Taurus, the Most Patient of Signs

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, unfolds the second heart petal, following the fiery sign of Aries. As all signs signify elements, Taurus is fixed and earth, thus stabilizing Aries fire. Taurus gathers the fires (ideas from the mind of God) of Aries and anchors them within the earth and into the minds and hearts of humanity. Taurus is patient and kind, constant and reliable, faithful and loving and generous, consistent and balanced, gentle and modest. All the virtues belong to Taurus.

Taurus takes the initiating impulses and new concepts of Aries, and forms them into practical actions, adding desire and aspiration. Taurus is the Wesak Festival, the full moon of Buddha, who, aware of the sufferings in the world, offers to help humanity via the Eight Noble Truths.

Desire is the quality of Taurus. It is not desire that destroys, but the expectations one feels within that desire. Desire is very focused within our planet Earth. The Bull of Desire is a symbol of power, vitality, energy and potency. Desire to create was the energy behind the Lords who created planet Earth and the humanity living upon it. Desire is part of the powers of Creation.

The horns of the bull in Taurus signify desire for life itself, for experiences, for comfort and satisfaction. When these are achieved, then the desire is for knowledge; desire lifted up to Aspiration—aspiring for an intelligent, illuminated mind. The New Group of World Servers is governed, directed and protected by the sign of Taurus, Ray 4 (a star in the Big Dipper). Ray 4 is Harmony emerging from conflict and chaos.

Venus is the planet Taurus flows thru. Venus brings all that is separated into a loving unity. Vulcan (Soul ruler of Taurus), the mysterious planet (hidden between Sun and Mercury), shines forth in Taurus. Vulcan is Hephaestus, husband of Venus. Vulcan forges the Path ahead, and in the fires of experience, fashions the lead of the personality into the golden chalice of the Soul. This “chalice” holds the Wesak blessings distributed at the second spring festival, the full moon of the Buddha on his next visit to the Earth (May 15, lunar eclipse).

ARIES: It’s a very potent time for Aries, a time for re-invention, for new ways of expression and how you present yourself. You’re busy, full of springtime life, full of enthusiasm (filled with God), confident of your upward mobility and success. You strive to reveal your authentic self, realize that impulses lead sometimes to disaster yet you strive forward into the unknown anyway. It’s a brave new world and you shine in it, Aries.

TAURUS: It’s important you rest more, retreat into a state of solitude and self-care. When others speak, take care to listen to their communication, seeking in their words the feelings being expressed. Not until we feel deeply listened to can we can then sense understanding within ourselves. Within you there’s a Soul searching and a seeking of inner comfort and peace. When we deeply hear others, that inner peace extends to ourselves, as well. Again, rest more in the springtime before the summer begins.

GEMINI: It’s a good and right time to make contact (contact releases Love, which is Gemini’s Soul purpose), to network (too-used a word these days), to exchange ideas and plans, to enter, create or extend yourself into a group and reach out to others. Only within the group will your inner awareness be heightened, goals revealed, and strengths be nourished and nurtured. Your presence then offers the same for others in the group. You are a leader.

CANCER: It’s good to ponder upon what what aspects of our personality we project into the world. It’s good to ask ourselves if we act professionally in all areas of life and if we’re mastering any particular discipline at this time. Responsibilities in and for the world summon you to act. Hopefully you’re working in a group and can share the tasks. If not gather a group and offer direction and leadership. Many look to you for support and succor.

LEO: As the new era begins to unfold you want to grow and expand beyond everyday life’s experiences. You want freedom to explore, wander about and journey toward new projects and activities. You want your spirit to feel adventure, your imagination to be unlimited and unobstructed. You are renewed philosophically by the hope of the new age of Aquarius. You remove the blindfolds from your eyes and happily join with Aquarius to create the new culture and civilization.

VIRGO: It’s good to heighten our power of observation. Perhaps you’re observing others more keenly, seeking to know how others make decisions, live their lives, what priorities they choose. This observation is important. It’s the first step to understanding another’s emotional and psychological make-up. Observing in this way creates an intimacy that allows you to see with accuracy and later compassion. It helps us cultivate ahimsa (harmlessness).

LIBRA: It’s good for Libra to periodically review all relationship dynamics. It’s good to re-define one’s purpose in relationship, along with agreed upon partnership and sharing rules. Notice if among intimates there’s a need for extra care. Meeting that need strengthens the bonds of goodwill and the will to love. It’s good for all Librans to ask themselves these questions. “Am I graceful, gracious, nurturing and supportive in my relationships?” “If so, how?” “If not, why?”

SCORPIO: It is time in your daily life that “all things new” be initiated and anchored in everyday activities. This includes one’s choice of foods, diet, exercise, any new agendas and schedules, as well as times of rest and tending to everyday matters in patient steady ways. It’s time for analysis, efficiency, organization and detailed order and critical thinking. All these support your desire, aspiration and need for clarity of action and purpose. Steps toward triumphant achievable mastery.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re often both romantically inclined and deeply creative, often both at the same time. What you need is nothing serious for a while. Just fun-filled endeavors, playful encounters, short adventures, and a bit of celebration that mirrors pleasure and other people’s approval of all that you do, are, and will be. You impact the world in both small and great ways. A sort of radiance surrounds you. A golden aura. It magnetizes people to you. Always be kind. Or the radiance will tarnish.

CAPRICORN: Tend to all feelings and emotions, observe and ponder upon them in order to understand them. There’s a need for safety and security, a need to live in nature, a forest, in the wild. These make you feel safe and secure. How would one create this? This is an important question to answer at this time. When you explore the answer more information about yourself emerges, like where do you come from, where are you going, what supports you, who do you support and what are your heart’s needs? This is life-as-journal work. It leads to wonder.

AQUARIUS: Observe your day-to-day experiences. There’s something new to learn, new people to meet, interact and make contact (it releases Love) with. Tend to home tasks early each day. This allows for heart contact with your environment that loves you. Many things to do are being presented. Perhaps it’s time to look for a new home, complete something, begin a new course of study, tend to the house and garden. And plant tomatoes. Call home, Aquarius.

PISCES: Wherever you feel security and safety, appreciation and attunement, order and organization, value and worthiness is where you should direct your life energies. New realities will present themselves in time. Perhaps you will undertake a circuitous journey before you’re able to understand where this location is. Choose what is most comfortable, what will not betray, what offers you the most open door. It’s a golden door forming ahead. You have the key.

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