The Taurus Lunar Eclipse

The Taurus Lunar Eclipse

Notes on the upcoming Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon, Scorpio Solar Festival

We have a full moon lunar eclipse this Friday, November 19. Lunar eclipses, when the moon is hidden (eclipsed, in earth’s shadow, turning maroon in color) occur when the moon is full. This eclipsed moon is at 27 degrees Taurus. It is also the Scorpio solar festival at 27 degrees Scorpio. The Sun is opposite the moon at full moon times.

There are lunar (moon hidden) and solar (Sun hidden) eclipses.

Eclipses don’t happen all of a sudden. They have a six-month span – three months before the actual eclipse & three months after. Students of astrology are taught to observe the months before & after the eclipse to see what has changed or fallen away. A lunar eclipse allows for things in form and matter, external things to fall away, their purpose complete. During solar eclipses, something essential within ourselves and our lives also fall away, its purpose also complete.

Much of the writing about eclipses in our media is reactive and emotionally based and therefore the information is often incorrect. Nor is it useful. What is most important is knowing that ALL energies from the heavens (stars, planets, Sun, Moon, Eclipses, etc.) are neutral.It is the stage of our awareness and HOW WE USE THOSE ENERGIES that makes them either difficult or harmonious. Many astrology writers write emotionally about the eclipses & this createsunneeded emotional reactions & fears in people.

Lunar eclipses are about things in form & matter falling away, because their work with us is complete. The lunar eclipse is in Taurus – which means our values. Taurus is the sign of Taurus values, self as valuable, resources, money, finances. Taurus rules the neck, the throat, the voice and shoulders. It is fertility and material possessions, the body, security and self-worth. It can be bondage to the land and the amassing of physical things. When the Hebrews left Egypt, they left the Taurus Age (slavery to matter) behind, though remember, in fear, they later built the Golden Calf. Taurus is gold.

So….to work with the eclipse, the questions during the lunar eclipse, including the months before and after are….Have we noticed any changes in these areas of life? How have we or they changed in the past three months (remembering to observe the next three months too)?

Eclipses allow the past to fall away so new realities can come forth. The eclipses are heavenly offerings, favors, blessings, talismans. When we understand them, we are enriched and enhanced. To read more –

ARIES: Read Catherine Austin Fitts’ website, (excellent financial advisor). A financial adviser for information on finances and investments may be needed during this “reset.” Everything, especially inflation, is influencing our money and resources now. How have you previously handled finances? Are you generous or challenged to be generous? Do you balance and maintain a budget and tithe regularly? What are your worries? Know with preparation, there’s always enough.

TAURUS: Every once in a while, others truly notice the quiet, consistent, stabilizing Taurus. They offer recognition to Taurus for jobs well done, for the unceasing help Taurus gives. There’s a brilliance you bring to groups. At times you step into educational leadership positions. You’re the best for this position. You radiate Goodwill to everyone, remembering to point out those who have courage. You have it in full. Courage and strength are your gifts of self-identity.

GEMINI: You continue to be in a state of focused self-development. Eventually you will begin to look towards the world, recognizing and understanding humanity’s needs. You will then see that humanity is suffering. This is when Geminis begin to serve. It is soon time for you to help others, to offer support and resources, time and money, care and attention. Then you too become one who receives. At the heart of Gemini, under that mantle of thought, is love and wisdom from Venus.

CANCER: It’s important to be part of a religious or spiritual group. It’s also important not to be isolated. You need a balance between being solitary and being out and about among people. Being social is sometimes difficult. You sense the depths within others. You see how others are in need and you see how “love underlies the happenings of the times and all events.”Love happens to be the nature of Pisces, too. Love surrounds us all the time. Heaven and earth are made of it.

LEO: You’re exploring what your right work in the world may be, both vocation and avocation and what you are to do that will serve to uplift not only your creative self but also our culture and civilization. You are asking what would bring you to being recognized by others who see your leadership and talents, gifts and abilities. Leos always need praise and recognition. That is how they evolve. Continue the internal inquiry. Answers come forth in coming months. They depend upon your ability to focus on the real question of your heart’s desire.

VIRGO: New ideas, concepts, school, study, traveling, the art of archery, horseback riding or horse husbandry, publishing, and studying ancient philosophies, one or more of these, call you to attention. You seek justice in all areas of life. You are like King Solomon. Many recognize your gifts, talents and qualities. Listening is your best way of understanding what others need. Remain attentive. Philosophical answers are not useful. Just listen, listen and listen some more.

LIBRA: There is a focus on money held in common with another as well as investments and in this critical time of change and monetary reorientation it’s required to be aware of the world’s finances. The best place is for exceptional understanding of the world and our country’s economic situation. One can also become a Solari subscriber. Of all the financial advisors in the world, this one’s the best. Share this with partners and friends. Buy gold and silver.

SCORPIO: Relationships this month will be on your mind – all types, along with levels of closeness, friendships and intimacies. It’s good to review how you are in relationships, if you are attentive, caring and sharing. Are you nurturing, generous and do you both offer and ask for help when needed? Add forgiveness (of self and others) to your list of daily tasks. Forgiveness liberates our heart for further encounters with love. There’s someone you need to forgive.

SAGITTARIUS: There is an emphasis on your daily agendas, work and the environments you find yourself in. Something shifts at work, some discipline or rule or structure or timing causing a phase of fine-tuning to occur. During this time strengthen your support for others, aligning with them. This will insure your success should you suddenly be in charge of everything and everyone. Blend your Ray 1 (Will) with Ray 2 (Love/Wisdom). This creates Right Action (Ray 3) and you will experience the music of the spheres.

CAPRICORN: Relaxation, leisure, pleasure, games, fun. All these are needed. You might begin to rest a bit, think of ways to have more fun and pleasure, ways to relax and perhaps add a bit of mystery, carefreeness and romance (there are many kinds of romance). Plan each week to attend musical or film events, to stroll downtown with friends, to have lunches and dinners, little parties, tête-à-têtes, perhaps a small salon. Art is most important. Who is your favorite (artist, musician, dancer, actor)? What creative art are you now pursuing?

AQUARIUS: These are times when we need reconciliation, reunions, understanding leading to kindness, consideration, and a thoughtful realization that each of us (including you) is a character, everyone’s doing their very best and everyone’s on their Path toward a more enlightened way of being. It is important to see the bigger picture of our present world events. Is there some sort of need, suffering or sadness in your life at this time? We will pray for and with you that your dreams come true.

PISCES: You’re quite edgy, agitated, restive, restless with anxious feelings including a wanting to go anywhere that is not here. However, there’s nowhere to go. The planets are creating a fiery stellium (gathering) of impatience, wanderlust and over-sensitivity. All you can do is visit with memories that include people, events, ideas and work. It’s not easy and there are no quick answers. Who from the past needs to be contacted? Is your winter garden planted? Is your greenhouse up yet?

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