When Skeletons Glide By & Things Go Bump in the Night!

When Skeletons Glide By & Things Go Bump in the Night!

In Libra, we are made aware of two polarized realities to choose from. In Scorpio we act upon and see the consequences of our choices. Now the Sun is in Scorpio, and the autumn festivals of light and dark (Halloween, All Souls, All Saints) begin. Halloween and El Día de los Muertos, initiate the three-day festival of ghosts, goblins and spirits (both good and bad) allowed to pierce the veils separating the many worlds we live in (seven planes).

We honor these spirits (relatives, friends, the little ones/angels) living in unseen worlds, with colorful altars covered with marigolds, candles, flowers, copal (incense), food and prayers of hope and blessings. Skeletons glide by, appear as candies or cookies while in dark places things go “bump in the night”!

So, the festivals (of light) for the “dark half of the year” begin. Soon Mercury will follow the Sun in Scorpio. Hermes (Mercury), the messenger, sends information to humanity via the Sun. It’s a Scorpionic message, concerning Scorpio’s Nine Tests for the personality, given each year at this time, preparing us for discipleship (Scorpio & Sag), service (Capricorn & Aquarius) and saving the world (Pisces). Mars provides the tests as Pluto transforms us.

Most of November is under the light of Scorpio, sign of life and death, of life regenerated, of mysteries, intrigue, secrets and, for the spiritually focused, discipleship. Scorpio is not an easy sign (Sun, rising, moon in Scorpio). Nor is it an easy time of year. Scorpio, to enter Earth, streams through Mars & Pluto. Mars, planet of war, anger, aggression, and the Nine Tests … which we must overcome and Pluto the “big guy of transformation” whose motto is “transform or die”. He cares not which we choose. We are transformed either way.

ARIES: Finances and resources, personal and with others, can change in a blink of an eye. Careful attention is needed along with concentration, efficiency, economy and strength. Accomplish these tasks daily in a slow consistent rhythm. You may uncover more resources. So many things are hidden during Scorpio. Remember others who have much less. Share and tithe generously. Tithing creates great abundance.

TAURUS: You want to move consistently into the future with new ideas and plans but there are so few who understand, few with your illumined vision, and even less with your force of will and stamina. Always you strive for poise during transition times while sending prayerful requests for able, intelligent and financial assistance to manifest. Your prayers prepare the field. In the meantime, keep gardening, put up that greenhouse & plant your winter crops.

GEMINI: Deep feelings, emerging from early life at home are playing out in your present relationships. Because of this you must be careful of thoughts, actions and communication. Careful that you don’t become part of the difficulty or project onto others your pain. Don’t hide your vulnerability because everyone will be vulnerable, too. Showing yours eases barriers that hinder heart-felt communication and contact. You want love. Love comes from intentional contact of Goodwill.

CANCER: You may experience stress and over responsibility in your daily life as constant change continues for everyone everywhere in your life. These daily changes reflect the pulse of the humanity playing through your body. Thus you need stabilization, an immediate sense of purpose and staying within the safety of home. Make changes in small ways. When viewing the big picture stand with compassion and dispassion. Children bring both blessings and hard work.

LEO: It seems you want solitude and a bit of retreat in order have a sense of creative freedom. This week should bring heightened feelings of being separated from others. If pain occurs careful that your communication not be too harsh. You are very intuitive so observe your thoughts carefully. Do you sense a daily life transformation is about to occur? Are financial needs being served? A sudden revelation occurs which expands you into other worlds. We want to go with you.

VIRGO: Small changes occur in your personal life. Money may feel either expanded or restricted. Communication may be hidden or benevolently apparent. There’s a desire to run away from home. What is occurring, Virgo? Does it feel like the seeds of the future are breaking through? You’re restless for emotional independence. Moving forward is challenging. Allow inner spiritual intentions to hold you. Transformation soon arrives for a long-extended visit.

LIBRA: You’re called to a past situation and then to a present-future one. The past came forth in order to be liberated. The present/future brings expansion and optimism. However, there may be fear around these changes. One contains judgment, the other love. Both are important to identify. One keeps you spiritually lonely. The other shifts you into a loving community. Where are you positioned? Forgiveness is alchemical. If encountering a health situation, know the Soul is the Healer. Call upon it. .

SCORPIO: For a month or so and then for a year, you will experience internal changes. Scorpio knows the underbelly of life. These are internal changes both within the self and the world that hold the future. Anticipating these shifts, they arrive with a revelatory impact. Living within this field, be aware of tending carefully to your health. As you care for yourself you become a model for others. Scorpio, warrior of the zodiac, is always prepared for the death of the old. This is all around us now. You will be leading us in battle.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re restless, yet duty-bound, responsible yet rebellious, seeking security and safety, yet craving freedom, pleased yet dissatisfied and stimulated when conflicts arise. You always display life as paradox. Contradictions play themselves out psychologically within you. They create new insights, revelations. Embrace them. They are the Harmony Through Conflict process Sagittarius works through to bring forth new consciousness. It propels you with a natural force well into the future.

CAPRICORN: You continue to experience a process of discovery about yourself and your new self-identity. Are you able to communicate clearly to others what your needs are? Do you seek to have or share new communication skills for deeper understanding? Humanity is on the “cross” of change. You may find your communication is so perceptive and intuitive that some may not understand what you are saying. That’s OK. Eventually they will. Is there a wound occurring concerning the home or family? Creativity helps heal it.

AQUARIUS: Some Aquarians are experiencing great work success. Some are still seeking a home. Some will be traveling the world seeking community. Aquarians are experiencing honor and popularity, expanded social and work reputations. Tend to finances and all financial responsibilities. Develop new goals and life plans. You are climbing the ladder of success as you define success (some don’t), and doing more than you thought capable. And succeeding. Keep going, keep climbing.

PISCES: You need flexibility in great amounts as new work, constant interruptions and unexpected events occur each day and in all parts of your life. We are all called to prepare for the coming new era as the old falls away and the new begins to appear. You help others, soothing and comforting them with knowledge that what occurs is redesigning everyone’s life. Pisces are called to help others now. As you serve others with sensitivity, you too are looked after.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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