Gemini’s Essential Nature

Gemini’s Essential Nature

Gemini, the third sign, the third gate, the 3rd Labour of Hercules, is an air sign. Aquarius and Libra are air signs too. Air signs are intelligent, whimsical, imaginative and very charming. Gemini is a mutable sign (also Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), indicating they are adaptable, philosophical, curious & inquisitive.

The light of Gemini flows through Mercury (the communicator), so communication is most important to Geminis. Presently Mercury is retrograde which turns thoughts inward. When we look at the sign and symbols of Gemini we see two brothers or sisters, the twins, two columns (Masonry), signifying the two poles of duality. Geminis think about this and that, here and there. They have two sides, two minds, two realities occurring at the same time, all the time. Geminis present different parts of themselves depending upon the need, where they are and who they are with. Both sides of Gemini are different, interesting and compelling.


Geminis have two tasks – to present duality (the two of everything, two faces) to everyone & to love everyone. The last is a deep secret It’s hard to hold a Gemini’s attention. They are here, there, everywhere, like a butterfly in a meadow. This flower, that flower, ALL the flowers become their destination.

Gather/Disperse/Share – Gemini has a third task which is to gather information from here, there, everywhere & then offer it, disperse it to the world. That is their job description. That’s why Geminis are so curious. They thirst for knowledge, for all that is new. Look at the eyes of Gemini! Their shape is such that one sees their ability to search out the new & find it!

Gemini Professions:

Geminis often become writers, comedians, influencers, speakers, communicators working in media (they are very funny and charming). Skillful with their hands, they can be gardeners, chefs, painters, potters, accountants. They are also social butterflies with great imaginations. They need personal contact (the “other”) to bring their creativity forth. Geminis are flexible with multiple skills. They need complete freedom to explore the world around them.


The opposite sign of Gemini is Sagittarius – their shadow, their muse, their other half, their completion. Gemini receives the light of Love from the blue star Sirius and from a secret star (Ray star 2) in the Big Dipper. Love is, for Gemini, their deepest and essential narrative, play, duty, engagement, role and life story.

ARIES: You’re everywhere all at once. The energies are dynamic, contemplative, fiery and watery, leading to excess activities tinged with the blues. Attempt to focus in your heart. This allows all new ideas, to filter through the question “Is this for the Goodwill of myself, humanity, the Earth?” Then you will know the best course of action through these unsettled and challenging times.

TAURUS: You’re often found in serious study, sorting out details, feelings, instincts, and intuitions. You seek at all times the truth. You may not know why you feel a certain way, however you must still express to others whether the timing is right, if the path has been found. The past hasn’t caught up to the present/future yet, and to move forward without right timing is unwise. Later, after events unfold, you understand your intuitions.

GEMINI: Do not be discouraged. Use your heart and intuition to assess your wants, needs, and aspirations. Pleasure is often delayed until just the right time when all the parts and people come together. Be very aware of the upcoming full and new moon festivals. Love pours down during the festivals, and since you’re Ray 2 (Love/Wisdom), you’re in its direct pathway. Allow nothing to interrupt your meditations concerning these festivals. They are your Path of Return.

CANCER: Anything unresolved with those close to us (especially those who have died) reappears through dreams, feelings, thoughts, emotions and memories. Attempt to reconnect with love and grace and know that “Love underlies all happenings of all things at all times”. Earth is a planet where we release our sorrows and the grief strengthens us. Thoughts of reconciliation are impressed upon your mind.

LEO: Often you feel the need to navigate the emotional tides washing in and out of your life. See yourself at the seashore, building a fire close to the water’s edge. Then contemplate the elements – earth, air, fire and water. When they join, a new reality, new direction and a new awareness of life emerge. The challenge will be maintaining an inner steady course when responsibilities become overwhelming. You’re being asked to sustain the many in the world through your leadership. You are the ship as well as the ship’s captain.

VIRGO: Observe yourself these next weeks. You will be unusual yet practical and creative with money and finances, day-to-day events, plans, connections and agendas. Even if you feel like you want to run away, you’ll focus on how to bring balance and harmony, caution and care into all situations. The weeks ahead are paradoxical with polarized realities everywhere. Stand in the middle where the light is. Light contains information. It provides you with sustenance.

LIBRA: You continue to assess what you’re able to provide to others, especially those close to you. You also review your needs, an important assessment. Sometimes realizations can be difficult especially for Librans who want to have harmony above conflict, ease above constant change. You seek depth, meaning, closeness and freedom. Maintain an inner silence this week, listening to others, to your own heartbeat. A harmony arises.

SCORPIO: Find ways to express your love of others, not necessarily through words but through shared exercise, play, walks, food, music, dance. Perhaps buying a new couch or bed. In all areas of expression include movement. It will sustain and stabilize any emotional upheavals you may feel. Physical discomfort may make you feel like escape is necessary. Yes, do escape in whatever way you can. Rest, ease and health these days are most important.

SAGITTARIUS: Use your mind and body to focus on health. Think care and prevention. Add things that you really enjoy doing with others. All of this is important. Add a dash of confidence. Realize you plan intelligently and well, and when you’re truly mindful, your communication offers others strength and enthusiasm. Ponder these things during the time of Gemini’s festivals. This is a most subtle integrative time for you.

CAPRICORN: As you tend to the usual domestic situations and apply the necessary discipline you also feel the need for freedom and change and perhaps travel. Be careful with family communication. You or others could become impatient and say things you later regret. You may work harder and longer than usual. Let the focus be balance, not work. Let all others around you know they are of value. Point out their values. Remain in the garden. Plant rose bushes. Save their seeds.

AQUARIUS: Maintain strict limits and agendas so time and money are not wasted. Discipline allows creativity and intuition to emerge. With no discipline intuition has nothing to focus upon. Pray and call for what you need. Ask and it will be given. The angels hear all that you say and set about helping you gain what is essential to your life and comfort. Give and more will be asked of you. Both must occur. Think about your life and the goodness it provides. This focus on goodness is to guide your life.

PISCES: What and how you communicate will affect many people. Tell the truth about your experiences. Let people know your needs, inner and outer. There is most likely a challenging situation in your life now. Move within it with grace and apply to it prayers and a loving will(ingness). Great good will come forth. Remember this when the path becomes difficult. The need for comfort is in the air. Psalm 23 brings one comfort. Also, read Jeremiah 29:11…plans for the future.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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