Passover, Full Moon, Resurrection & Easter Festivals

Passover, Full Moon, Resurrection & Easter Festivals

This coming weekend is filled with festivals, spanning three levels of humanity’s development. We have the Jewish festival of Passover (beginning Friday at sunset); the Aries Festival, Festival of Love (esoteric teachings for the new Aquarian era) Saturday; and Easter (Catholic/Christian festival) on Sunday. Passover represents the Age of Aries; Easter, the Pisces Age; and the Aries Festival at the full moon signifies the Aquarian era. Each Age spans 2,500 years. We thus have three ages and eras of development with their three specific laws and three stages of Initiation for humanity. These events are humanity’s real history, and the only stories needing to be told.

Passover (Pesach) begins Friday night. It is the Jewish Festival commemorating the Hebrew people’s freedom (flight) from slavery in Egypt (Taurus Age of materiality) and their pilgrimage into Canaan, into the Age of Aries, a 40-year sojourn.

Spring’s first full moon (Saturday) is the Aries solar Festival (27 degrees Aries), when the Love of the Hierarchy and of the Father, the Forces of Restoration and the Spirit of Resurrection flow into the Earth. They offer humanity a new vitality, a new “livingness,’ thus restoring courage, faith and moral and psychological health. They bring about the new Aquarian culture & civilization and the new Spiritual Materialism (Sharing Society). And a new hope and vision for the new world to unfold.

Sunday is Easter, which always follows the Aries festival. The color of the vestments at Mass are gold. Easter is the festival of Resurrection (new life springing forth after the dark of winter). It is the Festival of new life coming forth in all kingdoms. All of life lifting up to the light of the Sun. Sun in Aries and Scorpio moon this Easter. The mysteries of life, death and immortality are illumined.

A poem – As the light of the paschal fire pierces the dark, the first chorus of sounds are heard. It is dawn and as the Easter Sun rises, life is restored once more on Earth. (Note to readers – on FB, NLN & Gab each day, you can follow my writings for Passion week and beyond relating the ancient story to our times now. Risa)

ARIES: Your true calling begins to be recognized. It comes forth as the sun rises on Easter. You are less and less on the burning ground. And more and more longer in the streams of aspiration. The world begins to reorient towards your initiating abilities. As they clearly emerge, your philosophical beliefs and goals are at the highest level. You begin to see yourself in terms of how you help create the culture and civilization, and how you serve humanity so their gifts can come forth, too. You’re at the doorstep.

TAURUS: So often you step into the shadows, choosing not to speak up, thinking often that others would do a better job. This has given you time, strength and stamina and developed your awareness and abilities. Now remaining behind the scenes is no longer the right choice. You are to step into the limelight, begin to communicate, offer to teach, lead, facilitate others and thus make the transition from dark room to lighted stage. Your words give hope to humanity. They become the “waters of life” for those in need.

GEMINI: So much of your life has been about observing the needs of others and stepping into different fields of service. This has been good training. However, the time has come when your focus must shift from others to self. This is for your further development. You are ready to answer the silent call from the Soul. Some Geminis are hesitating. That’s OK. We have infinity to respond. This is a transition time for you. Have the intention for your personality to be offered to the light of the Soul. Your life then changes.

CANCER: Who you have been, who you thought you were, how you acted and reacted – all these ways and means will no longer be available. What you’ve been asked to be is no longer who you can be. All the responsibilities you’ve assumed for so long will begin to annoy and irritate you. You will gradually want a new identity, a new way of being seen in the world. You want less of a sense of duty, and more time for your gifts and talents to come forth. You seek the next step on your journey, a new creative bright and beautiful light-filled step.

LEO: Over and over you will review plans, agendas, thoughts, ideas, rhythms and rituals created in your daily life. And over and over these will change in terms of work, health, unmet dreams, hopes, wishes, people and all environments you participate in. Old realities are shifting to new concepts, discoveries are breaking the mold of previous ways of working and what you thought was healthy. You will seek new environments, fresh and free that allow for accelerated activities in areas, people, places and things your heart desires.

VIRGO: Three words – creativity, opportunity, options. Three more words – ideas, thoughts, action. What could these mean to you, in what areas of life? Gates will open for you, the Sun will shine in your garden, and a new creative impulse will cease your sense of isolation. You always made adjustments, living on hope. New days dawn with a new sense of creative self-expression. Love renews itself. And a new philosophy takes you on a new journey. Be sure to have sturdy shoes.

LIBRA: All that’s important to you, all that formed your foundational beliefs, will begin to shatter and then be revised. This is a part of growing up, growing older. You took a path into the new world long ago. You learned new understandings, relieved yourself of whatever limited your identity. You will shift your values, assume a greater sense of self-assurance. It’s a brave new world now and it is to contain more love than you can imagine. That love is to be from you. Learn all dimensions of truth. As you change, the world changes too.

SCORPIO: You will find the need to speak the Truth in many situations. Usually you stand aside, allow others to be the voice of society. However, this is changing. You become the voice of reason, allowing no false information to pass you by. You’re very aware of the impact of untruthfulness and speaking in ways that hurt others. Your work become a response to world events. Destiny has arrived. It’s within your heart, written in the stars. You are the Truth and it sets you free.

SAGITTARIUS: Usually one thinks of Sag as philosophically minded. However, recently you’ve become security minded, wondering, as you age, how to prepare and build a strong system of resources for later unknown times. It feels like providence has arrived. You sense this and bring forth purpose, energy and passion to whatever you believe in. And so, the question is what do you believe in? What is most important to you now? The answers when contemplated are surprising.

CAPRICORN: You have stepped into power, a most interesting situation. Authority figures, not understanding the energy of relationship in astrology, may feel you are challenging them, which you are not. However, your very presence challenges others’ beliefs and also those in authority. You bring revolutionary change wherever you are. What is this? A call to leadership requiring you to display your ability to lead with both willingness and love, while poised within the center of power. You’ll be learning this over time. Being solitary is a gift.

AQUARIUS: As outer world events continue to emerge, you move easily within those changes. You understand the requirements of the new Aquarian era. Your inner spiritual self provides context to understanding the changes occurring. Only your inner self can understand the truth, how to choose Right Direction and Right Attitude and how to shine a bright new light of hope for others in need. Aquarians love humanity. Your life situation calls forth humanitarian endeavors. You will understand more later.

PISCES: This is a time of initiation, a new self-identity and ultimately a healing for all of humanity with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Aries. Tend to all health matters and to all parts of the body, inner and outer. Seek alternative methods of healing as well as alternative doctors. Become your own doctor. Grow a medicinal garden, learn to forage and identify plants in the wild. Then new opportunities will present themselves. New decisions will be made. A new change of focus will appear with new endeavors. Much of this year is a time of healing and preparing.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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