Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Sunday, April 10, is Palm Sunday, a week before Easter (Resurrection Festival). Christ (Pisces World Teacher) ended His time (40 days/40 nights) in the desert and on Palm Sunday, rode into Jerusalem, palms waving above His head. It was a brief moment of triumph for the Christ, seated on the back of a donkey, symbol of patience and humility (crown jewels of mastery for Disciples), virtues we are to emulate. Christ’s three-year mission (overshadowing Jesus) was almost complete. The road into Jerusalem signifies the Path towards the City of Peace. This is the road “less traveled”. The road Disciples must also take. It is the Path of Promise leading to the Resurrection (Easter).

Mercury enters Taurus on Palm Sunday. Taurus is the art of living, also sign of the Buddha who taught humanity to clarify their minds before the World Teacher appears. We are in that time now. The Reappearance is historically to occur soon, always as the beginning of a new age.

Jupiter Neptune (23 degrees Pisces) occurs Tuesday and this is a most important and spiritually auspicious configuration. Both are rulers of Pisces, sign of saving humanity. Emphasis on love fusing heart and mind, compassion, and it tells of the Presence of the World Savior. There is a call to service, and the power of will breaks down any barriers to love. It is love that will save humanity and humanity will need to recognize that “love underlies all happenings of all the times.” Everyone takes on a special grace towards one another.

The last time Jupiter/Neptune occurred was 1849-1862, coinciding with the end of slavery at the termination of the civil war. Thus the issue of slavery so much in the news at this time. Overtime we will realize all of humanity has been enslaved.

Lovers and saviors come forth under Jupiter/Neptune – the army of the World Teacher, resurrected. We see a generation born who are the Loving Understandings (6th sub-life-wave of the 5th life-wave of humanity). False prophets may also appear, but disciples are discerning enough to perceive the difference.

Health: Moon enters Virgo on Tuesday too. Medically Virgo and Jupiter co-rule the liver. Caution in terms of health. The liver is affected by this transit, becoming very slow moving. It’s best to eat lightly with foods that support the liver. Health and vitality are needed by each of us in the coming times.

ARIES: Everything changed for you when spring appeared. Your energy became vital, spirited, animated and more available. You also felt more impatient, wanting to move forward, engage in new enterprises, make new impressions in the world. You might feel the need to assume leadership over everyone and everything. Careful. You can initiate, but remember you don’t complete things easily. Invite a Taurus to work beside you. And as a leader, understand you move more quickly than others. Be kind and patient.

TAURUS: You tell everyone you’d rather remain at home and research and not go out and about for a long time. You want to catch up on tasks not tended to the past many many years. There is a need to build up and maintain energy to get through each day. There is also the need for privacy, contemplation and solitude as your review all values and resources. Many different behaviors may arise. Observe them. Consider if they are useful. You may dream more. Don’t try to interpret them. Dreams reveal themselves over time. Record dreams in a dream journal. Dreams are a story about yourself.

GEMINI: You need to participate in groups of friends a bit more, seeking their companionship, information and cooperation in either working on a project or listening to you with care and intention so you can clarify your thinking. Gemini minds just keep going forever with thoughts and ideas. If you lead a group, organize them as a team to achieve a particular goal and help them in learning cooperation. Ask each member their hopes, wishes, dreams and desires for the future. These are their Aquarian goals. The heart of Aquarius is love (Jupiter). That’s Gemini’s goal, too.

CANCER: You want to be recognized for your knowledge, abilities, talents, gifts and what you accomplish each day. It’s good to want this recognition for it stimulates your self-identity, creativity and ability to share and provide information to others. Many are in need of real and true information these days, as many are mired in false realities. You always ask the question, “What is real and what is true?” When we ask questions, the answers come quietly, often in the night. For those seeking new work, look around. The opportunities are all around. Note: have sturdy shoes to climb that mountain.

LEO: You may feel a hunger and a yearning for things far from your daily life and ways of living. Something or something is calling you to somewhere. Other cultures, people and places seem to be quietly summoning you in subtle yet persistent ways. You’re restless for new realities, new lands, new people, new adventures, new activities, new conversations, new and interesting subjects to study. An outer fire blends with your heart’s inner fire. Leo is always and only about the heart. Know that all that you seek will appear as if by magic. And in the right timing. Careful with legal matters.

VIRGO: You may be called to be more cooperative and collaborative with close intimates, friends, family and those you work with. Relationships will be the challenge which means taking a new direction in terms of love and companionship. Consult with your Soul about how to be more considerate, move loving, sharing and how to settle difference. It’s good to take classes in communication like Non-Violent Communication or Compassionate communication. Their techniques are striking in their simplicity, impressive in their outcomes. One learn how to listen with the heart.

LIBRA: As the Aquarian Age unfolds time has accelerated and so Life seems to be accelerating too, moving faster and faster each day. Sometimes those around you move too quickly and you could feel left behind. Perhaps you’re working too hard and too long. Even though you have abundant energy, tend to your health as a daily practice. Intimacy is important for you at this time. There are many types of intimacy – between friends and lovers, intimacy of the mind, the heart, and physical intimacy. Things held in common with another is an intimacy. Knowing your values is an intimate level concerning the self. Intimacy beginnings and endings affect you deeply.

SCORPIO: Be aware of any subtle feelings or thoughts about others. Allow yourself to observe without subtle judgment or criticism. Realize what you need. Needs are different than wants. Ask for the needs to be met. Asking always summons a response. Careful with inflammation. Slow down on glutens, grains and all sweets. Eat only organic. For a time focus on vegetables. Eat an organic orange and apple a day. Handle any health issues with equanimity, intelligence and patience and poise. Health brings forth inner beauty.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s so much creative energy flowing through your body and mind you can barely find any self-discipline. It’s important to use that unbounded energy for creative endeavors and activities. You could learn to play more, with children or those who are child-like. Only these will match the force of your present energy. Romantic things are good too and your love life may sense a deeper level of passion. Make sure you get enough sleep. Don’t risk anything by gambling. Just play (innocently) and be in the Sun more and more each day.

CAPRICORN: Much of your energy is focused on home and family, perhaps with parents or with mother. Home and family are where your domestic self resides. You’re highly intuitive at this time and protective. It’s important you feel secure especially when called to make important home and family decisions. When feeling unusually moody or out-of-sorts, garden, tend to home repairs and arrange family activities. Step back if arguments begin. Old emotional issues, wounds and remembrances of sadness or sorrow may surface. Place them into your heart for review. Talk about them, too.

AQUARIUS: So many ideas and plans stream into your mind that you may feel a bit overwhelmed and scattered and so you try to share these ideas with others but so many errands and tasks come in between you and your ability to share with others that you can begin to feel frustrated and can move into arguments if not careful. Realizing you could feel impatient and impulsive, be careful driving, biking, walking, surfing (whatever sport you have taken up) and when using machinery, scissors or knives (especially while cooking). Your deep intelligent mind works overtime. It’s bringing in the future for humanity.

PISCES: Every day of the week is ruled by a planet. And this gives each day a purpose and a plan. It’s good to create a journal of daily tasks, events and personal values and memories – past, present and future. It’s good to begin this each new season – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Over time or journal helps us ascertain our values and needs. In between, tend to monetary issues – savings accounts, taxes, insurance, inheritances. In terms of savings, invest in gold and silver and land. Create a back stock of food. Refrain from impulse buying. Be wise. Be strong and realistic.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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