United States – Experiment in Freedom

United States – Experiment in Freedom

Monday, July 4, 2022 is Independence Day in the United States. It is the 246th birthday of the United States, a country created by the Hierarchy (inner spiritual government) as an experiment in freedom. Externally, the U.S. was formed to liberate itself from England (freedom from the old ways) under new laws and rhythms. Every country has a spiritual task. The task of the United States of America is that of “standing within the Light and leading humanity within and towards that Light.”

The United States, in these days of crisis, needs new enlightened servers – the New Group of World Servers. Let us dedicate ourselves in service to our country and people as we recite the ancient Mantram of Service together –

“Help us, O Lord, to know and to do our part in the world.”

The month of July may be quite a difficult, emotional and chaotic month for the United States and its people. It may be an emotional explosive firecracker of a month. It will require all of us to maintain balance and equanimity between mind and heart. In order to navigate the turbulent waters ahead. We may feel like our world is breaking down into a thousand little pieces.

Astrologically we have Uranus square Moon breaking up crystallizations and Pluto/Pluto bringing about a complete transformation of our ways of life. Uranus frees us from the past rhythms we are used to and offers humanity new Aquarian laws and principles. Memories appear as we are called to create the new future.

Pluto returns to its original place when the United States was founded (1776) Pluto is the “Transformer.”. We will feel like a snake when shedding its skin. When this occurs the snake is temporarily blinded. Pluto brings the end of one form so another can come to life.

We have existed for the past 2,500 years under the rules of Pisces (Neptune, belief). Now we are entering the Age of Aquarius (Uranus, knowledge), the age of humanity’s freedom. The present and upcoming chaos and conflicts we are experiencing are the preparatory stages to a new world. The Rule that governs our Earth is that out of all conflicts and chaos, a new form of harmony and new rhythms emerge. That is a promise to humanity. It offers us hope in these Kali Yuga times.

ARIES: You already know about freedom. In the times to come your individual focus will shift and change. You will more and more become the warrior. Seeking freedom for and from others, presenting yourself to the world as an exemplar of freedom. Be careful that you understand what freedom truly is. It’s sacrifice. It comes from the heart. It’s service to others. It’s a quality of the Soul & Spirit. We are not “free” until we serve.

TAURUS: You have had the sense that, as the world around us changes, as we move from one age to the next, it’s your task, divinely inspired, deeply altruistic, to help others learn about freedom. You will respond to the call, be a mentor for humanity. You will seek to protect humanity offering both education and refuge. You become one of the leaders in this endeavor, calling all resourceful and creative people to be by your side.

GEMINI: Your mind always remains free and independent. Though many think you’re their best friend, you are actually a bit detached, observing, aloof, not allowing yourself to get too close. You have many ideas and ideals that cannot fit into one group. Compromise is not your main task. Instead you use charm, wit, humor, and information. These create a subtle veil between yourself and others. You display duality. It helps humanity choose. You remain free.

CANCER: You accomplish your work with deep and thoughtful proficiency. You laugh at these words. It’s true. So often you hide under your shell. I think you must be studying everything there is to know under that shell. You emerge for a while, provide information needed, and return to the shadows. You’re like a crab or turtle. We found one on the road today. We moved it into the grasses on the other side of the gate. It was grateful. You are the “gate.”

LEO: You must become aware and informed, more radical, more conservative, entering into the place of truth (not propaganda), no longer remaining in the old. You are to travel and meet new people who also think in new ways. Not left, not right but Aquarian ways, esoteric ways. What is no longer useful for the new era, soon becomes unavailable. The new laws and principles provide opportunities for your future life and well-being. You never were to accept traditional boundaries and limits. Creativity is true freedom for you.

VIRGO: Are you having feelings, ideas, impressions, hopes, wises, and dreams of resurrecting? There’s an inner state of psychological death and rebirth, reorientation and regeneration occurring in your life. Others will wonder why you’re changing so fast. You have no answers for them. You know it’s the influence of the stars, sun and planets. Be careful of others’ feelings. Don’t be impatient. Stay within a balanced equilibrium. Like Libra tries to do, always with a smile.

LIBRA: Are you feeling inconsistent, in states of unease and difficulty, rather erratic and changeable? Is your usual charm flagging? No matter, your level of charm never disappears. Your genuine care and concern of others is your keynote to success. Although you love being in relationship, at times you need to be solitary and alone. In relationships you’re secure when your partner is free. Two free people equal one brilliant secure relationship. How’s your forgiveness coming?

SCORPIO: Whatever daily work you do, a new level of technology and concrete scientific knowledge will enhance it, providing you with more freedom of choice, of time and personal freedom to pursue other interests. Is your work area rather messy? How is your health? Often your research leads to breakthroughs that help liberate the life force of others. You do not follow the usual ways of being. Your freedom is within.

SAGITTARIUS: To have a greater sense of freedom, you need to enter into a child-like sense of play, a self-expression that liberates your happiness and joy. You must also do things quite differently now. Nothing of the old ways will do. Naturally creative, often laughing, quite charming and at times, crazy and madcap, creating your new world would be quite easy. You need something Broadway, too. Don’t you think? Many follow you. You challenge them.

CAPRICORN: You will change the ways you care for and nurture self and others. Already different than most in your thinking, you will become even more independent concerning ways to be in the world. To survive in our world, more and more must become thinkers. You are already a thinker, making right choice as to actions when information is given. Here’s a prayer for you, an invocation. “Let reality govern my every thought and truth be the master of my life.” You will understand your mother’s teachings. You are its result.

AQUARIUS: Even though others see you as different, eccentric, rather brilliant and quick, you are also vulnerable and at times in need of care and direction. You make people laugh. They understand your humor and learn from you while integrating new ideas, realities and ways of life that you offer them. Sometimes you create in others a sense of puzzlement. Sometimes you will annoy. But always you will be creative, playful and honest. Not boring. We like you.

PISCES: You view resources in a way different than most. You see resources as a way to help humanity create a new way of living. You ask that all things financial be easy and uncomplicated. You do not want to be hindered by too many material items. More and more of your possessions are being left behind or given away. You seek freedom. You value all that assists humanity. You are one with your group brothers and sisters and all that you have is theirs. Then you always have everything you need.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.

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