People of Goodwill Reciting the Mantram of Unity

People of Goodwill Reciting the Mantram of Unity

In terms of the war (read incursion) occurring in the Ukraine, the situation is deeply complex. It is difficult to distinguish who is playing what part and what the real situation is. We are challenged to not stand in judgment, opinion and interpretations. But to observe, to listen deeply, to remain poised and in a constant state of prayer for the well-being of humanity, and for the real truth to be revealed. It is important to realize that at the end of an Age (Pisces) and the beginning of a new Age (Aquarius) there is much of the old darkness that needs to be destroyed and much ancient karma being worked out, the roots of which we are mostly unaware of as our true history has been erased. And so in the service of humanity a challenge becomes a joy and obstacles are just a different way of looking at situations through a new lens. “The spirit in its innermost self remembers beautiful worlds. Beyond all the recollections abides an inexpressible, firm consciousness of the possibility of a return to the light whence the spark emanated”.

As people of Goodwill, we are to see to this part of ourselves, for it must become harmless as the dove before the door of understanding and truth is opened.” We are to also know that it is “love that underlies all the happenings in our world.” A love that is not seen or recognized. But it comes in many forms and phases within events working themselves out in the world of humanity, nations and leaders.

In helping our brothers and sisters (especially those in crisis), here is the Mantram of Unity the New Group of World Servers recite each morning and noon. When mantrams (prayers) are recited with intention and radiated to the world, the energy and intention behind the words are impressed upon humanity’s hearts and minds. Humanity then experiences hope, visions, revelations and understanding that there is a Pathway toward liberation. Humanity feels supported, loved, strengthened, encouraged and their fear is eased. This is the Work of the New Group of World Servers. Also, we are under the Light of Pisces now, the sign of world salvation.

Mantram of Unity: “I am one with all brothers and sisters. And all that I have is theirs. May the love which is in my Soul pour forth to them. May the strength which is in me lift and aid them. May the thoughts which my Soul creates reach and encourage them.”

ARIES: Groups are calling to you from inner and outer realms. You’re being pulled, pushed, attracted, magnetized and swept into groups that need your voice and expertise. You become more community-oriented offering talents and skills. Also, you are to become cause-&-purpose-oriented, filled with passion for humanity’s well-being. Study the idea of decentralization. And don’t believe everything you see.

TAURUS: Uranus in Taurus (your sign) is set to reveal new information to humanity and humanity may be shocked. Your purpose is to maintain clarity of mind, and offer sustainability for humanity to thrive. You attempt to anchor ideas into the minds of humanity concerning resources (staples) needed for the coming times. Resources are to be used differently now. No longer tossed away but tended to, saved, cared for and cherished. You know how to create the structures for this saving of resources.

GEMINI: There is a difference between the fledgling disciple (aspirant) and the Disciple. The aspirant is the “experiencer” – experiencing form and matter, unreflective and unaware of others, focused upon the self, building the vehicle and tools of the personality. The Disciple is the Observer, having completed multiple life experiences, deeply reflective, action oriented. Which are you? Are you the jungle, the trees, the clearing or the Path? What and where would you want to be?

CANCER: A great time of testing, transmutation, transformation and reorientation has begun. Within the urge to leave everything no longer useful behind is a seed of regeneration. And hidden within regeneration is Resurrection. The phoenix rising from the ashes. Much of the time you hide in darkness with intermittent soaring into the air. Do you see, envision, study or dream of birds? Draw them. What hurts eventually heals and then you become the healer. Maintain as best you can. Abiding in the Light.

LEO: From not really comprehending love comes the understanding of the “love that underlies the happenings of the times”. From needing to dominate (benevolent dictator) comes the eventual realizing that life is about offering of self to the other, and later to humanity. From centralization (self only) emerges decentralization (self merged within the group). From seeing only the light of self emerges a light that shines over the earth and penetrates the dark. Stand under this Light. You become part of a new creation.

VIRGO: Inner and outer parts of you are attempting to integrate and synthesize. The long process of learning in relationships has resulted in understanding how to stand with Goodwill which creates Right Human Relations. Searching for order within disorder, you encountered chaos. The next lesson is true kindness (the opposite of criticism). Eventually you realize everyone is living within their own developmental stage. Careful. Anger and projections return to their creator.

LIBRA: You’re to work within yourself now. Stand daily in the light of the morning and evening sun and with focused intention visualizing absorbing the heart of the Sun into your heart, light of love/wisdom from the Sun’s heart to your heart. Love flows in and throughout your body and gradually you are transformed. Instead of reflecting everyone else’s light you grow to be the Light source itself. Your intelligence becomes loving. Now you can forgive your entire past and everyone in it. And begin to understand the specific one you felt you could not forgive.

SCORPIO: You’ve become the mother, the nurturer and nourisher. The chaos and conflict you feel are actually states of emerging creativity. As you awaken to the secrets of nature, a greater identify with Life principle begins. You’re shedding desires, moving into sharing, becoming the aspirant and disciple. At first you rested in the waters of the womb, then swam in earth’s waters. Now (thirsty), you’re seeking the “Waters of Life poured forth for thirsty humanity”. Soon you become the waters. You’re the Mother now.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re constantly regenerating, entering into a new state of realization, new levels of reality. Eventually you step into the Light of Right Relations. You plumbed every desire and instinct, then you sought information and practicality. You also often called out for help. Now you’re seeking divine knowledge. Before you related only to yourself. Now you relate more carefully with others. This is the first step towards unity. This is your new direction. Your heart called out. The heaven’s responded.

CAPRICORN: In the coming weeks you’ll attempt to resolve an inner conflict that recently appeared. Perhaps it’s how to care more carefully for yourself. You speak words of harmony hoping to eliminate conflict. But actually, to achieve a higher state of harmony, that conflict must exist. Conflict provides information. It creates a tension that calls us “to attention.” Knowing this you can willingly work with the horns of conflict. Then suddenly the “horns of plenty” (harmony) appear. Read the book “Island” by Aldous Huxley

AQUARIUS: A Pisces quality permeates your life blending with your Aquarian energies. Aquarius “serves” in the world, a friend to everyone. Pisces “saves” the world, a Crucifixion. Many memories may come forth of when you were a child. Revelations and understandings, too. Allow your compassion, life experiences and knowledge to assist others in need. There’s no longer any reason to struggle. You’re home now. The entire world is your home. Careful each day to nurture yourself.

PISCES: After many experiences, a lifetime actually of people, ideas, things in form and matter disappearing and falling away, Pisces is then capable of becoming the World Savior. How are you these days of change and transformation? Is your energy able to maintain itself? Where is your focus? What are you creating? A new identity is making itself known, new groups are forming around you in search of the truth, care and tending. You’re being refined in this new work. Difficult, yes. A new destiny results. Rest more.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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