creative acts. You bring in many gifts, abilities and talents from past lives. They continually appear in your daily life. Are you a collector? That calls upon great creative discernment. You are being more and more defined in terms of your artistic nature. Recognize this.

LIBRA: Your home situation has changed and transformed you. You have sought stability (and a couch) for so long, since childhood actually. It has been important that you have a permanent and structured foundation and although you hoped for this as a child, something always seemed to dissolve it away. Life is different these days. Happiness is now yours to keep. Comfort and beauty, too. Be kind with the past. That early time brought you to where you are today.

SCORPIO: There’s an ongoing question concerning your home – where it is, where do you belong, how to bring forth a stable home in the future? It seems you’ve searched so many places to find a clue, the important piece of the puzzle. Careful study and communication, along with more travel may be needed for a while. You’re used to this. It’s just another step. Travel creates a new philosophy and way of life for you. Travelling inward more deeply may now be needed.

SAGITTARIUS: This is an important time when you think deeply on how you would want to improve, expand upon or restructure different aspects of your life. It’s important to realize your gifts. One gift is your dedication. You carry an enthusiasm and joyfulness that, to others, seems like an adventure. Enthusiasm (filled with God) can take you to great heights of achievement. One thing to remember – everything has its own timing. That timing is in the stars.

CAPRICORN: All things cultural bring out the best in you, inspiring your creative spirit, building your confidence so that you realize you are an artist. Whatever you do stimulates new and different perspectives in others. You are influential when following inner dreams, visions, likes, wants and wishes. Always write these down in a special starry notebook. Recognizing them calls them forth. You will work hard serving others’ needs in the coming week. Rest more.

AQUARIUS: You may decide being at home in a state of refuge is the best place to be to concentrate on health, the foods your body needs and comforts. It’s important to tend to daily tasks that nurture and enclose you. Sometimes (often), your nervous system needs this enclosure, for you are often a quiver of nervous energy. If sounds are affecting you, take extra magnesium, calcium and Aconite (grounds electrical Uranian energy). In your time of need we are praying for you.

PISCES: You carry a vision of the future. Recently you’ve been presented with the impression to be at home wherever you are. To breathe in the air and to walk upon the earth, recognizing the beauty of the magical kingdom we live in. Accept and recognize you are in the right place at this time. Call upon both happiness and joy to be your companions. These adaptations, recalculations actually bring a soothing and comforting care to you. Pisces people need the deepest care of all.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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