Hearing the Angels Sing

Hearing the Angels Sing

Christmas may feel different this year due to all the potent placements, shifting and changing of the planets. We are in the Venus retrograde where all values begin to change. Christmas eve has Saturn square Uranus – all structures (status quo) are challenged by the new (Uranus) It will feel like “change the world day”(music – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kntzQiaFzOQ). Change happening in a blink of an eye!

Christmas Day has Mars/Chiron (be sure to create no harm) and Venus once again joins Pluto (deep transformative feelings). It’s also Virgo moon so people can feel critical. One needs to be “the love that underlies all the people, events, happenings” in our environments. Christmas eve is the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

The Christmas story is familiar. Mother and father, innocent child, a birth. Shepherds, a bright star, animals all around. No room at the inn, the stable, the manger, the angels singing.

The story is both real and cosmic. Every character and event represents a phase of our development. Year after year we hear the story. It is our life story, our history. The story of when love first came to Earth, of our seeking that love, of our spiritual birth, too. The Inn is to become our heart of loving understanding. When our heart is open we sing with the angels on this holy night, and every night hereafter.

Quietly, Capricorn’s Light Supernal, Light of Initiation streams into Earth. We are in the midst of an actual festival of Light – loving, illuminating, harmonious, healing and comforting.

December 26 – January 6.The day after Christmas begins our journey with the Three Kings, the journey called the Twelve Days (Aries – Pisces) of Christmas – each day preparing us for the upcoming twelve months and thus each day overseen by one of the zodiacal signs. The Three Astrologer Kings, studying the heavens, following a bright shiny star, gifts in hand, begin their journey westward. We walk with them.

During these holy days and nights, we hear the angels singing – “Joy to the world; Let heaven and nature sing; Do you see what I see; Feliz Navidad; Silent Night, Holy Night; It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. And finally, Peace on Earth, Goodwill and Blessings to all.”Hearing their words, we join them in their blessing & their song.Merry Christmas, everyone, love, Risa

ARIES: It’s important to maintain moment to moment awareness of all experiences each day and of all who come into your sphere of life. If aware you will see their gifts (talents and abilities) and they will reflect your talents, too This is a great revelation. Allow yourself no expectations. Remain poised in observation to all that is around you. In this silence, new values, new perspectives and the new realities you’ve been searching for appear.

TAURUS: Know that plans will change; feelings and emotions too. Memories will be part of the holidays this year and you have many. You will sense and feel those who are no longer with us. Know they still love you, always remaining close by. You will have new revelations about your work in the world. Perhaps a book, a painting, a work of creativity, a poem. Follow the signs, intuitions and impressions. A whole new world of art and creativity appears!

GEMINI: We all miss traveling. Travel offers prospects and plans that change the course of one’s life, advancing us into the future. This is especially important for Geminis. When retrogrades occur our focus turns inward and memory becomes available. Thoughts, ideas and plans become practical. Seek new ways to communicate. Open your heart to loved ones with new understanding. Offer forgiveness if needed. You will never be the same after. That is your Christmas gift to the world this year.

CANCER: New insights come forth about the people in your life, especially old friends and groups you have belonged to. Before you had global ideas. But now you have a deeper more personal understanding about how others live their lives. Communicate your insights to those who care for you. Become interested in what others think and say. Ask for their insights. This creates deeper connections. And then love is released. You are surprised. Love happens.

LEO: Tend to your health with great care. If a doctor is needed, it’s best to seek a naturopath and/or a Functional doctor (MD) in your area or close by. Naturopaths and functional doctors diagnose, test and look at health differently. It’s important to have a new approach to all things now, especially health and well-being. From health to work to animals to plants to co-workers. The holiday season offers illuminations and revelations. Listen in silence, create moments of solitude. Information comes on little cat’s feet.

VIRGO: Notice your creative expressions expanding, increasing exponentially. Happiness, enthusiasm and playfulness come forth and you recognize these are natural gifts within each of us. And then something spontaneous occurs and you understand your life experiences from birth to the present and into the future. Then you understand everyone else’s, too. And everything transforms daily in front of your eyes. And then there is joy. And it’s in plain sight.

LIBRA: The past returns for review. Nothing can stop this. Gradually a new perspective appears concerning childhood, home, parents, siblings, family interactions. Childhood impressions change like a kaleidoscope of colors. With revelations your understanding increases and you enter unexpectedly into a state of compassion. To anchor this surprising shift, you reorder everything in your life, work and home. And a state of wonder follows you everywhere. You then forever choose wonder.

SCORPIO: So many thoughts occurring during this time. You attempt to find a pattern to your behaviors. You realize there are things you want to say (and not say) to family and friends. You notice all around is the light of insight and a new way of doing things and you review old knowledge seeing how it forms the foundation for a new philosophy of life. Soon, quietly, new skills appear. And new perspectives about your life as a server. You are the phoenix rising out of the fire. The eagle flying in the air.

SAGITTARIUS: Life and its gifts (and the retrograde) have you assessing many things – values, resources, what you have and don’t yet have, what you want and don’t want. And why. You look also at what you considered lost (returning later in different forms). New and innovating ideas appear about your future work in the world. They take into consideration all your desires and aspirations, later to anchor creatively in your life. You hear the call of new lands, new people, new goals, new journeys. You pack your bow and arrow. And saddle up your white horse. Off you go into the new world.

CAPRICORN: It’s good to create an “I am…. Journal.” With Pluto in your sign, all Capricorns are transforming and becoming their greater selves. Seek to see yourself in new ways, with new information being given about who you are. Write in your journal sentences beginning with “I am…” Write every day. See how you begin to unfold and express yourself differently. A new self-coordination, identity, harmony, courage and creativity emerges as you write about yourself and who you are and will become. You sense a new freedom.

AQUARIUS: Perhaps you feel many endings or closings or maybe you’re approaching a curve in the road. There may be sadness or sorrow concerning something (someone) that is no longer. This will ease over time. New perceptions occur in the coming months, offering an understanding of the past. Look back, then look forward. Cherish everything. Remembering is a gift. Soon you will be stepping forward onto another path. New countries are discovered. New foods, too.

PISCES: So many things change for Pisces during this time concerning affiliated groups. You review when and why you joined certain groups and your purpose with them. They hold a different importance in your life now and you gradually make changes in terms of your interactions. A new service and action in the world is calling; new relationships and a new form of group interaction. You step more fully into inner worlds. While remaining very practical in the outer worlds. There is no confusion. They are one. Om.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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