Star Gates of Spring Have Opened

The Star Gates of Spring, of Aries, have opened! Spring has arrived! A great creative spiritual force is now available to all earth’s kingdoms, especially to humanity. Spiritual forces are released into the earth at the four great points of the year – the four seasons. They each offer a different evolutionary need in humanity. Aries is the fiery force that burns the dross of the old nature (winter), releasing a new vital green ardent aspiring livingness. So apparent in spring are nature’s rhythms & laws. Obedience to the cosmic order of things. Nature – means a natural harmonious way of living(ness).

Spring equinox (Sun at the equator at zero degrees Aries) begins the new spiritual/solar year. In Aries, “all things new” begin. New life emerges in our Northern Hemisphere. Aries is the “fire of the mind”, bringing forth new ideas that become new ideals within humanity. Aries is “electric fire”, the fire in lightning storms usually experienced in Spring.

During Spring equinox the Solar Angel streams into Earth a fresh impulse (the Plan for the coming year). And at the Full moon during Aries, the Forces of Restoration and the Spirit of Resurrection flow into the Earth (the Mother). These forces offer humanity a new “livingness” by restoring our moral, ethical and psychological health. Their “presence” supports the new Aquarian culture & civilization and the new Spiritual Materialism (Sharing Society) to emerge. They offer a new hope and vision for the new world to unfold.

Archangel Raphael (the Christian name for Mercury or Hermes), the Healing Angel, begins to preside over the Earth at the equinox, bringing healing and protection. He carries the Caduceus, staff of Mercury. It is written that each evening, Raphael gathers up all of humanity’s requests for healing, carrying them to heaven where he presents them before the throne of God. Here they are transformed into fragrant blossoms, which are then borne down to Earth by Raphael’s (Mercury’s) serving Angels. The flowers, scattered about where there is pain and sorrow, bring solace, care, beauty & comfort to those in need.

Nature responding to the pathway & light of the sun. A faint blush of green now can be seen (etherically). The daffodils are almost over. The tulips are growing an inch a day, reaching up to the Sun. Pisces (water) offers the past year to Aries (fire). We are now in the water/fire mysteries. The Sun moves northward now, from the equinox to the Tropic of Cancer And so also are the new/moon seeds – all gathered in the heart center, which is our equator.

Spring is here. We are in the garden everyday now.

ARIES: So often your compassion and sympathy are so well hidden it’s thought perhaps you don’t possess these virtues. You do, but it takes tremendous effort to bring these forth and as spring unfolds, they will begin to unfold more and more. No longer can you draw the curtain on spiritual realities. No longer will we think you don’t have tender feelings. No longer can you push these away, believing they interfere with daily life. They are actually guideposts, talismans, amulets and protective lucky charms. And lifesaving.

TAURUS: It is important to begin to assess your hopes, wishes and goals, all that is needed for the new era and the coming times. As you do, others will be reaching out to you from friends, family and groups asking for your professional sense and for direction. Nurturing and strengthening the ties within your group is a task needed at this time. Your work is valuable to the intelligent understanding of the times. The groups you interact with need nurturing, too. Can you assume that outward loving mantle of care? The color is all shades of blue.

GEMINI: There’s a continued assessment and questioning as to what your purpose and work may be in and for the world. And a wondering about how you’re recognized. Soon there will be a new vitality and invigoration concerning your work and how you see your potential coming forth. Make a list of all the things you can do. Then list all that you hope to do and how you want to serve others. These lists will allow you to see a theme that creates greater self-identity. How do you want to be remembered? And what do you idealize?

CANCER: Before graduating from my Masters program in Psychology, I wrote a white paper on altruism. That word (altruism) has since then been part of my life. It appears now in the most unexpected times and place. I suggest you write a short paper on altruism, too, because it is part of and responsible for creating new philosophical ideas, attitudes and visions in your life from now on. No matter whether you travel or not, your mind is traveling far distances. Soon to the Wesak Valley when the great yearly ritual with the Buddha takes place. We will see you there.

LEO: You will be thinking of accomplishing new creative projects, designs, forms, ideas and new endeavors, bringing forth new challenges, and new ways of utilizing your resources. Notice that your intuition and perception are very strong at this time. If you tune in quietly, you’ll know who is thinking about you and who loves you. You will tune into the Hierarchy, always seeking willing workers in the fields of earth. Concern about resources continues. However, soon this concern will fade away. Did you expect something that didn’t occur?

VIRGO: It’s good to develop the skills of diplomacy, like an international ambassador. This skill helps re-define relationships and you can share your Mercury’s ability to communicate with a silver tongue. Everyone significantly needs kind and wise communication, especially in these polarizing times. Everyone feels a lack of support. Begin to support others and all that you give is returned. Be truly gracious. Don’t put on an act or act in a way that you think you should. Learn how to be authentically gracious. It has to do with coming from the heart of the matter.

LIBRA: In between all your artistic endeavors, there will come a time to get down to business, to begin to be practical about every hour of the day and to establish routines that will handle the detail of a great change that is occurring in your life and in the lives of all of humanity. Attempt to work with enthusiasm, summon efficiency and organization, ask for assistance (from humans and angels) when needed, eliminate everything not useful and make health and well-being your priority. Along with gathering more knowledge and beauty, which is Libra’s task. Beauty is the hidden path go God.

SCORPIO: You need some ease and some just-for-fun endeavors. You need things to be playful, lighthearted, humorous, good natured and spirited. You also need something or someone calling forth your creative gifts. Only when creativity is involved are you truly pleased. Always you think of the impact your presence and your work have on the world. This allows you to be brave and bold and always rebuilding your self-identity, courage and confidence. You’ll express yourself this week and the next and the next and the next, throughout this entire new spiritual year.

SAGITTARIUS: Are you paying attention to what your feelings and intuitions are telling you? Are you assessing what signifies peace, safety and security for you? Are you stirring up activities at home, leaving home, seeking home, or needing a home? Did you finally “go” home for some important reason? What are your support systems? Everything that leads to re-organization is going on or will be going on. Family is involved, too. You are their support, their foundation, their scaffold. You are the pillar, like in Masonry, holding up the temple.

CAPRICORN: You are feeling hopeful concerning creative endeavors, your family, children, loved ones and intimates and this optimism will continue to grow in promise and potential. At times there is a need to be highly creative to offset too much work. Capricorns are workers, always climbing the ladder. You sometimes dream things so different and unusual, it takes time for them to manifest. When feeling confused, learn to express your feelings in a neutral tone. Ask everyone to listen. Listening is an artform. You can help them learn. Will you be traveling soon?

AQUARIUS: Ease in public and social situations may be felt this week. You are seeing a new identity in the world. Tend carefully and with detail to daily life tasks. When you are at ease with yourself a rapport with others develops spontaneously. Walk around the neighborhood, stroll down the middle of town, connect with others, tend to bills and monetary responsibilities, assess your environments, be alert, be gracious and communicative. And realize with gratitude all that you value surrounds you. And all that is around you, loves you.

PISCES: Something seems to have come to an end. After long years of work, you sense the need for either stopping the work you have been doing, or changing it. I think you need a long rest. Over time you may recreate, look and express yourself differently. You always want to present your authentic self. It’s important for you to be strong and kind, to seek understanding and harmony with others and for your actions to be understood and not misinterpreted. Often you dream your way through life, learning self-confidence through self-realization. Be brave in these endeavors.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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