Venus Retrogrades – Review, Re-appraise, Re-assess & Repattern

Venus Retrogrades – Review, Re-appraise, Re-assess & Repattern

Every two years, Venus retrogrades. This year, Venus is retrograde from December 19, 2021 to January 29, 2022. Venus retrograde is a time to assess and re-evaluate resources, money, values and relationships, their importance and their purpose. Venus, planet of beauty, when retrograde is also a time to renovate and redecorate (carefully) and to bring more beauty into one’s life.

Venus is above all about relationships, as Venus rules Libra (sign of the “I and Thou”). It is a time to assess the quality of our relationships and interactions, their value to us, and how we value ourselves within relationship. As our love nature has turned inward, it’s best to consider others first as friends, rather than lovers. It is definitely NOT a time for becoming engaged or married.

Important note: It is NOT a time to make valuable and important purchases, not a time for loans, excessive use of money. During Venus retrograde the true value of things becomes confused.

As in all retrogrades, people and events from the past appear for continuance, completion or for closure. We might ask ourselves do we love enough? We may feel a difficulty with spontaneity or with expressions of love and care. Relationships that are challenging may end. Nothing superficial is allowed. Venus retrograde can be a deeply spiritual time wherein we create new relational patterns and interactions.

It’s enlightening to remember that the Solar Angels who created us (humanity) came from Venus; our God came from Venus, as did the bees that pollinate flowers.

In the sky, over eight years of Venus retrogrades, a magical geometry is created by Venus. The retrograde cycles, rhythm and motion of Venus create a mystical rose pattern, revolving very slowly in sidereal space. It is a 5-8 ratio (five petals over 8 years) of Venus.

The Mayans who followed the path of Venus knew of this, and called this rose pattern the pentagram or five-petaled rose of Venus. This rose petalled pattern signifies actually the “heart” or essence of Venus as Earth’s elder sister, her guardian of knowledge, wisdom and beauty. When Venus is retrograde she is closest to the Earth. For 40 days and 40 nights, Venus is retrograde. The number forty is significant.

ARIES: You will assess and reassess your professional life and work in the world. Be sure not to do less than is expected. Pay attention and complete all tasks. This isn’t your greatest strength but it’s important now that projects be on time, that negotiations go smoothly, that you do your very best and more the next several months. Review goals. Do you like your work? Are you challenged? Are you dutiful? These are important questions.

TAURUS: You will sense the need for a spirit of adventure. Perhaps you will reassess your faith and beliefs. A great vision settles upon you. Venus is your guardian angel (also Gemini, Capricorn and Pisces). But Venus likes you best! On your mind are faraway places, visions and dreams, higher learning, teaching and creating realities altogether new. Consider how your values and beliefs affect your relationships. Do they help or hinder? Do they include others’ thoughts, ideas and needs?

GEMINI: You will be concerned with resources and sharing feelings. Nothing about this Venus retrograde is light for you. Love will call you to be kind and patient and more sharing. Also to be honest about finances, resources, desires, intimacy and relationships. Are you studying the mysteries yet? At some point you will commit to this. Then your life will change. You may look back for a while, remembering things.

CANCER: Many people passed your way and left an indelible mark on your heart. You will remember relationships, past and present, assessing their goodness, value, what you learned, gave and received. All relationships help us learn how to be in them. Then one day we’re ready and the real relationship comes along. Your practicality creates a solid foundation of trust. You question what is most important in relationships. You question everything.

LEO: Evaluating daily tasks you ask are they effective and efficient, orderly and organized? Increase technical work skills that affect work routines. Expect challenges in communicating and understanding due to Venus retrograde. Notice if animals begin to feel unease, agitated or become ill. You too, must look after your health. Go slower than usual, know that resting is good and all that happened in your past also was good. There was love.

VIRGO: You think about romance, children, creativity, pleasure, entertainment. Creating a winter garden, beginning a creative project, visiting museums and galleries, choosing to be playful instead of serious, remembering generous moments from the past, reconnecting with loved one – these and more are part of your life the next several months. They’ve already begun actually. Consider changing the way you ask for affection. Expressing it more is one way.

LIBRA: You will experience an interesting state of insulation the next several months. You will ponder upon many things – the state of your home, the foundations of your life, your parents, especially mother. You’re both mental and sentimental. As you sustain and nourish others you’ll need to hide away, hibernate with warmth and comfort. Tranquility will be your aim. Forgiveness the outcome. Forgiveness is an act that frees us, freeing everyone around us, too.

SCORPIO: Your mind expands exponentially through study, training, travel, culture and the mysteries. One study particularly important is the Electric Universe. It seems our present scientific systems are all wrong. Gravity isn’t holding us together. Electricity is. Studying this subject of the electrical universe places you on the very edge of the new reality. Continue to visualize your dream/vision. It comes quietly on little cat’s feet. During these times, always be sincere. Don’t fret over delays.

SAGITTARIUS: Take extra care with friendships. Be patient and kind. You’ve been mentally active, engaged, diligent and industrious for so long. This is the year to settle down, learn to have late afternoon tea, for deep friendships of trust, and to assess resources slowly and cautiously with gratitude. An internal orientation eventually rebalances your energy, helps organize your future. You will see goals clearly and visualize how to reach those goals. Learn archery, tend to horses, go to chef’s school.

CAPRICORN: A sense of independence is most important to you and for your well-being. For several months you feel restless, realizing something’s changing foundationally in your life, your self-identity, your usual ways of being. You will experience your usual winter identity as Persephone (females and males) living underground with Pluto. You become deeply internal. Continue eating the pomegranates and persimmons. They keep you alive and well. Spring does come. That’s a promise.

AQUARIUS: There are four rulers of Aquarius. The dour strict rule-oriented Saturn (old ruler) who criticizes a lot. The revolutionary Tesla-like newbie Uranus creating the Aquarian Age. The loving wise teacher, Jupiter. And the lightning-like revelatory Uranus (again). Which would you like to be? Knowing the rulers of each sign and what their tasks are allows us to assume multiple and different identities. Blending Uranus and Jupiter is good (wisdom and love). When we’re Saturn we scare everyone. Jupiter loves you. Maintain all that comforts you.

PISCES: Be caring and kind to everyone. Have as your new year’s intention to bring harmony to all relationships and interactions. Have this as a goal. You may reconnect with past friends and lovers. There are several you would like to see, talk with, create new friendships with. This may or may not happen. Many are on another path. Be generous, helping those in need. Everyone is in need of something. Discover it. Offer it. Don’t withdraw. Love more. Choose wonder!

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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