Unparalleled Times, On the Precipice of Light & Dark

Unparalleled Times, On the Precipice of Light & Dark

In this Kali Yuga time, when the dark is allowed to be seen, we finds ourselves poised on the precipice of dark and light and participating in a great battle that will determine our future. The choice forward is in the hands of humanity (us). There is a group (New Group of World Servers) attempting to educate and inform humanity. Forerunners of the New Era, aligned with the Forces of Light, with fiery swords held high they face the Forces of Materialism (dark forces creating the separations we see all around us). These Forces of Darkness are the same forces that controlled Hitler and Germany in WW2. They are now in plain sight (for those who can see) and are creating and projecting the dark “heresy of separation”in our world.

We are standing now not only in unparalleled times but also at the precipice of light and dark, life or death. There is a hidden battle occurring in our world, focused primarily in our country (the United States). Why our country? The United States, the first country founded on freedom, has the spiritual task of “standing within the Light of Truth, Freedom & Liberty, and leading all of humanity towards that Light.” This, the dark forces are attempting to destroy.

We are in an unprecedented time of danger. What is most dangerous is this battle, a test for humanity, is not recognized by half of humanity. It is a global challenge for each country and each individual to determine if we have discernment enough to recognize the light of freedom from the false light of control and cruelty now undermining life itself.

The Forces of Darkness have arrayed themselves against humanity. Their purpose is regression and death, not Life. They have no love. It is important that we each confront this overwhelming and catastrophic situation. Gather the strength and nobility to stand together against these forces, offering hope and promise – the waters of life (Aquarian era) for a thirsty humanity. Join us everyone, the New Group of World Servers. We stand on the battlefield, swords and banners held high. “Warriors we are and from the battle we emerge triumphant.”

Our daily mantra together: “Lead us O Lord from darkness to light. From the unknown to the known. From the unreal to the real. From death to immortality. From chaos to beauty.”

ARIES: Your task for the next several years is to always act with Right Relations and harmony with all the kingdoms. All interactions will be vivified when you do so. You will have the ability to transform self and then the world. Often you battle your way through changes, other times you initiate the change. Your perception of enemies will change. They present challenges that, through conflict, direct you towards harmony and the Pathway of Peace.

TAURUS: There’s more work ahead, more responsibilities and a need to focus on health. Tend daily to rest, healing foods, adequate sleep, pure water, vitamins, homeopaths and daily walks in nature and in the sun. Pray for the removal of all obstacles and hindrances, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. The elephant god Ganesh removes hindrances. Things not completed in the past come forth for healing. You are also moving into a new period of artistic and active creativity.

GEMINI: There must be a new revised focus on how you live each day. You are to seek a new sense of self through what you can imagine. Venus is in your house of sharing realities, intimacy, partners and close relationships. Venus asks what are you longing for? What do you seek, want, don’t want, hope for, and, in return, what gifts do you offer? Love empowers you. Love is a daily choice. It’s pure reason. It’s not an emotion. What do you love most of all, Venus asks?

CANCER: Cancer is about family, nourishing and nurturing what we love. It is good to assess what you most value about family and why? You seek closeness with loved ones, teaching them new ways of understanding the world and how to bring harmony to all interactions. Research your genealogy in order to establish a deeper sense of family history. Include research on the town, city, state and nation you are presently living in. We are needed wherever we are. And wherever we are is the perfect place.

LEO: It’s good to reach out to siblings to walk about daily in your neighborhood, noticing gardens, seeking new friends, interacting with those living nearby, creating relationships that are social, communicative, sharing and encouraging of others. Leo is to radiate the light of the Sun. You are magnetic, attractive, able to enliven and vitalize the hearts of others. Leo is the heart of the Sun radiating a golden light in the world. You are the light shining in the dark half of the year, each hour a new tone in the color spectrum.

VIRGO: A time of deeper discrimination begins, understanding the value of self. Notice all possessions, resources, gifts given through the years. You will realize some possessions have become burdensome. Begin eliminating what is no longer useful. Seek harmony through the artful placements of objects in the home, office and gardens. For the next months, take special care with finances. Invest in gold and silver. You may undervalue or overvalue self and others. Call forth discernment which is Right Seeing and Right Action.

LIBRA: You may become stricter in your thinking, defining for yourself who you are, and perhaps who you want to be. You may feel restricted at home for health reasons. Perhaps want to reorganize the home environment. You might feel you’ve become much too serious. This is Saturn, the Gatekeeper, providing new structures and disciplines to ponder upon. A long passage of time has come to an end. Old beliefs and separations disappear. You learn the truth about love and forgiveness. You know it is time to love more.

SCORPIO: A new self-identity has been approaching, forming itself in ways that allow you to think of yourself as good, as an initiator, as one who loves (silently, perhaps), as one who deeply communicates (internally), researches, strategizes, and as one who will go far in their field and be successful. It’s good to be very clear with communication allowing your new self to come forth. Scorpios are always emerging from the deep waters, becoming the phoenix, rising up from the fires. You remain calm, hidden and poised.

SAGITTARIUS: You are not socially isolated. You’re being given a season of retreat and contemplation when purpose and things religious and spiritual appear. Observe and write down by hand all ways you are different from last year, two, five, ten years ago. Withdraw consciously each day into an inner contemplation. This gives you time for observing, evaluating and understanding the changes. You are now to serve yourself with compassion and kindness. The world needs you as their mentor.

CAPRICORN: You’ll both detach from groups and seek them out. The detachment concerns people, groups and even ideas that defined your previous self. In the coming year you’re magnetized to groups with a higher level of consciousness and sense of purpose. You seek new communities. A leader of groups you could definitely be. However, you seek to be a more integrated group player helping to synthesize group vision. Right cooperation will be what you teach. And perhaps the finer things in the kitchen. We always find a buddha there.

AQUARIUS: Soon new endeavors and responsibilities will appear. It’s recognized that you’re the best in terms of leadership, achievement, vision, creativity and productivity. All Aquarian gifts to lead humanity into the future. Ponder deeply on what is asked of you. Can you function to your fullest capacity, full expression, bringing your uniqueness into the world? All of this implies opportunity, action, imagination, ingenuity, some opposition (others want to be like you) and personal creative rewards. Carry on.

PISCES: You’re beginning to understand life’s rules, something Pisces has difficulty understanding. You’re learning how to be more skillful with others and there’s still much more to learn. Follow all rules, respect all laws. This is most important for the next year. Learn new things, fulfill obligations (or don’t make them) and enter into a philosophy that helps and serves others. Stay in touch with loved ones. Create a newsletter that connected family, friends and loved ones. Steady the ship.

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