Love is all There Is

Love is all There Is

Dear Readers, this is a different introduction this week. I wanted to share with you that my son, his name is Matthew (age 52), was in a motorcycle accident last Friday. He was on the highway (fishook in Santa Cruz, Hwy 1 @17) when his bike slid and he was thrown to the side of the road. He landed on his head and face. A car drove by several hours later & found him and called 911. An ambulance was called as Matthew was hardly breathing. He was helicoptered to a trauma hospital in Salinas, CA. He has been in a coma with a traumatic head injury, the bones in his face fractured. I am grateful to all the excellent service workers and doctors who have and continue to care for Matthew

We have been praying daily along with people all around the world, in all countries that he emerge from this healed and whole. Matthew’s friends gathered in the hospital parking lot with t-shirts with Matthew artwork on it to show their support and to be close to him.

Matthew is Pisces Moon, Aquarius Sun with Cancer rising. Pisces is the artist, the sign of compassion and knowing other worlds most don’t understand. Cancer is the sign of the mother, of nurturing the little ones (he loves children & animals) and it is the sign of nourishment (Matthew loves to cook).

Sun in Aquarius, sign of the new era, Pisces moon (the previous era). Suspended between two worlds this past week, Matthew’s experience represents the place humanity also finds itself – suspended between two eras – one passing away (Pisces) the other incoming (Aquarius).

I have learned something in this very terrible and heart-breaking week. Something only learned when on the precipice, between dread and sorrow, life and death.

I have realized there is only Love and nothing but Love. And anything not love is not real. And that we only have time for Love. We have time only for Love.

And like Aeneas, carrying his father out of the flames, we can say to Matthew together, “Come then, dear friend (Matthew), place your arms around our collective necks & shoulders & we will support you.” And with our prayers give you strength & with our breath, breathe life into you!” Risa (Note: A FB page was set up for Matthew – Love For Matt Scott)

ARIES: You wonder these days what your true values and ideals are. You ponder upon friendships. Is there comfort and like-mindedness? Friends are for support and nurturing. Who are your friends? In the coming months and years you’ll re-evaluate friendships – who and why – also assessing your importance to them. Your communication can deepen the spiritual basis that holds all things together. Or separate. We all have that choice.

TAURUS: Long held dreams, hidden and for years may emerge, highlighting your future endeavors. Perhaps you’re considering new study and trainings, allowing you to finally venture into a new field of financial or agricultural endeavors. You’ll assess your needs and that of humanity during these critical times. Your work must be service oriented. You know the future is about creating a society of cooperation and sharing. You will lead us into it.

GEMINI: You constantly seek knowledge, which is a spiritual task leading to wisdom, then to love (your purpose). Assess all that you have learned, the many fields of study you’ve assimilated. What would you like to pursue now? Previous beliefs and ideas are now becoming unavailable. You seek new philosophies that expand you spiritually. Long distance travel may be involved. You as a Gemini needs someone to join you.

CANCER: In your daily life you often think of loved ones who have passed on and sometimes you feel left behind. Know those on the other side are working quite closely with you. Communicate from the heart with them. On another subject, you will begin to use resources creating a future that looks and feels different than the past. You will be called to nurture the family. Everyone is grateful for you.

LEO: It is good to review our relationships, past and present, seeking to understand how we communicate and what we expect and offer others. You specifically must realize making contact releases love which nurtures relationships, allows there to be no illusion or distortions. Did you long ago expect too much and were you defensive and demanding? Leos seek freedom along with praise and recognition. Sometimes we have to gently teach our partners.

VIRGO: You can be very sensitive at this time. Careful with what you are eating, seeking to create a balance with foods, using all colors and textures. We are to eat all types of foods, prepared in all types of ways. Do not ignore what your body needs. Virgos are to serve themselves first, tending to body, mind and heart before caring to other. Otherwise strength diminishes. Tending first to self creates the balance needed. Then the body is grateful.

LIBRA: You have persevered in your profession until you are recognized as very skilled and thus known in your field. You have also displayed great courage in your work . Now you feel independent, not wanting to depend on others. Teamwork and being cooperative, however, are most important now. This shows leadership and wisdom. Careful to balance home and professional lives. If you have children tend to them with extra care. In between work and family life, art becomes your refuge.

SCORPIO: Has your home undergone perhaps unusual and subtle changes in the past several years? Are you feeling strange and subtle changes within, too? Our homes are our psychological fortresses. When we transform and change, they transform and change too. And those changes disassemble our sense of security and safety. Attempt to make your home, or wherever you find yourself, a citadel, a refuge, sacred as a temple. Diplomacy sustains you.

SAGITTARIUS: You reflect on deep inner concerns. Outer success seems less important. Instead you question and evaluate your life in spiritual terms. You ponder upon inner fulfillment wondering if you’ve been masquerading. Spiritual dimensions are tugging at you, perhaps not completely apparent. You ponder death and transformation and wonder about heaven. At times you want to withdraw, find peace, drop into deeper dimensions. It will happen.

CAPRICORN: Something in the world has called you to a great service. And you have responded from the heart. There is also a need to ensure your future through expanded resources. Financial security is a focus and goal. Begin with a budget, learning in detail how your money is spent, what you must have and what you can do without. A fundamental change of values has appeared. They have spiritualized. Take great care in relationships. They are your heart’s content and you theirs’s.

AQUARIUS: You are in a state of spiritual transformation. You will review who you think you are as a person and who you are with others. Then you will think about getting into and remaining in tip top shape. What do you think of your life thus far? Is it exciting and wholesome or is it sad and dreary? You will ponder upon and learn more about yourself in the next few months. Then a new self-identity gradually emerges and more and more energy is available.

PISCES: Take time to focus upon yourself and your body’s needs. Seek people whom you enjoy and meet in places of quiet and solitude. Establish and recognize yourself as someone who is creative. You need to dare yourself to have fun and to experience more pleasure. These are strange realities for you. Notice so much of the past is no longer important. Your life energy is attempting to establish a more secure spiritual sense of direction. The future isn’t formed yet. But it’s not too far away. Pray more.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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