New Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Beltane (Brilliant Fire)

New Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Beltane (Brilliant Fire)

Pluto retrogrades Friday, April 29th. Retrogrades are times of contemplation, reflection, assessment of the past. With Pluto retrograde we consider issues such as power, creation, sex, death, renewal, rebirth and things hidden and unseen and mysterious. We all become Persephone (till October 8, 2022).

Saturday is a new moon solar eclipse (something essential falls away, its work complete) at 10 degrees Taurus. At new moon times the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) supports and uplifts the endeavors of the women and men of Goodwill everywhere. New moon times, having an Aries/Uranus flavor, are times when “all things new” are possible. We always begin with our imaginations, imagining what “all things new” are needed.

Sunday is the festival of Beltane. An ancient Celtic festival, Beltane is celebrated on May 1 (May Day). Beltane, a cross-quarter day, informs us we are now between spring equinox & summer solstice. The Celtic festivals followed the path of the Sun. Celebrating times of dark & times of Light, times of cold & times of warmth. The festivals were from ancient times when there were no electric lights, when light came only from the Sun, moon & stars. And sometimes from the fairies, the fairy light like lightning bugs, a phosphorescence flickering in the night. Beltane celebrated the end of winter, darkness & cold. Celebrating the beginning of the warm half of the year, fair weather, more light each day. In the Catholic Church, Mary, Queen of the May, was crowned.

In earlier times, in 19th century Ireland and Scotland, bonfires were set on hills and mountains, valleys and forests. They represented the coming summer’s golden fiery Sun. Humanity stepped outside into nature. They could leave their homes (winter protection) and re-enter the world of nature, of trees & flowers & the warmth of the Sun.

Four fire festivals mark the Celtic year – cross-quarter days signifying in- between times – they are Beltane, Samhain (Nov. 1), Imbolc (Feb. 1), and Lughnassadh (Aug. 1), the four great “fire festivals” which marked the turning points of the Celtic year.


All types of yellow spring flowers (primrose, rowan, hawthorn, gorse, hazel, marigold) were gathered at Beltane, made into bouquets, placed at doorways and windows and offered as spring gifts. Sometimes loose flowers were strewn about dairy floors or made into garlands, placed around cows and milking and butter-making equipment. The yellow flowers evoked the golden fire of the Sun. Beltane tells us summer’s halfway here!

ARIES: Be careful that you don’t become exhausted from ceaseless work. It’s best to create your own schedule, have your own business, independently working at your own pace and not be disoriented by those with a different rhythm. Only one twelfth of the population is Aries. Everything you do has your own Aries signature and enthusiasm. Gain the respect of others working with you. Be generous, kind and compassionate. Soul virtues. Open your heart first.

TAURUS: Usually you’re placid and quiet, seek comfort, pleasure and fine food. However, another side of you loves risk-taking and speculation. It’s a sense of play for others but, to you, very serious. Often (silently) you’re competitive. You respect the fiercely independent, the sports enthusiasts and intelligent communicators. Somehow you always have what you want and everyone admires you. People are curious and often wonder about you. You’ll never tell.

GEMINI: Sometimes you feel anger or confusion or protection concerning your early childhood years. Sometimes you realize there are childhood realities you can’t quite remember. You sense present behaviors have roots in childhood. Your instincts tell you those beliefs, thoughts and ideas must change. First, every life experience must be accepted and embraced. Wounds begin to heal when we realize all family, friends and relationship choices and experiences were made by us before birth. We are here to help one another.

CANCER: You’re learning to speak truthfully. Sometimes what you say hurts others. You’re also learning discrimination – how to communicate with both truth and kindness. This takes many lives for everyone. You want to be direct and clear. But sometimes our communication is tinged with judgment, criticisms, expectations, and/or provocation. You can be informative and you can be kind, too. It takes lots of learning. We are all learning this together.

LEO: You ask often how is something made and what are the steps and methods to creating it yourself. You love things practical. But they must also be beautiful, make money, have value, be challenging and keep you independent. This sounds like the type of relationships you seek. It’s good to be slow and steady in all endeavors. Soon the pace will pick up. Careful to spend money only on things of value. Nothing bearing any resemblance to the past.

VIRGO: Sometimes we react immediately and with force to new situations and events, like firecrackers ready to ignite. It’s good at these times to take Aconite (homeopath) when nerves seem stressed and over reactive. This is the activity of Mars in Gemini working with Mercury (your ruler). Sometimes you begin things and then can’t complete them. This will pass. Don’t stir up any discontent or trouble anywhere. It returns with a powerful lightning-like force.

LIBRA: Have you felt a bit discouraged, convinced your efforts won’t be seen, heard or understood. You have wanted to cease certain ways of living, acting or being but this too felt difficult. That time will come. You have not felt your usual sense of self. Often you can be overtired. You work well on your own, your values and principles are strong, yet one aspect of your life feels incomplete, not quite right and empty. What is it?

SCORPIO: Certain people in your life actually help you to achieve your many hopes, wishes, goals and dreams. Most of these people are acquaintances, few are close friends. This is how you like it. You choose only a few trustworthy people to support your aims in life. You have the warrior sensibility. Whatever your goals, you achieve them. Often undercover and in the dark of night. For protection. We learn mysterious ways from you.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re one of the signs that seeks freedom above all, so you can accomplish independent, original creative work. The stars have endowed you with courage to pursue your own endeavors, choices and decisions, allowing you autonomy. Ambition carries you to the heights and to the depths and always to the “razor’s edge.” When you add charm, care of others, a bit of music and good food to the mix, you’re without limit.

CAPRICORN: You love different ideas, constant learning, challenges and humor. You don’t like self-righteousness in others, especially when others don’t understand your character. You’re playful yet serious, energetic within limits. You like to laugh, have a dry sense of humor. Right now, you’re pondering upon and seeking new endeavors, new path in life and a new identity. It’s in a garden with mulberry, lilac, lime and fig trees. Chickens all around. And a greenhouse.

AQUARIUS: When you know deeply what you want to pursue, the opportunity finally appears. Sometimes you feel no one loves you, or there’s no relationship ahead. You are uncomfortable with anything or anyone that projects illusions. You discover and uncover things. You live in the future, in a place not yet realized by most of humanity. You can be lonely. There are others, magical like you. Call to them. Form a community. Building the new era together.

PISCES: Cooperation, kindness and forethought are the qualities needed while relating to those close to you. Often, it’s best to work one-on-one. Compromise isn’t easy unless there’s deep respect for one another. You’re learning how to communicate, counsel and be a leader. A difficult task. Let others think they are your heroes and heroines. This is the way diplomats work. Diplomacy, compromise, negotiations are art forms. You are the artist.

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