Mercury in Aries – What We’ve Never Said Before

Mercury in Aries – What We’ve Never Said Before

The new moon for the new spiritual year occurs around midnight this Thursday night, Friday morning (depending on our location). It is the new moon for the new spring season occurring at 11.31 degrees Aries. This new moon (Sun and moon together in the same sign, same degree) is positioned in the sky between Mercury (communication) and Chiron (wound and healing) also in Aries.

Mercury calls us to communicate with each other, bringing forth perhaps what we’ve never said before (Aries). And Chiron calls us to talk about our sadness, sorrows and wounds, realizing that as we feel and share our sorrows, a healing is also taking place. Mercury entered Aries last Sunday and will remain in Aries till next Sunday, April 10, which is Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter.

Mercury is the Sun’s messenger and messenger of the gods. Mercury illuminates our minds with the “ideas from the Mind ofGgod.” Mercury receives the Light from a star in the Big Dipper, called Ray 4. This is the Ray of the Buddha who in 500 BC, attempted to illuminate humanity’s minds in preparation for the Coming of his brother, the Christ (Pisces World Teacher). This illuminating principle begins in Aries and comes forth with the Forces of Illumination in Taurus. Mercury in Aries “leads humanity into the Light” of intuition.

Mercury in Aries diffuses illusion, expands the higher mind (abstract & intuitional), and works with the Soul as an intermediary, offering us the creative urgings of the Spirit. Mercury helps us piece through the darkness of the Kali Yuga, the darkness of limitations, false beliefs, concretized and crystalized thought forms. When we align with Mercury (who is also Hermes and Archangel Raphael, Spring’s protector), the “birth of new ideas occur and they become revelations within us.

As Raphael, Mercury becomes the healing angel, the Angel of the Holy Grail, the Ambassador to Earth carrying the caduceus (with 2 serpents entwined), Mercury’s staff, depicting the straight and narrow Way of Initiation. In some paintings of Mercury we see two small wings of light emerging from the region of the throat. Mercury is after all the communicator. Mercury tells us to be very careful of what we think and say – our words can capture, manipulate and destroy or they can create, praise and beautify.

ARIES: For the next days and weeks note any refining and shifting of mental and emotional thoughts and feelings, any changes occurring in how you see yourself, how others see you and how you want to be seen in the world. A new self-identity is beginning (again). Many times you will change your mind and ways of thinking and communicating. Should the past (friends, events, memories) appear, handle them gracefully. They will either join you in the coming months or they must be bidden goodbye. You will know what is right to do.

TAURUS: The days are moving swiftly now. There is morning and then all of a sudden there is night. Some sort of time shift has occurred. What does your inner self tell you about this? Listen carefully to what is being said by others. Listen to their inner, vital message. Over time, inner revelations appear in your consciousness of things to come. Do not wait for anything to happen, change, or to be clear and precise. Things are bubbling underneath the surface. Everything’s unclear, purposefully. You know how to prepare for anything.

GEMINI: So many times, quietly and secretly, you rely on family, friends or groups you are involved in to initiate realities. And then you realize they’ve been waiting for you to set the direction. But you are your own person. And even if they make the first move, you hesitate, seeking to understand your aspirations about the future. Sometimes you’re confused. It’s hard in these transitional times to know what is right action. So we garden, follow the morning and evening stars, grow roses. Everything becomes a prayer.

CANCER: It’s important to tend carefully to what you are saying, which comes from what you’re thinking, which comes from your beliefs, which stem from how you learned to think as a child. But things are different now. A new thinking needs to be incorporated into our minds. We need to listen more to others, asking them questions so we can understand their needs and wishes. This gives us both the large and small perspectives. Then the other feels listened to and their heart opens. Your heart too.

LEO: Where you want to rush forward into places unknown, seeking adventures all yon our own, without limitations and interference, you may find obstacles and details on your path which then make for impatience, hurriedness and a sense of being upset. But you won’t show it. The best solution is to gently remove the obstacles, slow down (if you can) your pace, and look around everywhere when everything stops. There’s something vital for you to see.

VIRGO: Mercury is your ruler. Listen to Mercury’s heart. It shows you the way. Often Mercury is a many tongued one. Fear not the many tongues, but choose which tongue you will use that speaks straight talk. Always speak from the knowledge of the inner consciousness. Then you can hear & listen to the heart of other. The heart speaks differently than what the tongue says. Speech can be an admixture of truth and untruth, especially in the Age of Kali. But the heart always speaks the truth. Do not listen to the outer world. Listen to its heart. It shows you the way. Om

LIBRA: Do not allow any misunderstandings or misperceptions to separate you from loved ones, family, friends, partners or colleagues. In the next three weeks should these come to light assess your behavior and bring forth love and compassion. You may also need to ask for forgiveness. Create a situation that transforms prevailing structures in the home, relationships in daily life. Take time to understand consequences. Sometimes we’re simply tired of breakdowns and things not working. Sometimes we just come to an end. Is this one of those times for you?

SCORPIO: Nothing you plan on will be as you wish. Mercury retro makes everything unexpected and about the past. Are there incomplete issues with others on your mind? Do you feel impatient and sense a going backward? Your very own planets, Mars & Mercury are in Aries bringing forth ‘all things new’. At times outer accomplishments are difficult. A great creative force is building within. At nighttime before sleep, review daily events backward. Redo them if you were unskillful. This creative discipline leads to liberation.

SAGITTARIUS: I am writing to tell you to have lots of fun in the next three weeks. There’s simply nothing else to do. Allow yourself complete freedom to choose what’s happy and playful. Have little restrictions. Tell everyone this is what you must do so that a pattern of playfulness can be established. Take detours, be surprised, eat differently, find alternatives to routines, ask for everything that pleases you. Allow no confusions or questions to deter you.

CAPRICORN: All Capricorns over the past many years have been experiencing transformation. Things, ideas, people not useful for the future are passing out of your life. For moments, there can be feelings of wounding. But then the new path appears and it’s bright and sunny and filled with promise. It’s on a hill, it’s green and growing and it changes your perspective and over time your life changes too. You no longer grieve a previous loss. New opportunities bring forth new creativity. Angels surround and protect you.

AQUARIUS: Communication has the purpose of helping each of us to understand our lives. Communication with others builds our self-identity, and a general feeling of being part of the world at large. Careful with communication. It can create and it can destroy. Diplomacy is a great gift when used. One becomes an ambassador of connectivity, creating clarity and ease in one’s world. Use words that are nurturing. They soothe all situations. And all that you seek, consistency, stabilization and a home comes to you.

PISCES: Events occur that help build your self-worth. Prayers and poetry when read soothe the heart of the matter. One is reminded of the poem of Emily Dickens. It describes Pisces, ruled by Neptune. It defines the self and asks questions of other creatures and beings, too. “I’m nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there’s a pair of us — don’t tell! They’d banish us; you know!” Pisces knows that everyone is “somebody.” When free to create, when compassion appears, Pisces becomes jubilant and spontaneous, is seen and acknowledged and then valued. Just what Pisces needs.

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